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Custodes Tactica

With GW releasing 40K rules for the new Custodes models (albeit without a way to field them quite yet, aside from Unbound; I am going off the assumption that that will be corrected soon), I think they have solid potential for competitive play. 1,431 more words


Still Here ;)

Not much words here, just been busy trying to up my painting game.  Check it out.  Most are WIP, with the exception of Kharn the Betrayer, I painted him years ago! 98 more words

Games Workshop

Legion Rhino Armoured Carriers WIP 01

Four rhino armoured carriers assembled and ready for painting. All four have been given pintle-mounted multi-meltas to help combat the obscene amount of armour that graces the 30k theaters of war. 32 more words

Wulfen and Grey Knight Deathstar

While there are many other ways to build a deathstar battle group these days, especially among Imperial Armies that are Battle Brothers with one another, I think a very potent combination is something like this: 557 more words


Cynric Hermodur's Pack

Cynric Hermodur’s pack lead flamer teams into the great libraries of Tizca, providing a vanguard whilst their Brother’s destroyed the archives of forbidden knowledge within. It was there that they drew metal against unnamed horrors, losing many warriors to the Fifteenth Legion’s malificarum.

Until Next Winter…

Ancient Ansgar Unferth

Ansgar Unferth was a warriors of note within the Rout, know for his head strong demeanor and bloody saga of battle against the Myeer Pirates during the wars of compliance. 26 more words

The Iron Wolves (Warhammer 40,000 - Space Wolves) 2013-2014

Along with the Flesh-Twisters of Krüll and Boo-Ha-Ha Klan Goblins, The Iron Wolves are one of my “main armies”. In fact, they’re one of the most beloved forces on my shelves. 1,447 more words