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Peras de Rincón de Soto

To Barcelona, where we recently spent the briefest of weekends visiting World Heritage Sites by Gaudí and Domènech i Montaner. I can hardly pass a shop nowadays without going inside to check if there are any PDO/PGI/TSG foods for sale that I haven’t tried. 227 more words


Ávila...a wall around the city.

Ávila, a small Castilla y León capital of 59,000 habitants located 1132 metres (3714 feet) above sea level 115 kilometres north of Madrid, remains one of my favourite cities in the Greatest Peninsula in the World and a place I’ve wanted to return to ever since my first (and really, only) visit in 2010. 879 more words


Have you ever tasted a "mona the Pascua"?

This is a “mona de Pascua“, the typical Valencian sweet for children in Easter. When I was a child, the egg used to be “real” and you had to crash it in somebody’s forehead. 54 more words


Seville, Spain (03/23/2015 - 03/25/2

Unfortunately, I still had classes and basically had to abandon my mom and aunt during the day for the entirety of their visit in Spain. Also, the weather had been spectacular the previous week but for the few days they were in Sevilla, it was rainy and on the colder side (for Spain at least). 161 more words

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Ei yhtaan jaksas istuu taalla toissa, varsinki ko tietaa et sis on himassa venailemassa et koska paasen himaan ja paastas tyhjentamaan primark. (Nyt ko sanon nain siella ei kuitenkaa oo mitaa sen ihmeellisempaa =D) 75 more words