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This has got to stop

The best bloggers and marketers on the planet have broached this topic many times. I have talked about it at length as well.

Stop purchasing likes and followers for your social media accounts. 31 more words

Really?? More spam

I really appreciate how WordPress keeps out most of the spam mail that would constantly bombard our blogs if it weren’t for Akismet. There are a few that get put into my spam folder – for me to verify, I suppose. 217 more words


A Word to the Not-So-Wise

I’ve been so busy with the new puppy that I simply haven’t had the time to respond to all the wonderful comments on my posts. 802 more words

That's Life

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Askimet has blocked over 72,000 spam comments to my blog so far. Maybe I should let them through so that I could create more Snarks 'R Us posts like this one. Spam-Bam was a great series, wasn't it, and I managed to keep it going for almost two years - but it seems that these days even the spammers have forsaken me. Oh well. Re-blogs are better than no blogs, right?

The Little Things

I don’t use my email accounts nearly as much as I used to. The parsley of communication now filters through social media accounts. When I log in for business and the more formal stuff, there tends to pile up the more SPAMMISH letters. 256 more words

Fake Vodafone phishing in Irish mailboxes

ESET Ireland warns of an authentic looking phishing scam email, pretending to come from Vodafone.

The cybercriminals are up to their old tricks even in the new year. 324 more words

Security News

Carrie Fisher Dead... The Stupid Live On!

Actress Carrie Fisher, a.k.a. Princess Leia of Star Wars acclaim, recently passed away… and already there is controversy!  Comedian Steve Martin offered his praise… 404 more words

ipfilterX Codename Protestant Caesar

>Date 30/12/2016


-Blocked Threats: 82
-Updated Threats: 4
-IP Added Record: +7K


>Parsed lines/entries:21K Found IP ranges:21K Duplicate:0 Merged:0 Time:0 secs… 87 more words