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QUICK REVIEW : Hollow Beginnings - Mark Clapham

Four days into Black Library’s Summer of Reading and the Space Wolves are back, in Hollow Beginnings by Mark Clapham. Following on from In Hrondir’s Tomb (way back in 2012’s Hammer & Bolter 20, now released as an e-short) it sees Anvindr and his pack braving a burning ork fortress to make sure the warboss is really dead, unwilling to trust to the guns of the Imperial Guard. 152 more words


Battle Report: Of Nuns, Vampires, Wolves, and Guardsmen

Been a long time since I’ve written a battle report, so I figured I’d dust off my cap and write up a good game I had this past weekend against a relatively recent regular at the shop, with a very unorthodox list that he’s been thinking about throwing onto the tournament scene.   2,898 more words

Astra Militarum

Space Wolf Jump Pack Trio

After completing my goal of 1000 points of Space Wolves before the end of 2014, I’ve drastically slowed down but not stopped adding to the army.  390 more words

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WIP Wednesday - Logan, Star Wars and a Tile...

Logan Grimnars Chariot by Lee Wright

Checkerboard tile (for diorama) by James Salisbury

Base coated Rebel Commander and Trandoshan Hunter for Imperial Assault by Jon Halls… 27 more words


Saga of Zeath the Unforgotten

From Phil Kelly’s 2009 Space Wolves codex:  “Sagas are intended to encourage players to develop some seriously cool names and stories for their Space Wolves characters.   583 more words

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