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Apocalypse Photos

More photos from the Marines versus Tyranids. Battle report here


Manus Dei Faction Update - Helbane Wolves

From the Death World of Fenris, the noble savages of the Vylka Fenryka have spent the greater part of the last ten thousand years doing their duty for the Imperium of Man as the Emperor willed it, not as those who spoke on the Emperor’s behalf claimed to decree. 599 more words


Let’s just sneak one in during October – Game Seven

As the end of October is approaching rapidly I again feel that I have been lax in my hobby blogging. There, I’ve said it so the two or three of you out there in internet-land that read this don’t have to. 382 more words

Armies on Parade Lyon - part 4

Last step with this challenge: painting the whole thing! As I said previously, I will follow the same painting scheme than the one I used for basing my space wolves. 142 more words


Armies on Parade Lyon - part 3

The deadline for this challenge is coming fast! Remi is putting a lot of pressure with his gorgeous thunderhawk tile. Anyway, it was time for me to work on the basing of my own display board. 219 more words


Armies on Parade Lyon - part 2

After building the basic wood structure and the underground, I had to work on the topography of the upper part of the display board. I wanted to have something in between a canyon and rocky hills. 117 more words


My First Pro-Paid Short Story Hits the E-Shelves

I’ve already ranted at length about how I was recently picked up to write a short story for everyone’s favourite wargaming scifi and fantasy company, Games Workshop. 120 more words