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Barrafina, espanhol de responsa

O Barrafina é um restaurante espanhol de tapas que ganhou sua primeira estrela Michelin em 2014, mas não se engane nem espere sofisticação ali. O foco é na comida e só nela. 590 more words


I don't like spiders because they're sneaky

Earlier this week, there was a slight increase in the number of spiders sneaking around my room. With a good spritz of hairspray and a smack with my shoe..well, let’s just say…they are no longer with us. 1,015 more words


"Cagaste en tú calzón", Said Cabezítas

WARNING: Potty mouth and bathroom humour. Proceed with caution.

For those who are regular guests here at my spanglish familia, you might not find the following story the least bit shocking or offensive. 375 more words


Spanish and American Girl (or, How My Spanish Obsession Began)

It’s no secret that I’ve always loved to read.  You don’t have to know me for very long before my love of books comes out. What isn’t as obvious is how many of my other passions stem from books — almost all of them, actually. 730 more words


Eugenio Montejo: "My Love"

My Love

In another body, my love walks this street.
I hear its footsteps fall beneath the rain, 104 more words
Paul Weinfield

See Ya Later, Chickee Baybee

I really started to think about the difference between Chilean and American men when a fellow co-worker said to me: “Gringo men are the type of people who shot gun beers and then throw up their hands in the air like WHAT.” Which pretty much means that American men are more forward than Chilean men and get offended when a girl isn’t into him. 751 more words


Where Is My Apricot Juice?

I have been living in Santiago, Chile for about 4 months now, and through the language barrier and late night pre-games (I once pre-gamed until 3 AM NO JOKE), one of the largest differences I have noticed is that one person in your circle of friends that we have all come to know and love: the flake. 545 more words