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The One Semester Of Spanish Love Song [Funny Video]

Do you remember taking Spanish class in high school? Could you make up a song with what you learned in one semester of Spanish class? 21 more words


Day 54...still no steak

I will not lie. One of the biggest things I have missed is the food from the States. Like a giant burger that was grilled, or a giant steak paired with one of my dad’s famous “potato boats”. 714 more words


No me amó

A.N. My first attempt at a foreign language poem. I would welcome feedback!

La música toca lentamente

Bajo mis pies, bailan la gente… 47 more words


"Mummy, last night I had a nightmare where some macarons ate the rabbits!"

My daughter pronounced this dramatic statement with the word macarons as macaroons so one assumes she meant the racoons, it was however an amusing way to be woken on a Sunday morning. 515 more words


#3 Skypeamos

Maybe this is the first time you see this word

if you translate it in parts : skype and amos, means Skype Masters.

People in Latino say this word when they want to talk via Skype: 12 more words


#2 Hay, Ahí ,Ay, Allí

Hay means there is/are or  Is/Are there in questions.

For example: Hay tiendas. – There are shops. 

¿Hay tiendas? – Are there any shops?

Allí 54 more words