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Antonio Colinas: "The Road Obscured by the Forest"

The Road Obscured by the Forest

Believe me, it isn’t pity I feel for you,
now that I’m gone, just a wounded memory. 210 more words
Paul Weinfield

Teaching animals in primary 

I’m working on los animales with my primary group. We just finished colors so I’ve been including those words as well. After introducing an animal I will ask “¿De qué color es?”. 163 more words


Spanish Vocabulary for Household Items

‘Hogar, dulce hogar.’ This Spanish lesson will teach you how to talk about your ‘home sweet home,’ show you some new vocabulary, and discuss how cognates and letter/word association can help you remember new words! 37 more words


Antonio Colinas: "Palace Steps"

Palace Steps

I’ve been living in this palace for such a long time.
I sleep on the steps, at the foot of the cypresses. 176 more words
Paul Weinfield

Federico García Lorca: "Qasida of a Reclining Woman"

Qasida of a Reclining Woman

To see you naked is to recall the earth,
the smooth earth, untrampled by horses, 109 more words
Paul Weinfield

El porqué de Craftivism Lab

Por si alguien se preguntaba qué es esto del Craftivism que últimamente comparto tanto. 514 more words