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Ullr Thorhall, Winter's Shield

Ullr Thorhall, ‘winter’s shield’, champion of the rout and breaker of sieges. Thorhall’s talents of unyielding defense and skill with knocking an axe have seen his reputation in the Rout grow with each new moon. 96 more words

News from Fenrys

Taciturn and prudent,
and in war daring
should a king’s children be;
joyous and liberal
every one should be
until the hour of his death. 82 more words

Geigor Fell-Hand

Geigor Fell-Hand is a trusted member of Leman Russ’ own Einherjar. As a young man, his rough temper was a liability, but it never led him into a fight he could not recover from. 74 more words

Legion Terminator Squad WIP 01

With the plethora of parts available in the Burning of Prospero box set a Terminator squad became a must for the Rout. The plastic version of the Tartaros Terminator Armour is far better than the Cataphractii version in its honesty to the original resin kit, with the exception of lower shoulder pauldrons (The Cataphractii kit has huge gaps between the shoulder pauldrons and the torso/back armour leaving unsightly gaps, the leather pteruges don’t have the studs on them either). 171 more words

Legion Centurion Consul: Champion WIP 01

With the release of the beautiful Burning of Prospero box by Games Workshop fortune has blessed the Rout with a new character model, Geigor Fell-Hand. Not only is the model stunning but also offers a wealth of parts for conversion of other models. 115 more words

40k Open Day - Prospero Display Board

Forge World had on show their work in progress Battle of Prospero board, showing the midst of battle in the streets of Tizca.

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