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I am not a spammer

It looks like I have fixed the problem I had with following, it was what everyone said. WordPress deemed I was a spammer because I followed to many blogs in a short amount of time. 51 more words


Comments, and new followers

Sorry. It’s another of those posts about more annoying trends in blog comments, and new ‘followers’.

Over the weekend, I was pleased to attract quite a few new followers to this blog. 341 more words


If you're gonna spam me on Wordpress...

My fellow (real, human) WordPress blogger-lovelies will likely roll their eyes in empathetic understanding. After all, spam isn’t just for email, any more than Trix are just for kids these days. 1,237 more words

Rants / Criticism

Calls From Unknown Numbers

“Scammer village”–the loosely-knit Internet collection of scammers–is building a phone directory and one that takes notes, just as http://onlinecheckownerofphones.com/prefix-city/231-234-page-77.html does.

It’s beginning to look like we sorely need a (private, not governmental–for one thing there’s a vast probability it would instantly be misused) our own list. 214 more words

Social Psychology

Dear Spammers...

Dear Spammers,

I appreciate that you find my writing… ummm… inspiring. While I understand that we all have our own fetishes, a simple click of the like button would have been sufficient. 160 more words