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The History of the 'Westerns… All’Italiana!' Fanzine and Blog

Westerns… All’Italiana!‘s editor-in-chief Tom Betts offers a brief history of the groundbreaking and much-loved fanzine and blog.

Sometime early in 1983, Tim Ferrante got the bright idea of creating an Italian Westerns fanzine. 1,167 more words


The actor Ty Hardin has passed away

The actor Ty Hardin passed away on 3 August 2017. Hardin first made a name for himself when he appeared in a number of popular American TV Western series during the late 1950s and early 1960s. 184 more words


Movie Madness July


I had intended to post this on the last day of July but living in Britain means having to suffer poor wifi and Internet connection. Sure we’re supposed to be the fifth, or sixth since Brexit, wealthiest nation on the planet but where all that wealth goes I have no idea it’s certainly not invested in infrastructure, science and technology I can tell thee. 816 more words



Frontierado is coming up on Friday August 4th!

In the past Balladeer’s Blog has examined some of the big names among the fictional gunslingers of Spaghetti Westerns. 669 more words

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DVD Review: May God Forgive You… I Won’t & Massacre at Canyon Grande

Wild East Productions of New York have included a double bill of George Ardisson films in their ongoing Spaghetti Western collection. Ardisson is perhaps best known for his work in the Euro-spy film genre but he also appeared in a handful of Italian Westerns. 1,272 more words


Sabata (1968)

It’s beyond easy to point to Clint Eastwood as the actor most profoundly impacted by the popularity of the spaghetti western genre. His Dollars trilogy with Sergio Leone put him on the map on a worldwide basis. 872 more words


Frontierado is Friday, August 4th!

ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST is, to me, the definitive Spaghetti Western. This movie incorporates all of the best elements of Italo-westerns and has the additional advantages of actual artistic merit and some location filming in the real American West. 923 more words

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