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Movies watched on 8-29-15

Ringo:Face of Revenge-Though it ran too long, it was refreshing to run into a spaghetti western that centered around a treasure hunt. What surprised me most about it was Edjuardo Fajardo. 90 more words


Movies watched on 8-24-15

A Gun For One Hundred Graves-It got off to an interesting start, but then some plot occurred that I was never able to understand afterwards. 110 more words


Movies watched on 8-18-15

Kill Django…Kill First-Once again, No “Djangos” to be found anywhere here. And I normally have a soft-spot for Sergio Garrone films, but this was a dud. 104 more words


Movies watched on 8-12-15

Go With God, Gringo-My first spaghetti western that features someone by the name of “Cjmango” in it. In case you’re dying to know (As I was) how that’s pronounced, it’s “Ju-main-go”…..Where the heck did they come up with these names?!? 107 more words



Django Defies Sartana-Yaay! I was FINALLY glad to see a spaghetti western where it really does feature two characters who are named “Django” and “Sartana”….Despite the fact that the roles should’ve been reversed (Sartana should’ve been the heroic, sociable figure while Django should’ve been the silent, badass loner) And even though this was one sloppy flick, I still had some fun with it. 30 more words


Movies watched on 7-31-15

Twice a Judas-Spaghetti Western version of Memento! Aside from some very laughable action-sequences, this one managed to be intriguing. Thanks mostly to the presence of Klaus Kinski. 114 more words



Frontierado is coming up on Friday, August 7th! In keeping with the seasonal feel, Balladeer’s Blog has been showcasing various neglected westerns. And when it comes to neglected it’s tough to top the tiny sub-genre of what is already a sub-genre: Spaghetti Westerns. 707 more words