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Ohisashi buri desu

Jitu ha puraguin no zeijyaku-sei de tairyou no supamu-komennto no kougeki wo uke te hoka no 2tu  no saito ha heisa shite imasu. Kakukiji ha rinku ga arimasuga shiyou dekimasen. 340 more words

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They had infected him while he was sleeping. Somehow the little Bugs had slipped in through a crack in the window, or maybe they’d squeezed in though the floorboards, and they’d infected him. 1,195 more words


Twitter Must Make it Easy to Mass-Report Spam Bots

I found a network of Russian female bots. Twitter spam bots.

They are not actually female. They just have Russian female names and female photos. 765 more words


In Which Karth Discovers The Answer To A Meme

Let’s start by getting the obvious tropes out of the way: easy sex and dating, and the typos and odd capitalization.

It is fun when the typos unwittingly produce a different, legitimate word though. 119 more words


What Is Ransomware?

Sure, you’ve heard the phrase “ransomware”, and some of its specific variants like Locky, Crypto, or WannaCry, since they’ve made headlines, but what exactly is “ransomware”? 247 more words


Of Pooches and Human Treats

Happy Wednesday everyone, today and tomorrow can’t seem to pass fast enough for me. Friday evening I go meet “Abe” a beautiful lab mix that with any luck will be coming home with me! 354 more words


SEO - why I don't respond to emails saying my sites could be improved

One of the most irritating things about the emails I get saying my blogs’ SEOs could be improved, so I could get much more traffic, is that the sender clearly hasn’t read my blog, though they sometimes claim to have “analysed” my site(s). 385 more words