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The Intersection of Comedy & Drama

Christopher Nolan is now a verb.

The director of gritty, epic dramas that are grounded in realism and groundbreaking science-fiction, yet elevated with labyrinths of mind-bending plot twists, has carved out a space of his own in the cinematic world. 97 more words

Walker County: Boldly Going Where No Pasta Has Gone Before

After all the serious stuff we have been seeing in the news, we need to really start moving on to other serious issues, such as how Walker County, Georgia’s attempted blockbuster deal to acquire a school with a quality nursing program may be historic in the fact that they are acquiring a quality… 722 more words

The value of randomness

In what statisticians later came to know as the “German tank problem”, the Allies estimated German tank production during World War II by calculating from serial numbers… 371 more words


Unfinishable: Spaceballs, PG, 1987

Some years ago, my aunt and uncle retired to Hawaii, and left me a stack of 1970s MAD magazines and exactly one Cracked. Confused, I read through the Cracked first and immediately understood why they subscribed to MAD instead. 294 more words


Two Dudes, Brews, & Books Re-Launch Event!

Good morning everyone!  I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween.  I know I did – this year I was dressed up as Barf from Spaceballs! Below is the proof: 191 more words


This Month in Facebook (2)

Day 10. 38 pages, 16,237 words.

Another Arsebook Method post for Sunday, and another true story. Technically this actually happened in September, but it’s only the 25th today so go to Hell. 112 more words

Kussa Mun Hopoti?

It's a lie! C3P0 & Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking has said he FEARS CAPITALISM MAY BE MORE DANGEROUS in the hands of the Robots.

No, not the ones we already have in power, BUT the ones to come, made of pure Apple power? 168 more words

Star Wars