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Mel Brooks ABCs

A drawing obsession that took me over at the beginning of 2014. A picture for each letter of the alphabet based on a Mel Brooks film. 9 more words


Why Did Amy Schumer Choose Star Wars for Her GQ Photo Shoot?

I’ve been thinking about something since the now-infamous GQ photo shoot with Amy Schumer using Star Wars iconography in semi-pornographic situations. Unlike most of the “think pieces” (I hate, hate, hate that term) that were written within the first 24 seconds of its publication, I really wanted to think through the core question that bugged me about it. 808 more words

Personal Thoughts

Spaceballs 2 Movie In The Works?

If you loved the cult move classic of 1987 called Spaceballs, hold on the sequel is in the works.

The Star Wars Parody film with Mel Brooks who was the producer, writer, director and star of the first movie said he’s now thinking about a sequel after all these years. 7 more words


Post a Quote Challenge: Day 3

Stashmatters has tagged me to do the Post a Quote Challenge!

The rules are simple: post a quote each day for three days, and tag another blogger to do it each day. 201 more words


SPACEBALLS the baby bibs!

Hullo, dear pond readers, I hope you’ve had a lovely spring and summer so far. Here in the Northern Midwest things have been busy. I’m happy to say that my word count on my WIP has been steadily increasing as well as my progress on my 2014-2015 reading list. 393 more words

Geektastic Fun!

Aaron's Word of the Day (Her Royal Highness' Matched Luggage Edition)



  1. To remove a need for something; to make something unnecessary.

    “I took a job in Antarctica, which obviated the need to shave for six months; the beard kept me warm.”

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