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AskST: Are there provisions for handicapped drivers if no handicapped space is available?

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Reader Zhu Meishan wrote in to askST: “Are there are any provisions for certified handicapped drivers or caregivers of persons requiring mobility assistance to use two parking spaces, if no handicapped space is available? 211 more words

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Library Lusting.

Sometimes you just crave comfort; the ability to sit back, kick the feet up, and just chill. This week’s space is that kind of place. It’s got that quiet, subdued, organic, laid back vibe that would mesh well with sunny afternoons, dreary rainy days, and every day in between. 45 more words

I finally figured it out: brainwash technique

So, I know how brainwashing works. Or, better, how it its done. I am soo witty. I am impressed by myself.  *grinningdeeply*….

Sometimes, all you need to learn a secret, is reading your heads off. 186 more words


T / a little activism

I think the best forms of activism are the most subversive ones.  They require a little creativity an maybe a paintbrush.  They’re the ones that happen overnight or under your feet, and when they get released, it roars louder than the tweet that got the ball rolling in the first place.   214 more words


When tigers used to prowl in Tampines

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It may be hard to imagine now but the concrete jungle of Tampines was a real forest and in the late 1800s, it was the hunting ground for tigers, which would carry off calves from a dairy farm in the area. 487 more words

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" The kingpin "

In may 2001 “The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque” was constructed in muscat.

It’s architectural style is contemporary Islamic with beautiful designs around and its has capacity of 20,000 people. 51 more words


No free food, but I've got free parking

I’m pretty happy. The school has free parking and the  city makes us pay taxes for that. 80SEK per month. Oh yeah. On the other school I had free food, but no free parking. 119 more words