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Transforming your life through decluttering

I was born in a country at a time when commodities were a deficit there. We didn’t have a variety of food to choose from nor 7 different sweaters to wear. 1,418 more words

Family Life


The mind is exclusively interested in thoughts. Consciousness has no thought process.

Keith Ashford

Year of Self Compassion #48 #spaciousness

In recent travels I caught a few trains and noticed all the transit staff were smiling, they welcomed you in and out of the border crossings between the suburbs and the city.  745 more words

Practice Makes It Real

In the spirit of continuing to create spaciousness, I’ve got another practice I’ve been trying. Here’s an alternative to working through your tasks so that you have time for yourself afterward: 336 more words


How To Regain Your Balance and Stay Sane -- During the Holidays and Beyond

I like to mindfully create my days overall, and I’ve got a good balance going of self, work, and family. But as Life is dynamic, new influences are always coming in for attention. 376 more words


yoga seeds #11 - sitting up straight...

… is actually not sitting up straight at all but, rather, sitting up curvy! Our spine is happiest with its natural curves (towards the front at the lower back -lumbar lordosis-, towards the back at the ribcage -thoracic kyphosis- and towards the front at the neck -cervical lordosis-) and that’s when it’s most efficient in terms of managing loads, absorbing impact or staying still. 212 more words


Creating Spaciousness

I love going to other teacher’s yoga classes. It allows me be totally present with myself and be open to new experiences.

I had a wonderful experience a few weeks ago, where the teacher helped me create a real sense of spaciousness in my body.  173 more words

Middle Ground