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Early morning by lucagiuliani

My recent trip into north of Spain.

As Seen on 500px – May 25, 2015 at 09:02PM


Vectors - Linear Dependence and Span

For some vector equations there can be no solutions, one solutions or infinitely many solutions.
To analyze solutions think of elements in original vector as specifying different directions we can travel from origin using the original vector. 265 more words

Determining Whether 3 Vectors Are Linearly Independent And/or Spa

Mobile Line Break Rewind

I found this on a stackover flow post. Someone made a nice write up on it.

It is a way to control whether a line break happens or not, depending on the screen / device size. 230 more words

Cisco SPAN

Recently I have been working with Cisco SPAN. Port mirroring. The goal was to capture rtp/voice traffic at a call centre and pipe the data out to a server which would store all the data. 86 more words


What's the difference between single span and multi-span reinforced concrete slabs?

Answer by Patrick Barry:

A ‘span’ in engineering parlance means ‘the gap between two supports’
This bridge is single span:

A single span slab is a slab that is supported at either end.

387 more words

Sarah Boulos: After 10 Years, I’m Happy Telling the SPAN Story

24 Apr 2015

Founder, Society for Performing Arts of Nigeria  (SPAN), Mrs. Sarah Boulos, has helped artistes of diverse ages and fields to realise their dreams. 2,535 more words


Evento: Parque Warner Madrid

Hoje quero dar-vos a conhecer o evento que está a ser organizado pelo Parque Warner de Madrid no dia 18 de abril:

Record para o guiness mundial da maior concentração de super heróis da DC comics! 109 more words

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