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LOL: Hilarious Spam Filter Comments

Sifting through some of the bot comments in my spam filter this morning has provided a giggle and I thought I would share it. 129 more words


Comment Spam: The Good, the Bad, the Ridiculous

As a WordPress.com user, my spam filter, Akismet, works well. In addition to Akismet, I use a few simple measures to keep my comments sections orderly. 616 more words

Random Thought

Lovely Spam, Wonderful Spam!

I am not perfect. By any stretch of the imagination. I love run-on sentences. I love incomplete sentences. I rely on spell-check. Heavily. Not because I can’t spell but because I’m horribly lazy. 199 more words


Top 10 Derpy Spam Comments

WordPress has a widget that filters out spam comments, so they never make it onto my actual blog posts. Sometimes I read them for fun before deleting them. 398 more words


I don't know a solution.

I can’t join you for breakfast,
but I’ll bookmark you.

We need to develop more.
I’m looking ahead.

So, drop me an email
when you go away. 12 more words


Day 1,045

Today I am thankful:

That we meet with my team tomorrow; I’m hoping my PA has some ideas to give me some relief.

For the spam comments that show up on my blog; some of them are funny. 7 more words

Gratitude Journal

SPAM-Bots or Crack-Pots?

Every now and then, I have a trawl through the “Comments” that have been snared in this here blog’s SPAM filter. I’m often bemused by the nonsense that is sitting there and wonder where on earth this stuff comes from and whether it is generated by a SPAM-Bot somewhere, or actual human beings. 874 more words