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Infinity Haiku

Is there nothing more
Than this? Isn’t there always
One more star, one more?

Deep In The Constellation Of Euphoria, Two Planets Are Gravitationally Bound

Like the first rays of an eager summer morning,
whispers emerge like soothsaying snakes from the enchanting corners
of your monumentally inviting mouth.

Fistfuls of dreams suddenly burst into being… 219 more words


Light painting | Improvisation 18:33

Light painting | Improvisation | © Tiong-seah Yap [ T.S aka Bear ]

Light painting | Improvisation | © Tiong-seah Yap [ T.S aka Bear ] … 14 more words


Galaxies - Seasons 9

The Earth moves around the Sun, and every year, during the months Feb, Mar and April, the Earth looks away from the Centre of our Milky Way Galaxy, and towards the large Voids in the Universe, filled with countless galaxies, towards the constellations of Leo, Virgo, Boötes, and Ursa Major. 1,395 more words


Fire In The Sky

4.5 out of 5 Stars

Title: Fire In the Sky: Cosmic Collisions, Killer Asteroids and the Race to Defend Earth

Author: Gordon L. Dillow

Publisher: Scribner… 169 more words


An Asteroid with Its Own Moon Will Zip Past Earth Tonight

A very big asteroid with its own little moon is going to zip past Earth tonight (May 25) — close enough that, with some preparation and a decent telescope, amateur astronomers may spot it blotting out the stars. 7 more words


Eyes of Earth - Chapter 14

When Leon returned from his stay in darkness,
his first thought was an ache in his throat, a yearning for water.

He opened his eyes. The world was blurred, but… 1,007 more words