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The Spam Comments Are Lonely

So, there is only one spam comment this go-round, but it’s a good one:

I am a Scorpio man and I’ve often questioned, How is a traditional Scorpio man in love?

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The Weirdest Spam Comments In Palestra Back History

Many of the readers who visit this blog are real, living human beings. I know many of you personally. You’ve seen me out in the real world and said that you read and enjoyed pieces on this site. 738 more words

Clarification about my "lower standards"

Before I make that sound like I’m insulting anyone, I’m not.  And I worry about that, since, sometimes I am aware that my adjectives and adverbs with regards to the “locals” around here has that slight tinge of . 336 more words


Blogging my spam comments on purpose

First of all, I’m giving Tony Burgess a hat tip for giving me this idea.  He didn’t exactly say “hey, it’d be a cool idea to lay about and vociferate about the oatmeal filler in your Askimet comments filter,” but he DID mention the giant millstone of spam comments that leaking through to… 467 more words


#167: Sir Spam A Lot (a found poem)

From time to time, believe it or not, I receive spam comments through my little blog site.  They are often poorly written, sometimes hilariously so.  And they remain a complete mystery to me: Where do they come from? 233 more words


SPAM-Bots or Crack-Pots? - Mk2

I’ve been offline for a few months now and my SPAM-Filter is well and truly clogged. These buggers really do keep coming thick & fast don’t they? 697 more words


LOL: Hilarious Spam Filter Comments

Sifting through some of the bot comments in my spam filter this morning has provided a giggle and I thought I would share it. 129 more words