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Old memories.

So, I know, I know. SPAM SPAM SPAM. STOP GIVING ME THAT LOOK! I’m having old memories being dug out of the pit! It’s funny how I changed so much. 88 more words


Labour Party keeps spamming me

I HAVE ATTEMPTED to ask – very nicely – the Labour Party to stop spamming me with emails asking me for money.  I’ve never been a member of the Labour Party and have no idea how it has got my email address. 593 more words

Spam, Spam, Eggs And Spam and Tasty Navy Slop Too . . .

Two things cross my mind when I say these magic words; Abracadabra . . . .“Spam”  The first thought that comes to mind is . 472 more words


Michael Beyer from Tegile is a spammer

His email said he tried calling me, but that is a lie, as I do not have a missed call or a message from him. 174 more words


ICO finds Lib Dems in breach of ePrivacy law

A few months ago, when I entered my email address on the Liberal Democrats’ website to say that I agreed with the statement

Girls should never be cut.

437 more words
Information Commissioner

Peculiar Product Pairing

This product pairing, to my 21st-century eyes at any rate, seems very odd. It isn’t clear from the archival record just what kind of shop this window was in (hardware, grocery, department store?), but I’m hard-pressed to think of why Bendix clothes washers would be associated with Spam imitator, … 460 more words


in which I reply to spammers ...

Spam spam spam spam spamly spam … that oughta ensure that Google blacklists me. 907 more words