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Instagram has a problem it needs to solve if it wants to be an ad platform

There’s no question that Instagram has become a massive platform for sharing images since it was acquired by Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion: According to the company, … 683 more words


Removing Bad (Spam) Traffic From Google Analytics

If you use Google Analytics, you’ve probably noticed in the past few months a ton of fake traffic in your analytics. Traffic from referrals like social-buttons.com, best-seo-offer.com or 100dollars-seo.com (and other obviously legit sites). 335 more words


Meme (Internet Spam)

Spam is real. I have received this over Pandora Radio. It happens way to much.


Fighting Spam with CAPTCHA

Some WordPress administrators find that a traditional spam-analysis tool like Akismet
isn’t enough to stop the inevitable avalanche of spam. Others find that Akismet
consistently flags good comments as spam, creating a different sort of commentmoderation… 418 more words


Spam-Fighting Strategies

You can defend against spam in several ways:

Forbidding all comments. This is obviously a drastic, ironclad approach. To
disable comments, you turn off the “Allow people to post comments on new… 767 more words


Understanding Spam输入日志标题

You’re no doubt familiar with the idea of email spam—trashy chain letters and
hoaxes that try to get you to download malware or send your banking information… 97 more words


The Earth's $650,000 Gift To Us Tonight

Tonight at 6:00 PM MST the earth will bestow a gift on humanity. The gift will be worth approximately six hundred and fifty thousand dollars. And your computer is going to hate it. 683 more words

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