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Junos Space Network Management Platform Installation

Junos Space Network Management Platform Overview
Junos Space Network Management Platform works with our management applications to simplify and automate management of Juniper’s switching, routing, and security devices. 452 more words



Ix was a Jailian, an amphibious species from somewhere close to galactic center. His race were invertebrates; no bones, just a humanoid body made up of muscle. 719 more words


Pictures and People

I loved having late night conversations and getting so out of it.

Going deep discussing life. Getting to a universe-span feeling inside, when it was so unbelievably surreal and incredible. 120 more words


Star Party in a Park Far Far Away

Thank you to everyone who joined the Star Party in a Park Far Far Away! It was a blast.

Thank you also to the Southwest Wildlife Foundation and more specifically the… 85 more words


Scientists discover that wind on Venus actually makes it spin faster

Ever walk down the street on a particularly windy day and feel yourself being pushed along? The planet Venus knows all about that. Researchers studying the nearby planet have discovered this truly bizarre phenomenon, calculating that the planet’s thick atmosphere and intense wind actually causes the planet’s rotation to speed up by a measurable amount. 314 more words


Blood moon

there was a time
when your bloody dye
in thick of night
would paralyse a tribe;
drive a king to trepidation,
the masses to the alter, 73 more words