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Forge World Legion Insight

The Forge World website has a nice introduction to the Legions section now, contained within each is an insight into the Legion’s character and how they make war. 35 more words

QUICK REVIEW: Stormseeker - Alec Worley

For day four of Black Library’s 2016 Summer of Reading campaign we’re introduced to Alec Worley and his first story for Black Library, Stormseeker. When dark eldar pirates attack an Imperial world, the Space Wolves of the Deathwolves Great Company launch a counter-attack and Anvarr Rustmane leads his fellow Iron Priests in piloting the airborne elements of the assault. 155 more words


Lief Olafur's Watch Pack

Lief Olafur’s watch-pack were dispatched to cross the stars with a solemn duty. A duty to look upon one of the Emperor’s sons, look in his eyes, see his sole and guard him… or guard against him if found wanting.

Until Next Winter…

Jarl Ulvbane Thorvardsson

Painted and resplendent in all his noble savagery, Jarl Ulvbane Thorvardsson leads his wolf-brothers through the ruins of a sundered world in search of his quarry.

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Legion Dreadnought WIP 03

With both weapon armatures in place, the spacers giving better clearance from the carapace as intended, detail has been added; a raised ornamental rim to the shoulder armour complete with rivets.  37 more words

Legion Dreadnought WIP 02

Added in some brass spacers to the weapon mounts, pushes the guns slightly further away from the carapace armour, which otherwise the touch.

Next to do is attach the second weapon armature and complete the sarcophagus top.

Until Next Winter…

Legion Dreadnought WIP 01

Made a start on one of the Vlka Fenryka’s venerable ancients, decided the Forge World MkIV Dreadnought was too good a model not to use. 94 more words