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Review: Pioneer

A couple, Oskar and Imke, try to eke out a living on the surface of Mars. After the mission’s elderly financier falls ill, a new mission director steers the next mission to the red planet. 358 more words


28. May 2015, #505

 Martin Sander, “X-37B” , oil on board, 22 x 30 cm, 2015

If you want to purchase this painting the actual price is 200 Euro (may 2015). 16 more words


NASA Selects 9 Crucial Science Instruments for Mission to Jupiter's Icy Moon Europa

Jupiter’s moon Europa has excited the space community with its bizarre icy surface and thick frozen crust. NASA’s Galileo mission in the late 1990’s provided strong evidence that a large ocean exists under its surface. 702 more words


Scientists have the first proof that viruses can beat cancer

Scientists have the first proof that a “brand new” way of combating cancer, using genetically modified viruses to attack tumour cells, can benefit patients, paving the way for a “wave” of new potential treatments over the next decade. 56 more words

Snapzu : Science & Space

Watch a Superfast Jet of Gas Burst from a Massive Black Hole

If you thought the destructive laserlike beams from Star Wars’ Death Star were just a figment of George Lucas’s imagination, think again– beams of energy powerful enough to cross galaxies are real, and the Hubble Space Station just got a video of one. 203 more words

Watch Ariane 5 Launch 2 Satellites Into Space

Arianespace launched two communications satellites into orbit on Wednesday.

The DirecTV-15 satellite will provide broadcasts for the continental U.S., Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico, while the SKY México-1 satellite will provide HD broadcasts for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, according to a statement by Arianespace, the commercial satellite launch company pushing them into orbit. 58 more words