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El cincuenta y cinco.

I finished Game of Thrones. All seven seasons in twenty-three days. I enjoyed it, but now I’m free. I was a bit occupied every day with watching it, and now that I am done, I can focus on myself more, and the enhancement of self. 541 more words


Star Watch Daily - 6/23/18

Hello, Watchers!

Welcome to another edition of Star Watch Daily! I actually realized my whole theory of the apparent magnitude being -3.00 or more (-4.00) was wrong. 532 more words


First Moleskine, Poem XXXII

Piece by piece

I am taken by eyes

Which meet my own

Only for a moment

Before the place shatters

At the breaking of contact… 20 more words


Odds Great

Distance divides, in hearts no space.
My place felt on her glowing face.
Time’s seen in loving eyes.
Equals together, emotion multiplies.



But, Seriously, Where Are the Aliens?


Humanity may be as few as 10 years away from discovering evidence of extraterrestrial life. Once we do, it will only deepen the mystery of where alien intelligence might be hiding. 759 more words