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Bleeping Computer: The Nigerian Spammers From the 90s Have Moved on to Keyloggers and RATs

Bleeping Computer: The Nigerian Spammers From the 90s Have Moved on to Keyloggers and RATs. “We’ll be taking a look today at a group of researchers that during the past few months have been reporting malware-infected computers to relevant authorities in countries all over the globe. 58 more words

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Holy Ravioli Batman... TBS Will Broadcast Injustice 2 Tournament.

It’s been a couple weeks since the Street Fighter V ELeague series wrapped up on TBS, but the network is not done with tournaments just yet. 216 more words

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Your Opinion Matters!

What feels better than thinking of a solution to a ongoing problem that is affects millions? Creating the solution and making it come to life! 537 more words


How do I deal with spam comments on my blog 1: Why do people spam my blog and why should I stop them?

After writing about keeping people engaged with our blogs last week, I started thinking about those people we DON’T want to engage with – spammers. In the first part of this series I’ll talk about why people might spam comment on a blog and why we shouldn’t allow them to. 784 more words


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Since I spoke about blog comments yesterday, it's only appropriate that I share this article on Spam. Not all comments are good comments. Liz shows how to identify a Spam comment and what to do.

Spammers Beat Hammers In Overwatch At TaKeOver 2

(Source: compete.kotaku.com)


Pocket strategies can come in handy when you’re in a situation like Misfits, who in yesterday’s TaKeOver 2 matches needed a win against Hammers Esports. 139 more words


ipfilterX Codename Logical

>Date 02/06/2017


-Blocked Threats:
-Updated Threats: [2]
-IP Added Record:


>Parsed lines/entries:23K Found IP ranges:23K Duplicate:0 Merged:0 Time:0 secs

>IP Count: 550M… 87 more words

Want To Be An Esports Player? Break These Bad Game Habits Now

Competitive gaming nowadays, especially in the Fighting Game Community, isn’t just about winning or losing, it’s about the disrespect behind the gameplay. Since players can’t stand up and point their middle fingers at one another, there are ways to curse your opponent out mid-game. 486 more words

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