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Index Space Wolves: Wolf Guard Bikers --"Viking Dragoons" -- Battle Group

Continuing to look at various factions here and what tactical options they have on the tabletop, including armies that do not have an 8th edition codex yet. 781 more words


Spicing Up My Bestiary

The Reaper Miniatures Great Worm is a modern miniatures classic that I’ve seen pop up in many people’s collections. For a long time I’ve been taken it off the rack in a local games store and putting it back, so as not to add to my painting queue. 212 more words


Land's Raider Class Battle Tank(s), MkIIb Variant

The legions made extensive use of Land’s formidable mainline battle tank, favoured by all of the Astartes. By the outbreak of the heresy several chassis variants and patterns of the ubiquitous warmachine, the rout favouring the MkIIb variant for it’s refined design and the powerful phobos pattern assault ramp. 150 more words

Space Wolves

Murgan Wulfricsson and 'Morkai's Blades' Seeker Squad

Murgan Wulfricsson, known as the the Night-spear, is a pack leader of calculated ferocity and honed martial prowess. As the leader of the the murder-pack Morkai’s Blades, Wulfricsson leads his Seekers in pursuit of enemy commanders, officers and key savants who pose an ongoing threat to the All Father’s Imperium. 114 more words

Space Wolves

MkIIa Proteus Pattern Raider Tank WIP 03

Progress continues on the MkIIa Proteus Pattern Land Raider, with tracks added that are more befitting of Heresy Era tanks.

The tracks were procured from… 93 more words

Space Wolves

Varagyr Wolf Guard Terminators WIP 07

With the arrival of chain axes from Forge World the Varagy are nearly there, just awaiting some chain sword arms now. The proportions of these axes are so much better than those used previously, not just in that the hands scale better with the armour but the scale of the weapon itself.

Until Next Winter…

Space Wolves

Aurvandil Manisson 'the lunar wolf', Caster of Runes

A rune priest of unpredictable temperament and prone to fits of insane unintelligible chanting in a language unknown to the minds of mortal men, Manisson is however a talented scryer and soothsayer, known for his un-waveringly accurate predictions and forewarning riddles. 89 more words

Space Wolves