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Hagen Gudmundsson's Pack

Veteran Pack Leader Hagen Gudmundsson, favoured champion of Sesc Company leads his pack into battle alongside the forces of Jarl Ulvbane Thorvardsson, a decision not of tactical merit but one of blood debt. 110 more words

GOWL 2017 Preliminaries Game One: The Battle Analysis - Points Breakdown and First Inning

Alright, so finally we’re going to look at what went down during the actual battle. We have been playing for the most part at Mike’s pad; he has a great 6′ x 4′ cityscape table that offers plenty of cover and slightly favours any Skimmer or Jet Pack units, but ultimately the host of each game gets to pick the venue, and if they so choose can elect to play somewhere else. 926 more words

Land's Raider Pattern Main Battle Tank

Land’s Raider Pattern Main Battle Tank provides fire support for advancing Rout warriors.

The primary heavy transport used among the legions, the Raider Batter Tank is as versatile as it is deadly. 35 more words

Rhino Armoured Carrier: Veteran

Squad Haltaf advance through the ruined city outskirts with their transportĀ Rhino and it’s fearsome multi-melta, in close support.

Until Next Winter…

Rhino Armoured Carrier: Tactical

Aside from ferocious warriors with boltgun and blade, the Rout employs a number of vehicles from battle tanks to transports to aid in the prosecution of the All-Father’s will. 44 more words

Haltaf's Hunters 'Wolf Guard'

Forseti Haltaf is a dour warrior, an individual removed from sentiment and stern of purpose, it is joked among his pack and the wider legion, that he should have been born to Dorn’s 7th. 93 more words

Lief Olafur's Pack 'Wolf Guard'

The mighty veterans of the rout have seen much blood shed as the great crusade crumbles and the age of darkness spreads across the galaxy in the wake of Horus’ betrayal, not lease against the witch-kin of the Thousand Sons and the traitorous Alpha Legion snakes! 58 more words