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MapleStory - RED

Hello everyone. I want to thank the people who visited my Twitch channel to see the livestream. I apologize for the random buffering but I hope you enjoyed the show. 1,233 more words


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KMST 3rd Term 2011

I said I would quit GMS if I got into this term of KMST (Korean MapleStory Tespia/Test server) and it looks like I’ll have to make good on that promise because… 38 more words


KMST: Mercedes Class (Dual Bow)

The Legend Patch

Consists of (from left to right) the Cannon Shooter, Mercedes and the Demon Slayer.


It looks like Spadow hasn’t really quit. 1,319 more words


The End of Helios Tower, the beginning of Leafre

In my last post I talked about the end of Helios Tower, an English KMS community a few friends and I ran earlier this year. I’m glad to announce that we have merged with a new KMS community site, 89 more words


One shall rise, one shall fall.

Hello,and welcome to the skull owl blog.I have been meaning to do somethng like this in a long time,but i never got around to it.This blog is going to be a maplestory and dragon nest blog,sometimes vindictus.the title one shall rise,and one shall fall is a line from transformers 2 i used this line because a couple days ago spadow ended his blog(spadow was the most popular mape blogger)so i guess spadow has fallen but not in a bad way and one shall rise,meaning one day hope this blog becomes as popular as his was

Back From The Dead

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged here on the KMS Blog let alone KMS. I stopped by to check on HeliosTower.NET and saw that a new member had seen this blog, so I figured I’d see if there were any new comments on this blog since I last posted in November. 210 more words



Hello, my name is Skyenay and I play MapleStory, a 2D side-scrolling game made by Nexon.

My Characters:

Name: EvilCitcra
Level: 103
Class: Aran
Date Created: December ’09 (Release date) 48 more words