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CryoSleep as Backstory

So I’m working on a large scope sci-fi work. In the back-story, a sub-light ark ship was sent out into the stars to colonise new worlds (same old, same old, you’ve read it a million times). 191 more words

Writers Musings


Life is wonderful
It’s full of wonder
Wish I could live long enough to
See us explore the universe
What are the chances
That we are the only life out there… 73 more words

If You Could See All The Asteroids, What Would The Sky Look Like?

Scott Manley's first attempt at a 360 video! I took all the asteroids near the Earth, calculate their positions and place them on a virtual Sky sphere. 18 more words

Snapzu : Science & Space

To see the legacy of slavery, look at present-day school systems

One of the many striking aspects of slavery was denial of education to slaves. How is this history reflected in today's school system?

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Snapzu : Science & Space

What's cluttering up YOUR space?

Find five things on your desk that are taking up space but unused.

  1. Empty water glass, been there for at least 3 weeks
  2. Note pads, various sizes, some empty, some half-used…
  3. 105 more words
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