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M46 Plus Two

Explanation: Galactic or open star clusters are young. These swarms of stars are born together near the plane of the Milky Way, but their numbers steadily dwindle as cluster members are ejected by galactic tides and gravitational interactions. 7 more words


Hidden History: Brief Revisit Of Apollo Moon Landing UFO Anomalies

Check out the Moon sub-category in the Space section of this blog, or if you want a good read, search for my series of articles Before The Moon Existed. 16 more words


Scientists discover protein that boosts immunity to viruses and cancer

Scientists have discovered a protein that plays a central role in promoting immunity to viruses and cancer, opening the door to new therapies. Experiments in mice and human cells have shown that the protein promotes the proliferation of cytotoxic T cells, which kill cancer cells and cells infected with viruses. 37 more words

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I’ve been wanting some space recently. I just feel so hemmed in. Now that I’m feeling this rush of creativity, I feel like there are just too many people in my place and I can’t find the kind of quiet that I need to do the work I want to do. 803 more words


Microsoft HoloLens & NASA Onsight - The Future is Near

Here I am searching through my Feedly, scrolling through my Business and Tech feeds looking for something interesting to blog about. We have our general click-bait articles, our top XX lists, a story on how Bosnia claimed the title, a second time, for the worlds largest stew. 272 more words

How to Spot a Counterfeit Bill

Authentic dollar bills are equipped with many security features to make them difficult to forge. But that doesn’t stop counterfeiters from trying to fool people with fakes. 46 more words

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White Dwarf May Have Shredded Passing Planet

In this Chandra image of ngc6388, researchers have found evidence that a white dwarf star may have ripped apart a planet as it came too close. 125 more words

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