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In a relationship man and woman needs space

In a relationship, a woman needs her space to do what she enjoys weather that be shopping, getting her hair and nails don etc. A man needs his space also whether that be watching a game, playing video games, or playing cards. 340 more words


New Zealand Launches Into the Space Race With a 3-D Printed Rocket

Rocket Lab, a Silicon Valley-funded space launch company, on Thursday launched the maiden flight of its battery-powered, 3-D printed rocket from New Zealand’s remote Mahia Peninsula. 438 more words


DARE Unveil Stratos III Rocket

This was live streamed, my apologies for not getting that link up in time.
Presentation starts at 7:00min in.

Key points

  • To break the European student altitude record for rocketry before Fall 2017…
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Fact 17

Uranus Was Discovered Before Antarctica.

The strange star in Constellation Cygnus

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A yellow-white dwarf star called KIC 8462852 flickers often, and its brightness can dip as much as 22 percent. 191 more words


Birds, Bees and other Critters have Scruples, and for Good Reason

Humans are not the only species to show a strong work ethic and scruples. Researchers have found evidence of conscientiousness in insects, reptiles, birds, fish and other critters, such as working hard, paying attention to detail and striving to do the right thing. 17 more words