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FCC looks to approve SpaceXs satellite internet plan

SpaceX is planning to send up a pair of its own spacecrafts in this weekend’s launch, in order to test a proposed space-based broadband internet service. 219 more words


Space Internet Is Going to Take Over the World

It goes without saying that internet is one of the fundamental elements of our daily lives now. Either at school or at work, we need internet to complete our tasks. 323 more words

In Musk We Trust

by Samuel Abels

On Thursday, Feb. 22, the company known as SpaceX unveiled the successful launch of  two new test satellites. This, of course, is all part of 46-year-old technological innovator and scientist Elon Musk’s plan to introduce high speed internet to billions of people around the globe. 439 more words


How SpaceX is ahead of Nasa

Nasa was leading agency in space exploration till year 2017 but after launching of Falcon Heavy has made NASA lack behind Spacex. NASA has one of the most intelligent engineers , more intelligent than those of Spacex but the question arises that then how Space is leading this industry now? 156 more words