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Look Busy Guys - Ten Grey Hunters (Step 1 Day 45)

The boss has arrived.

That’s it, at last, all the main painting is complete on this batch of five Grey Hunters. There are a couple of minor things I want to go back and touch up, but no more than a few minutes that I’ll do when I paint the bases and do the shoulder pad transfers. 72 more words

Pelt Up In The Pack - Ten Grey Hunters (Step 1 Day 38)

Just a quick work-in-progress update. Wet blending and highlighting large wolf-pelts. Sheesh.

It’s going OK, considering I’m making this up as I go. The pelt between the legs is finished, though the rest of the legs are only based and shaded. 60 more words

Waiting For The Man - Ten Grey Hunters (Step 1 Day... 36?)

Finally, an update! The fourth member of the gang has arrived, armed with a plasma gun and sporting a fancy wolfy helmet. Now we’re just waiting for the pack leader to arrive. 302 more words