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Geigor Fell-Hand

This was a fun little project that I painted as a gift for a friend.

Sculpted by Darren Latham for the Burning of Prospero box, Geigor Fell-Hand is my first ever Space Wolf (only taken me 24 years to get round to it!). 182 more words

Games Workshop

Armageddon Blog 1 - Unboxing Shadow War Armageddon!

Look at what the mailman brought. A shiny new box of Shadow War Armageddon!

It has been a while since I played with my Warhammer 40K miniatures, but Games Workshop latest skirmish tease has me back in a flash, ordering a box of Shadow War Armageddon (which also sold out in a flash, so I’m clearly not the only one). 398 more words


Let's Play! - Shadow War: Armageddon - The Ongoing History of the Underhive

The Ongoing History of the Underhive: We return to the sump in 2017 with a brand new Skirmish game from Games Workshop. Not just contained to Gangs this time around, all factions in 40k have rules to take the war to the Promethium Sprawl of Armageddon. 46 more words

Guerrilla Miniature Games


I am a bit behind schedule with my chronicles of our ongoing Apocalypse battles. These images are from our last battle of 2016 (in December). A combined Space Marine force of Imperial Fists, Space Wolves and Black Templars, with some assistance from Knights of House Hawkshroud, fought an alliance of their traitorous brothers and their demonic overlords.

Imperial Fists

Thegn/Claw Leader (Legion Centurion) WIP 01

In order to meet the Force Selection requirements of needing to have either a Praetor or Thegn in every army, as well as having to have a HQ choice for every 1000pts of the army, it was time to bulk out the compulsory campaign. 155 more words

Space Wolves

Terminator Caster of Runes WIP 01

Decided to crack on with a conversion i’ve had in my head for a while now, a Caster of Runes based on the Traitor Librarian model. 155 more words

Space Wolves

Varagyr Wolf Guard Terminators WIP 04

Building in options, as well as increasing the Varagyr to a ten model squad, has produced the combination of Chain Fist and Frost Claw. The Frost claw is a standard Cataphractii lightning claw with the talons removed and replaced with those from Geigor’s claw to make them distinctive from other lightning claws. 11 more words

Horus Heresy