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Growth - Expansion of Space

The creating of more space in my still somewhat analytical mind or better still, the allowing of the expansion of space.
When I look at this image I can feel the spaciousness and the expanding.




In the desert, I

run into a spiderweb

bewitched by beauty

Personal Success

The Cruelty of This World

When you face the immense cruelty of this world, you really only have two choices: to become less sensitive or to develop more equanimity. Some people think it’s enough just to have a positive outlook, but if that’s your only strategy, you’ll either go crazy, or more likely, withdraw into fantasy. 267 more words

Shedding the Shell

As it expands
with air + sunlight
and something unnamed
I feel the old boundaries
of my heart.
What feels like tightness
is a stretching… 27 more words


Tuk-tuk (Asia and Africa)

Tuk-tuks rock!

They are funny to watch, cheap (but you quickly forget it if you travel as cheap as possible like me, since they can cost 8 times a public bus) and finally THERE ARE HEAPS OF ROOM FOR YOUR LEGS!!! 53 more words