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Handicapped Parking, Coffee, and Spam

I have been going to my coffee shop for 19 years. The same shop, same people, same coffee for 19 years. Through rain and shine, snow and black ice, writing my doctoral dissertation, mourning the loss of my husband, a breast cancer scare, unfulfilled engagements and the last set of surgeries, it has been the constant – the place I go to start my day with people I have history with and love deeply. 795 more words


LinkedIn is making a big change people have wanted for years

A quick Google search of “LinkedIn email” provides a glimpse at how users of the professional social network feel about its presence in their inboxes. The first page of search results includes “How to Stop Annoying LinkedIn Emails,” “Turn Off Annoying LinkedIn Emails,” “How to Disable all of LinkedIn Emails,” and even “Judge Allows Lawsuit Over LinkedIn Emails to Progress.” 113 more words


194/365 - July 13, 2015

Went to the store after work with my parents and I saw that they now have Portuguese Sausage flavored Spam. What a time it is to be alive! 52 more words

Four A Day

I Thoughy U Guise Shuld Noe

Thst apparently, all of my posts have commenters suggesting I buy Ray Bans from Australia, get tree removal services in Georgia, that someone’s brother should check out my content, I have great things to say about hidden back links, and a Nigerian prince has left me $1,000,000,000,000. 65 more words

The Great SPAM Challenge

Created in 1937, SPAM remains an American gastric classic.  Often maligned, this canned meat product is not the first choice of many renowned chefs.  And for good reason. 217 more words


Deleting Emails

Deleting emails is a necessary evil. On one hand I think why did I sign up for all this shit, but then I also think of the fact that I probably wont have the money this year to buy any of the things from those websites. 70 more words

Bizarre Eats

I will admit it, I am completely addicted to watching Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. I can binge watch the show nonstop and every time I finish watching an episode, I have the urge to try something that I have never eaten before. 516 more words