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#SpamSaturday - September 23, 2017

Welcome to a new weekend feature on Allison’s Written Words, straight from my Spam Inbox! 370 more words

Spam Comments

Reader Spam Comments 6: Mission to Moscow

Oh great, now we’re resorting to crappy¬†Police Academy¬†sequels no one watched the first time, as a method of numbering these spam articles.

But first, just because… 1,273 more words

Spam Comments

The Spam Comments Are Now Asking For Money.

Earlier this year, I set up a YouTube channel to post recordings of me reading fiction, poetry and miscellaneous other videos.

I don’t get a lot of views, but today I received a spam comment on… 186 more words

Let's Celebrate The Spam On Here

I’ve noticed an uptick in the spam comments on here. It used to be a few a week, but has recently been about 5-20 a day. 65 more words

You Had One Job, Spam Filter!

Apparently, my spam filter fell asleep at the filtered wheel.

And it left a HUGE NSFW in its unfiltered wake. 292 more words

Spam Comments

Reader Spam Mail #4

Because the internet keeps just throwing it out there, and Akismet keeps on detecting it! 1,363 more words

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