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The Spam Comments Are Now Asking For Money.

Earlier this year, I set up a YouTube channel to post recordings of me reading fiction, poetry and miscellaneous other videos.

I don’t get a lot of views, but today I received a spam comment on… 186 more words

Let's Celebrate The Spam On Here

I’ve noticed an uptick in the spam comments on here. It used to be a few a week, but has recently been about 5-20 a day. 65 more words

You Had One Job, Spam Filter!

Apparently, my spam filter fell asleep at the filtered wheel.

And it left a HUGE NSFW in its unfiltered wake. 292 more words


Reader Spam Mail #4

Because the internet keeps just throwing it out there, and Akismet keeps on detecting it! 1,363 more words

Writer's Corner

Reader Spam Mail #3

Because good things come in threes, I saved some of the previous spam for another article!

This makes you so happy right now, doesn’t it? 1,015 more words

Writer's Corner

Spam Comments

Did you ever take the opportunity to really read through the spam Akismet catches? 1,534 more words

Random Thoughts

Some Funny Spam Comments

It’s been a long time since I checked the spam comments folder to see what sort of hilarity is in there.  Let’s see what we’ve got… 694 more words