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Leman Russ: The Great Wolf - Chris Wraight (The Primarchs Book Two)

The second book in The Horus Heresy Primarchs series, Chris Wraight’s Leman Russ: The Great Wolf is, like David Annandale’s Guilliman novel, not an origin story. 429 more words


Tentacles for the All Father!

I painted some terminators a couple of years ago now. They were re-purposed Assault on Black Reach models I inherited, and then I magnetized the arms that weren’t already cemented on. 200 more words


Hvarl Red-Blade

Hvarl Red-Blade, Jarl of the Fourth Great Company, ‘The Ravager’, ‘The Headsman of Koltok’

The commander of the Fourth Great Company of the Space Wolves, Hvarl Red-Blade had a reputation as a dourly humorous and often choleric-tempered warrior, whose greatest joy was found in the din of war and whose battle-cunning was something of a legend. 250 more words

Deathsworn WIP 01

Deathsworn are an elite unit of warriors with the Curse of Morkai, whose minds were bent on blood lust and the impulse to kill and kill and again. 192 more words

Bulletin - 30k Space Wolves Tactics

What started as almost a passion project for staff at Games Workshop and their partners at Forge World has really exploded into one of their most popular games. 213 more words


How to paint Space Wolves part 1: Geigor Fell-Hand painted as Bran Redmaw, Wolf Lord

For about three years, I spent my time collecting Space Wolves. I liked the Vikingness of them, and the Chapter’s colours too, so, I amassed a battle company, and chose Bran Redmaw to lead it. 710 more words


Wulfgar Heimdallsson 'the Guardian

Wulfgar Heimdallsson, Priest of Fenris, ‘the Guardian’, Speaker of the Dead, a warrior of dry humours and known for his apparent calm in even the most dire of circumstances. 131 more words