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Thegn/Claw Leader (Legion Centurion) WIP 01

In order to meet the Force Selection requirements of needing to have either a Praetor or Thegn in every army, as well as having to have a HQ choice for every 1000pts of the army, it was time to bulk out the compulsory campaign. 155 more words

Space Wolves

Terminator Caster of Runes WIP 01

Decided to crack on with a conversion i’ve had in my head for a while now, a Caster of Runes based on the Traitor Librarian model. 155 more words

Space Wolves

Varagyr Wolf Guard Terminators WIP 04

Building in options, as well as increasing the Varagyr to a ten model squad, has produced the combination of Chain Fist and Frost Claw. The Frost claw is a standard Cataphractii lightning claw with the talons removed and replaced with those from Geigor’s claw to make them distinctive from other lightning claws. 11 more words

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MkIIb Raider Tank WIP 03

Iconography added, seams and joints filled with greenstuff (both mixed putty and liquid type) which essentially completes the build process.

Until Next Winter…

Horus Heresy

Varagyr Wolf Guard Terminators WIP 03

Minus a little tidying up and some attention to joints with liquid Green-Stuff the first five Varagyr Terminators are complete.

Like the former three, the latest two Varagyr to be finished have Frost Axes and Frost Swords, furs cover the leather pteruges and an assortment of totems and trinkets to adorn their armour. 31 more words

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MkIIb Raider Tank ‘Phobos’ Pattern WIP 02

The main hull and sponsons are now fully assembled, the Raider is just awaiting tracks and Legion specific doors to be attached.

Until Next Winter…

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Triumverate of the Imperium: Celestine, Teleporting Grey Knights, and the Deathpack

Here is an idea for a battle group that I have been playing around with a bit lately:

-Celestine (and her bodyguards of course)

-10 x GK Interceptor Squad (with 2 Psycannons and 2 Daemon Hammer) 606 more words