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Miguel Hernández: "After Love"

After Love

We could not be. The earth
could not be enough for us.
We are not equal to what
the sun intended 315 more words
Paul Weinfield

#13 Greetings

 When you see someone in first time, you can say Encantado / Encantada / and Mucho gusto, all of them mean Nice to meet you. 125 more words


#12 La pronunciación español ( Spanish Pronunciation )

Las vocales españolas (Spanish Vowels)

Spanish vowels are very pure sounds, and each has only one pronunciation. They are pronounced in a clear, somewhat sharp way and English speakers need to make an effort to give each vowel its own, particular pronunciation, and  to avoid the temptation of giving them the unstressed vowel sound which is so common in English. 101 more words


#11 Ser ( To be in Spanish) with respected pronouns and introduction

In Spanish there are two verbs of to be – ‘ESTAR’ and ‘SER’. They are use in different ways 1.ser is used to describe a permanent state… 307 more words



When Michelin announced its Tokyo guide in December 2014, I somehow missed the fact that only three restaurants were promoted from one coveted star to an even more impressive two stars.   1,284 more words


Enrique Lihn: "Six Solitudes"

Six Solitudes

The unending loneliness from which others drink
at happy hour 328 more words
Paul Weinfield