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Heresy Batrep: There are no Wolves (or Word Bearers) on Isstvan III

Horus Heresy: Betrayal (the tome that ignited my imagination and convinced me to get into 30k) has been on my mind of late. I’ve been spending some enjoyable evenings within its pages, initially reading about the Death Guard and their role on Isstvan III. 1,213 more words


Sisters of Silence and Geigor Fellhand

Working my way through the Burning of Prospero miniatures, amongst all the other things!  The Sisters were fun to paint, and in general satisfied my feminist inclinations.   171 more words

Space Wolves

Painted Wulfen for my Space Wolves

As noted, I am working on a Chaos project for the new, 8th Edition of Warhammer 40K. Nonetheless, there is still stuff from my current (and still main) 40K army on my table, including these lovely Wulfen I managed to finish. 231 more words

Miniature Painting

The Battle for Hab 25 : Space Wolves vs Iron Warriors


It had been a day since Execution Pack Grylfyr had landed, and the civilians of the local area had ceased their panicked looting and fled from the Space Wolves.   1,196 more words

Iron Warriors

Execution Pack Grylfyr : Space Wolves 1,700 Point List


The bridge of the Void Howl was alive with activity as Jarl Ralf Grylfyr laid final groundwork for the assault on New Messicca.  He hadn’t yet had any cause, but he liked to be prepared and, were he being honest with himself, most Iron Warriors had already called for the traitor Warmaster.   478 more words