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If you're gonna spam me on Wordpress...

My fellow (real, human) WordPress blogger-lovelies will likely roll their eyes in empathetic understanding. After all, spam isn’t just for email, any more than Trix are just for kids these days. 1,237 more words

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Calls From Unknown Numbers

“Scammer village”–the loosely-knit Internet collection of scammers–is building a phone directory and one that takes notes, just as http://onlinecheckownerofphones.com/prefix-city/231-234-page-77.html does.

It’s beginning to look like we sorely need a (private, not governmental–for one thing there’s a vast probability it would instantly be misused) our own list. 214 more words

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Dear Spammers...

Dear Spammers,

I appreciate that you find my writing… ummm… inspiring. While I understand that we all have our own fetishes, a simple click of the like button would have been sufficient. 160 more words


It’s Been One Day And Abigail’s Gears Are Making Players Mad With Power

Yesterday, the long awaited Abigail was available after a four-hour software download and he was everything that the trailer said he’d be. But within the first six hours of his release, numerous post and tweets about him were uploaded showing how much of an advantage he has over other characters in Street Fighter V. 370 more words

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Take control - A beginner's guide to spam and how to spot it ...

There is a debate about whether or not you should manually moderate all comments before allowing them to appear on you blog. I personally do not moderate every comment. 1,197 more words


ipfilterX Codename Quora

>Date 07/07/2017


-Blocked Threats:
-Updated Threats: [2]
-IP Added Record: [+11K]


>Parsed lines/entries:23K Found IP ranges:23K Duplicate:0 Merged:0 Time:0 secs… 90 more words

Arms Players Are Fed Up With Throw Spammers

(Source: kotaku.com)


Nintendo’s slinky boxing game Arms has come down with a cheese plague. A popular, cheesy playstyle of Arms’ most popular fighter is pissing off a lot of players in the game’s Ranked mode. 436 more words