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Moon mystery solved; massive impact behind two different faces: Study


with a wayward dwarf planet may have caused the stark difference
between the Moon’s heavily-cratered farside and the lower-lying open
basins of the Earth-facing nearside, according to a study. 254 more words

‘Black Knight’ the ALIEN SATELLITE Orbiting Earth Is Said to Be 13,000 Years Old

“The object doesn’t even have the decency to maintain a regular schedule, like any other heavenly or man-made object … we don’t know when to watch for it.” 35 more words



If I dug a hole through earth

Would I fall on through

Into space?


Not So Boring 12K Satellites Surrounding the Earth

Elon Musk has already started putting his Starlink Global Internet System together. SpaceX is scheduled to launch 60 satellites on May 23, 2019. The earth will very soon be surrounded by thousands of satellites in a net formation. 31 more words