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You Will Be Amazed by Steve Taylor [Poetical Writings]

You Will Be Amazed

If you could sense the spaciousness of the sky
and the dramatic beauty of shape-shifting clouds
if you could feel the dark magnificence of mountains… 308 more words

Poetical Writings


“Happiness equals reality minus expectations.”

Tom Magliozzi, Car Talk

“I am most happy and content when I cease trying to be happy and content.”

Chuang Tzu… 169 more words

Behind The Stories: Inspirations And Encounters

The Spaciousness of Being Single

It’s the first warm weekend in the city so I bike to the park
I find a big tree to lean my bike and my back against… 176 more words

Creative Writing

Can you have more time when there is 24 hrs in a day? Yes!

I’m counting down. May is almost here and with it comes a beautiful 10 minute global meditation challenge for the month! I know at times it will feel like another thing on my ‘to do’ list but I also know that when I sit for 10 minutes each day I feel as if I’ve created more time…More time?! 79 more words

slowing down






if you can feel

in this moment here we are

accept this existence and listen to it with your whole being… 120 more words

Exploring Consciousness

skillful means to focus on stillness

Here are two short videos of Eckhart Tolle that are wonderfully useful as so-called skillful means. One could say they can be a supporting condition for bringing your focus to stillness, or ‘inner spaciousness’ as Eckhart calls it: 8 more words
Exploring Consciousness

Day 255 of a Year Of Peace

Peace For

All Sentient Beings

Breathe into the heart, holding

 onto inner peace and spaciousness

blossoming into the fruit of joy by

 observing not by judging all of… 16 more words