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Work In Progress Wednesday: April 18th, 2018

So followers of our Facebook page will remember that 2 weeks ago we had announced that we would be starting our bi-weekly Work In Progress Wednesday feature on the site. 309 more words

Games Workshop

Progress Report 06/04/2018

Another day another distraction, but the streak still climbs toward 50! Was hoping to have at least finished the Primaris captain i’ve been working on but I got distracted sorting the Knights bases and throwing together a Primaris Space Wolf, for reasons…


Logan Grimnar

The Wolf Lords project wouldn’t be complete without the big dog himself. The sheer detail on this model made me put aside my converted version. 401 more words

Wolf Lords

Erik Morkai

If wolf lords could be afraid then Erik Morkai is the Wolf Lord they would fear. Erik Morkai is the scary one. Scary Wolf (Erik), baby (Ragnar), ginger (Krom), sporty (Sven) and posh (Egil – have you seen his collection of automobiles?). 752 more words


Kjarl Grimblood

Kjarl Grimblood loves fire, his company cover their faces in blood after killing an enemy with flames. He’s rumoured to have ‘the gift’ (psyker), he sees the future in fire. 446 more words


Harald Deathwolf

Harald was a lot of fun to paint. He’s got a painting guide in ‘companies of fenris’ which was super helpful. I didn’t convert him or paint him differently. 162 more words

Wolf Lords

Gunnar Redmoon

Gunnar Redmoon was another Wolf Lord with relatively little known about him. He appears at some point in the Space Wolf omnibus but I haven’t read that far! 243 more words