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NASA's Moon Return Among Key Topics at 2019 International Space Development Conference

The National Space Society’s International Space Development Conference will take place next month amid a large policy shift for NASA: sending humans to the moon, and soon. 7 more words


Illuminae (5/5)

Am I not merciful?


What can I say, I feel pretty benevolent today. I had to give it full points! Structure, plot, pace, the characters especially AIDAN and the technical depth to it – every little thing was   done to perfection. 317 more words


How to Make Moon Water: Add Solar Wind, Tiny Meteorites, and Then Heat

Scientists may be one step closer to solving the mystery of water on the moon; the secret may lie in a synergistic interaction between the solar wind, micrometeorites and moon dust. 7 more words


NASA is Going Green, in Space

NASA’s Green Propellant Infusion Mission, or GPIM, will prove a sustainable and efficient approach to spaceflight. via NASA https://go.nasa.gov/2Ejz6y2

Edmund C Scarborough