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One of the first biggest radio telescopes of the world, now the biggest of Europe

was build in 1968 – 1971, and is in use since 1972. 180 more words


NASA’s new space tourism posters are spellbinding

A great article we came across by By Sean O’Kane.

2015 was a big year for the popularity of space. So perhaps you’ll forgive NASA if the space agency wants to capitalize on that momentum with some stellar new artwork. 526 more words

The Story Of Gravitational Waves

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

….two black holes were doing a cosmic waltz. As they pirouetted around each other they grew ever closer and span ever faster. 376 more words


Theories about Space travel

There are plenty possibilities and theories about how in space we might travel,
playing with space-time and light years. So we can travel farther away much faster. 265 more words


Sunday Surfing - 14/02/16

I had some super feedback from my Sunday Surfing post so I want to try to keep this going…thanks very much for your thoughts and opinions on the topics that cross my desk each week (or two). 383 more words

Thinking & Meditation Points

Astronauts and Aliens

If someone knows we are not alone, then we should knock on the door of the Astronauts.
There’s something odd about our astronauts on Youtube. 254 more words


One of the most secret places of the world: Area-51

This place is a secret military base of the American state in Nevada. The secretively of the place is so strong that it isn’t even an official place ‘till 20 years ago. 411 more words