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Type Casting using Span<T>

In an earlier post, we explored the possibilities of Span and performance benefits of the feature was clearly visible in our benchmark tests. We will continue exploring the Span further in this post, as attempt to cast between types using Span. 131 more words


Span: A new upcoming feature of C#

With the ground-up changes in ASP.NET with ASP.NET Core which is still going on, it appears that now it is turn of C# language and the run-time. 874 more words


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child MOVIE: How many films could it span?

The eighth Harry Potter story is currently running as a hit theatrical production in the West End and on Broadway.

However many fans would one day like to see Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint reprise their roles as Harry, Ron and Hermione in a film adaptation. 218 more words

Finding a hide element on html

It will very happy for you, when you find a hide element on your code. Following web developer, web designer and dreamer text are auto coming on the element class div. 26 more words

Problems And Solution

Meditate regularly for an improved attention span in old age

Regular and intensive meditation sessions over the course of a lifetime could help a person remain attentive and focused well into old age. This is according to the most extensive longitudinal study to date examining a group of meditation practitioners. 46 more words

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Axioms for Elements to be in the Vector Space

This Axioms hold for all vectors ⃗u, ⃗v, ⃗w in the Vector space V and for all scalar c and d.
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Error: CS0619 Span is obsolete

Recently I was exploring various new features of C# 7.x and recently I thought of looking into one cool feature Span but faced hard time to start. 146 more words