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Waiting For The Man - Ten Grey Hunters (Step 1 Day... 36?)

Finally, an update! The fourth member of the gang has arrived, armed with a plasma gun and sporting a fancy wolfy helmet. Now we’re just waiting for the pack leader to arrive. 302 more words

Triple Threat - Ten Grey Hunters (Step 1 Day 28)

Three Grey Hunters down, two to go. The new addition has elements that I think are much better painted than the others, though there are still errors. 119 more words

That's Two Thus Far, Shooter - Ten Grey Hunters (Step 1 Day 25)

Grey Hunter number 2 has joined the ranks. Well, rank. How many do I need before I can reasonably pluralize?

I think I can say without fear of contradiction that I’m definitely not going to get ten of these guys done in the month of June. 226 more words

ATC 2015 Spotlight - South Australia, Space Wolves/Dark Angels!

This one is a doozy! Its perhaps the single largest death star I have ever seen at a tournament…

DETACHMENT: Company of the Great Wolf: Space Wolves… 412 more words


Going through the motions - a look at the 2015 Space Marines release

Wait, wasn’t there a Space Marine release fairly recently? In fact, it’s already been almost two years, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it. Granted, the Space Marines are 40k’s most popular faction and main cash cow, but even so, it feels like we only received a new Codex a very short while ago. 3,193 more words


Army Of Me - Ten Grey Hunters (Step 1 Day 20)

That’s one Grey Hunter done so far. He’s complete except for dressing the base and putting a Space Wolves transfer on the shoulder pad. Pretty pleased with the resultĀ – if I can get the other four up to the same standard then I’ll call this unitĀ a success. 96 more words