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An over due update - games 5 & 6

Game 5

Game five was a little bit of a departure from previous. First it was against Space Wolves, my first time against this foe. Secondly it he was using a forge world special character and I’d never come across one of those before. 340 more words

Battle of the Lone Wolf


At the Battle of First Contact, Space Wolves fought alongside Chaos Daemons and Sautekh Necrons but received no direct support from those so-called allies. 2,691 more words


40k TAG team tournament

Last weekend, I attended a Warhammer 40000 tournament with my friend Rémi (Salaise Figurine Studio). It was a team tournament, each teammate with 1000 pts and no ally. 959 more words


"They Came Out of the Storm" Scenario

This is a narrative scenario where one side attempts to achieve surprise by attacking an entrenched opponent in the aftermath of a storm.  Players should cooperate with terrain or have a third party set up the board.   639 more words

Warhammer 40k

Hollow Beginnings

I introduced Anvindr Godrichsson and his pack of Space Wolves in the short story In Hrondir’s Tomb three years ago, in Black Library’s emagazine Hammer and Bolter. 272 more words