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NASA to announce discovery beyond our solar system

I enjoy some mystery and suspense from an organization capable of announcing the real discovery of extra terrestrial life, preferably the kind that doesn’t want to eat us… 220 more words



We ran and we never looked back. There was nothing for us there. That old, dull existence that we had been led to believe was all that ever was, and all that ever will be. 1,238 more words


room of sunsets

The following pictures are taken outside where the blue tone is seen more clearly.

The idea for this painting came as vision over the course of a few years. 105 more words

Modern Art

Pastel Bedroom

As we realised the other day in my fashion post, I’m into my muted colours – mint, musk, beige, grey, white, chambray. Just dull down any colour and I’m there… 255 more words

Pickled Joy

Odyssey at Arnold Street Gallery

I have recently had the pleasure of having a solo exhibition at Arnold Street Gallery Bendigo which features my Astronaut series.

Here is a link to an article in local press:  165 more words

cut me open

i’m empty

empty as you please

a place of no occupancy

nothing lives around me or in me

a soulless monster, a soulless soul, a soulless something… 255 more words


Book 2 Chapter 10

The road was long and winding, but he cared not, his burden was light, nigh ethereal, and as such it did not bother him that he had to carry it. 657 more words

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