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WTF? ‘Supervillain’ Elon Musk Wants To ‘Nuke Mars’

Plans to make ‘Nuke Mars’ T-shirts

Source: Kelen McBreen | Infowars.com

SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk sent out a tweet Thursday night, reviving his idea of hitting Mars with nuclear weapons in an attempt to make the Red Planet more inhabitable for humans. 111 more words


Sapiens seen from space

The strangers out there in space 
are studying us humans on earth
They think we have done it all well 
when they interpret our actions and words…

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Elon Musk still wants to nuke Mars with T-shirts to boot

By Gage Simpson

Owner of New Frontier News

Sunday, August 17, 2019

(NEW FRONTIER NEWS) – Elon Musk still has dreams to nuke Mars. The billionaire founder of Telsa and SpaceX showed off a design for a t-shirt on Twitter which has caused a flurry of both support and opposition to the idea of nuking the red planet. 424 more words


“Old Solar Dealings”

The extraterrestrials diligently constructed a Dyson sphere around the Sun, much to our chagrin. 31 more words

Flash Fiction

Space danger: These are the biggest cosmic threats facing Earth - 'We can't stay forever'

Asteroids, rogue gamma-ray bursts and powerful solar flares are just some of the dangers that lurk in the depths of space. Approximately 65 million years ago, the dinosaurs met their end when a six-mile-wide asteroid struck the planet in what is modern-day Mexico. 19 more words

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The Light Behind the Clouds

Charcoal clouds

sweep across the sky–

windswept shrouds


summer’s blue, a magic trick

of sun, moon, and stars


with secrets of time.

Watch streaking… 69 more words


Is the Universe Ordered?

Order is a slippery concept. It can mean several different things depending on what you’re talking about, and there are even multiple things it can mean in physics! 1,251 more words