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Jorge Luis Borges: "The Man In Love"

The Man In Love

Mirrors, ivory trinkets, tools of steel,
roses, lamps, Albrecht Dürer’s lines,
the shifting zero, the other nine 88 more words
Paul Weinfield


Cabezón is a rebel with language. He’s five, and after many hours of gentle coercion – guidance –  he still pronounces his th’s like f’s. … 708 more words


A change is as good as rest - un cambio es tan bueno como un descanso

After a busy half term I have spent this week recovering before I embark on my next adventure. On Sunday I am flying to Spain for a week to go to Alicante University as part of Spanish degree. 1,066 more words


A través de mis ojos

Es algo difícil, algo que me expone y que abre las puertas de mi vida y de mi corazón.

Podría callarlo, podría imaginar y hacer creer que nada ocurre. 533 more words


Once preguntas básicas-y repuestas

¿Qué significa ocho, ~. Eight

¿Cómo se dice eight ~ ocho

¿Qué día es? ~ Hoy es martes

¿Cuál es la fecha? El veinticuatro (de febrero) 93 more words


Octavio Paz: "Certainty"


If the white light of this lamp
is real, and the hand that writes
is real, then are the eyes that 26 more words
Paul Weinfield

Julio Cortázar: "After Such Pleasures"

After Such Pleasures

Tonight, searching for your mouth in another mouth,
almost believing, because the river is that blind 123 more words
Paul Weinfield