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The Cerelian Infestation Part 14

The giant in blue grey power armour stalked down the dimly lit corridors, warily following his host with nostrils flaring, sniffing at each junction and smelling burning insence and tallow.   1,051 more words


The Cerelian Infestation Part 13

The admiral stood in his strategium in one of the rare occasions where he allowed himself to be disconnected from his ship.  He paced unsteadily back and forth past the viewport, trying to get the feeling back in his legs.   1,165 more words


The Cerelian Infestation Part 12

Machariuses Fury shook and shuddered as another broadside was released into the Tyranid Bioships that teemed across no-bugs land.  The actions between the two fleets had intensified over the past few days, ever since the new splinter had been formed.   470 more words


The Tale Of 40K Gamers: Matt Clarke's Space Wolves Month One

I’ve always had a soft spot for Space Wolves, but never actually wanted collect them myself so I’m always happy when someone else does!

My highlight has to be Nigel The Wizard, who has become a bit of celebrity in our campaign. 83 more words


Battle Report 4 - Chaos Space Marines vs Tau and Space Wolves

The Battle for Sector 21


  • 7th Plague Marines (1500pts)
    • Led by Nurgle Terminator Lord
  • The Alliance (750pts + 750pts)
    • Gue’vasa Soviets led by Tau Crisis Suit Commander…
546 more words
The Manus Dei Campaign

Weekend Gaming: Warhammer 40k

This Saturday I played in a local Warhammer 40k tournament with my Space Wolves.  For 1850 points I brought seven Thunderwolves – including a Wolf Lord, two Drop Pods with Grey Hunters, a Drop Pod with Melta Wolf Guard, two Lascannon/Plasma Gun Razorbacks with Grey Hunters, and two squads of Missile Launcher Longs Fangs.   629 more words

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Games I Like - Warhammer 40,000 - Built a new Wolf Lord

Well, I confess I haven’t played Warhammer 40,000 much lately. I played a total of eleven games of it in 2014. 5 at Astronomi-Con with the 5th Ed Codex. 404 more words

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