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creatures of habit

I know many bloggers find inspiration in their spam filter but this is the first time I’ve decided to share a comment that I received: 99 more words


Thank you for this lovely message!

Dear Spammer,

Thank you for this lovely message. I do not feel like a number on a list at all.

Of course, I would love to have your “innovative and useful tutorials on my website”… 21 more words

Spam Comments - WTH?

I have not been blogging very long as many of you can see,

so many things are new to me. For some reason most of the… 247 more words

Story Of...

The Joys of Blogging: Deviled Spam

My blog’s spam filter catches some devilishly  interesting comments.


No, I will not "check out your blog!"

I am getting tired of getting excited when someone comments on one of my posts, but it turns out just to be spam messages. You know the ones. 200 more words

Daily Posts

Funny spam groupies on your Wordpress blog

My finger pauses on the delete button before I empty out the spam folder. Some comments are way too entertaining to flush down the drain. 295 more words

Blog Eureka Moments

Res ipsa - women's fitness

Another spam gem:

Very good about women’s physical activities is actually a frequently confirmed trend-but, like anything based on sex, it all provokes disputes.