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Your Attention to the Following Requested, #1

More often than I’d like, some of my posts step forth onto the Internet and are immediately consumed by the shifting ice packs of the Binary Pole. 167 more words


WordPress is Messing with Me

I’ve been using WordPress for well over 5 years. For the most part, I really like it. I had been using Blogger before coming here, and the experience in this community has been better than I thought a blogging experience could be. 722 more words


The best spam of the week...

I like answering the comments in my spam folder. I don’t know why, I just do. This week, I got two spam comments that are suspiciously alike, yet from two different people… or robots… or automated programs… wherever the hell spam comes from. 214 more words


To Kill A Spammer

Over at the other place, former IPR contributor Chuck Moulton expressed disgust over all the boring, esoteric discussions on philosophy (how many angels can fit on the head of a pin… 456 more words

Low Carb Snacks Out of Spam!

When I’m craving something salty and crunchy, one of the first things I do is grab the spam. Fry or broil and delicious!


Beware of Email Scams - "BPI Email"

I was checking my email this morning and I was surprised and worried when I read the subject of my email.

“BPI – Unusual Activity”

252 more words