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Great Republican Solutions to Mental Health Problems...

Frankly I’ve grown tired of the libs complaining about Republicans not taking care of the mentally ill. We give them the opportunity to pray to Jesus! 394 more words

Riff Raff

Spandex Sunday: Tart Tempts Patriotic Republicans!

This is unbelievable: the youtube censors allow for this evil temptress to do such things:

Screenshots below! I don’t see how we can let them get away with this! 40 more words

Sexual Deviancy

Jesus Shuts Up the Sluts!

Show up dressed as a tart?

Jesus has a way of telling you that you shouldn’t go around tempting righteous men like this:

This isn’t the first time: remember when some floozy decided to wrap herself in spandex and then stick out her butt at the camera? 8 more words


Traditional Republican Values!

That’s right: submit to your husbands! Oh…don’t worry about dressing modestly around him…..and if you have attire that might be sinful….I’ll be happy to judge it for you!


Back to chasing away Sin...

There is a lot of it; if you are on facebook you can find this sin being rooted out at our friend’s wall: Christians for Michelle Bachmann.

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