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How is spam changing?

Spam’s changing, and here at Notes we like to stay on the cutting edge.

That’s a horrible image. Forget I ever wrote it. Here at Notes we have enough sense not to play with knives. 2,212 more words


Your Moment Of Spam

I love some of the spam comments I get on here. I moderate, so it’s not as if they generally get through. Some of them are so weird though. 113 more words

My Weirdest Spam Comments

Hey girl hey. And boy.

I don’t know about you but I actually enjoy reading spam comments. They make me feel super good about myself even though it’s coming from pixy bots.  655 more words


Spam Comments In Languages That Don't Match Aren't Even Trying

I’ve been getting spam comments recently that seem even lazier than normal. At least, I think they’re spam. Honestly, it’s hard to tell. They aren’t in English. 94 more words

How Is This A Spam Comment?

I just deleted the following spam comment off one of my posts:

Ⴝinging worѕhip songs is sweet hߋwever that?s not the one oρtion to worship.?

117 more words

spammers are stupid

In this post I wrote yesterday, the second and third paragraphs give a background of my beliefs until deconversion a few years ago. Then I get this comment in my spam… 44 more words

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Bots and Pingbacks - Beware

Here we go again. The bots and spammers have found a new trick. I had a spammer ping back to one of my older prompts this morning. 144 more words