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No Room to Call my Own – Or Why my Bed is in the Family Room

I came home yesterday to find my mother waist deep in my brother’s room attempting to clean out the smell of stale soda, vaping (roasted fruit-loop marshmallow), and dog. 635 more words


US military satellite explodes above Earth

A US military satellite exploded after detecting an unexplained “sudden spike in temperature”, sending dozens of chunks of debris tumbling into different orbits around Earth. 18 more words

Snapzu : Science & Space

Space Vs Time Complexity

This is a longer post than I usually do, so be forewarned :). 519 more words


Decorate your space with high quality photographs! by Decoradoc

Utilizing top quality photographs to decorate your space is usually a very good idea. Personally I think that excellent photograph is bringing much more art value to the area, then the art itself.  35 more words

Earth has more than one natural moon?

Some days I feel like I must have slept through class. Did you know almost ten years ago, scientists discovered we have a second moon? 17 more words


Toggle - What Your School Doesn't Teach You - Episode 9

My recent appearance on Channel 8. Finally had the chance to post this up. Did you enjoy it? Will be posting more later this week on tips in the bedroom. 9 more words