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The Cerelian Infestation Part 28

The space marine battle barges were almost brutally utilitarian, eschewing the gothic ostentation of their Imperial Navy counterparts, their only concession to the aesthetic being the chapter symbols and iconography on the  large flat plating either side of the main superstructure.   2,225 more words


Sword of Dulan

Uziel unsheathed the sword, a weapon made with his own hands in the ships artificer-forge. Plain, functional, sharp, like his own blessed Chapter. He knelt before his squad mates who were arrayed in a semi-circle. 504 more words

Warhammer 40K

The Cerelian Infestation Part 27

The escort ships on the leading edge of the Imperial line turned their wedge-shaped prows towards the Tyranid lines and opened fire in unison, streams of brilliant blue-white light, streaking across the gap between them and the Hive Fleet like comets, leaving a trail of glittering sparks behind them.   1,799 more words


Battle Report 7 Space Wolves v. Tau

Battle for Sector 21

Helbane Wolves (1500pts.)

Warlord: Bjorn the Fellhanded

Tau (1500pts.)

Warlord: Crisis Suit Commander

We drove out the invading forces of the corrupt and twisted forces chaos with the assistance of the Tau.

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The Cerelian Infestation Part 26

“Are your men ready, brother?” Grimblood asked Dietrich over the flickering holographic link between the two battle barges.

“We are ready,” Dietrich nodded, “our techmarines await our signal.   687 more words


Battle Report 6 - Chaos Space Marines vs Space Wolves

The Battle for Sector 22


  • 7th Plague Marines (1500pts)
    • Led by Nurgle Terminator Lord
  • Helbane Wolves (1500pts)
    • Led by Wolf Guard Battle Leader

Battlezone Terrain:

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The Cerelian Infestation Part 18

The combatants charged at each other, the Wolf Guard, Thor, snarling as he swung his hammer, spittle flying from his bared fangs, while the Dark Angel, Dardariel, ran silently, his sword swinging from the salute to an elegant rising arc.   962 more words