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Briefer Film Thoughts: The Martian,

Space spoilers ahead

Brilliant film, although the ending was the least interesting part. My viewing of The Martian got interrupted, so I ended up watching the final few scenes two days after watching the rest. 194 more words


Marsquakes Could Potentially Support Red Planet Life

Marsquakes — that is, earthquakes on Mars — could generate enough hydrogen to support life there, a new study finds. Humans and most animals, plants and fungi get their energy mainly from chemical reactions between oxygen and organic compounds such as sugars. 62 more words


Dry tropical forests 'overlooked and under threat'

Tropical dry forests are among the most threatened habitats on the planet, yet remain overlooked by scientists and conservationists, warn researchers.

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SpaceX’s Falcon 9 explosion likely caused by breached helium system

SpaceX’s recent Falcon 9 explosion seems to have been caused by a breach in the "cryogenic helium system" of the vehicle's upper oxygen tank, according to an update from the company. 73 more words


Congress Just Mandated A Human Mission To Mars

Mars has been the vague next big goal of NASA’s manned space exploration since the 1970s, but a real, concrete commitment never quite seemed to happen. 71 more words


Immigrants Aren’t Taking Americans’ Jobs, New Study Finds

Do immigrants take jobs from Americans and lower their wages by working for less? The answer, according to a report published on Wednesday by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, is no, immigrants do not take American jobs — but with some caveats. 56 more words


Hallucinogen Therapy Is Coming

Three years later Daniel Kreitman still chokes up when he talks about what he saw, and how it changed him. Kreitman, an upholsterer by trade, had taken psilocybin, a hallucinogen derived from mushrooms, in a trial at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine for nicotine addiction. 44 more words