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That people find
In cliffs
overlooking towns
fog-stained windows,
chills down thighs
Thukpa and chai
Birds, big dogs, dead rats
Everybody is welcome
That people find… 51 more words


My thing right now and forever

I have a thing  texture, mostly soft warm textures like babies, my skin and FABRIC!!!!!

Fabrics come in many shades and textures which get me all warm and fuzzy inside like when I’m enjoying hot chocolate or a good chocolate cake 😍 13 more words

The low places

It’s been a really long, tough week for me. It wasn’t any more or less stressful or painful, perhaps, than anyone else’s week, but it has been my kind of hard. 789 more words

Where Am I From?

Where are you from?

I don’t really know how to answer that question. Correction, I don’t really think that question should even be asked to a person. 799 more words