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Scribble, smear, slap, scrape, slide

After seeing these layers unfold, you might get some inspiration for your own experiments.

It’s been fun.

I picked up some scraping tools at the art shop on the weekend. 661 more words

Art Journal


The whole point and purpose of our existence is to become quiet. We still perform our duties, of course, but there are fewer duties to perform. 71 more words

From The Counsellor

Radical Self-Care, Spaciousness

Increasing busy-ness at work has inspired me on a mission to fine-tune my routine and optimize my feel-good practices. Today I’m focused on giving myself plenty of time to get to where I’m going. 257 more words


Meeting Violet the Hyper-vigilant Rabbit

After 11 weeks of intermittent shaking and tremors which would settle with resting, the seemingly-constant resting tremors, uncontrollable jerky movements and inability to walk properly returned. 533 more words

Personal Experience Of A Functional Movement Disorder


Yesterday was a pretty neat experience. I got to be in the Santa Cruz Redwoods, breathing in fresh air, in an undisturbed place, with strangers whom I’ve never met before. 387 more words

If suppressing one emotion affects the others, wouldn't meditating to reduce anxiety also reduce happiness?

Meditation is not about suppression. Just the opposite, it is about being with things as they are.

In our day-to-day lives we get so caught up in pushing ourselves that we start to identify with our thoughts and feelings to the exclusion of peace. 201 more words


Catching Abundance

One day early in June, I looked down at my salad plate and realized my good fortune.

I saw that an incredible number of friends and acquaintances had contributed to my meal. 469 more words