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If there’s one thing that I never learn, it’s that when something is free, you should always lower your expectations lest you be severely disappointed. 408 more words


Why People Don't Want To Be Sold

Life is a business of confidence and experiences. Life is also a business of selling. If you think about it, you were involved in selling the majority of your life. 444 more words

Network Marketing

[ S #1 ] unfgshgd 2 dAys tO EOys

wheyhey hellO idk why i feel kinda spammy rn and im just jAMming to kpOp wohoho but more specifically [ if you care its : ikon – rhythm ta + ailee : mind your own business + fiestar : you’re pitiful ] actually i have no idea what this blog has become literally it cant be considered kpop or fanacc or poetry or personal or rant acc i have completely zerO idea what this website blog thing is now wohoho but it doesnt really affect alot of people because 0 followers ;) 466 more words


Shakespearean SPAM Sticks

To SPAM or not to SPAM, that is the question

Should a recipe be what you seek, seek it here, and you shall find it anon.


Res infinitum.....

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Tame Your Inbox in 5 Easy Steps

You know the feeling when you have been away from work for a couple of weeks, or even just a day and you come back to an inbox bursting with emails? 528 more words


Password Security

You may hear from time to time that someone’s email has been “hacked” and is sending out spam. The term “hacked” sounds scary, and it can be, but typically when someone’s email has been “hacked”, it is nothing more than an automated system that guessed your password. 501 more words