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We’re skin and bones and arteries and nerve endings, and there are thousands of warehouses scattered across the world filled with books written on why we behave how we do, and why we get hurt and how it’s all in our heads or our souls or in our nature as a species or in God’s great plan for the universe, and they’re all wrong because there’s something else that’s deeper than souls and more intricate than nerve endings and chemical imbalances and heredity and childhood traumas that makes us need things, need others, write run-on sentences and long for what we cannot name or describe. 96 more words



Something runs wherever I bite and it feels like a double, a man in me that can experience the same faces, the same footsteps, and dive into the same waters but with a different way of thinking, feeling, and smiling. 410 more words

Short Story

The Swedish Nuclear Weapons

Sweden may have been neutral, but in great secrecy started as the fourth nation after Germany USA and Russia to develop Nuclear Weapons. When the Swedish nuclear weapons program began: It was done in order to protect themselves against Atomic weapons, but first one must know how they work and how they can be manufactured. 95 more words


Free your mind

Yesterday, to start of April nicely, I cut you some slack with an airy post about lounging on exotic beaches in various states of undress but today I am going to lead you to an even better place: the de-cluttered minimal mind. 554 more words


Suiting Up for the Moon

Explanation: How will cows survive on the Moon? One of the most vexing questions asked about space, scientists have spent decades debating this key issue. 7 more words


Doctors Say Wireless Devices to Blame for Raft of Illnesses

Are you suffering from rapid aging syndrome? Don’t count on the mainstream media to let you know it might be caused by electromagnetic pollution. RAS, a term coined by Magda Havas, Ph.D., addresses a host of maladies that may be the result of what is termed electromagnetic pollution, broadly describing radio frequencies and microwave radiation from wireless technology, low frequency electric and magnetic fields, dirty electricity and ground currents, i.e., modern living. 18 more words

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