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Since you can't suppress one emotion without affecting the other ones as well, how can you use meditation to have less anxiety and still have a full experience joy and happiness?

Meditation is not about suppression. Just the opposite, it is about being with things as they are.

In our day-to-day lives we get so caught up in pushing ourselves that we start to identify with our thoughts and feelings to the exclusion of peace. 201 more words

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What is the Meaning of Ego in Buddhism?

Meet Doris. When she is in her ordinary superficial awareness and feels angry, she will say,”I am angry.” Think about this for a second. Her totality is anger. 194 more words

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What is sunyata?

When I am in my superficial state of awareness, I am swept away by my thoughts and feelings. I act based on these thoughts and feelings. 75 more words

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Catching Abundance

One day early in June, I looked down at my salad plate and realized my good fortune.

I saw that an incredible number of friends and acquaintances had contributed to my meal. 469 more words


How can I reduce my ego?

Take some time out. Find a quiet place. Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Place your attention in your left hand. Feel the sensations in your hand. 223 more words

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Guidance from the Light ~ Beingness is the New Doing

Brothers & Sisters ~

This is no longer a world of doing, but one of being. What needs to be done will happen through your being-ness, spaciousness, and in alignment with the vibrations of Love. 65 more words


What this week has brought me!

Even Alexander has been getting involved with yoga and meditation! Here he is executing a perfect Down Dog (adho mukha shvanasana).

In my last post I wrote about the power of finding a space or a break and gave a few tips. 377 more words