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San Bartolomé, Albaicin, Granada

After the Christian reconquest, many lovely churches were built in Granada. Some, like San Bartolomé in the upper part of the Albaicin, stand on the site of old mosques. 104 more words

Placeta Nevot, Albaicin, Granada

You will come across this tiny square by walking from the centre of old Granada up the Cuesta San Gregorio towards the Mirador San Nicolas. Placeta Nevot is one of the numerous little squares in the fascinating old Moorish quarter, the Albaicin. 112 more words

Strolling alongside the River Darro, Granada

I had to paint another watercolour of this cobbled lane that runs alongside the River Darro in Granada beneath the Albaicin and the Alhambra hill. The lovely old buildings provide so many good compositions to capture. 87 more words

In the shadows of WWII: Civilian stories in Britian and Spain

The arrival of large-scale modern warfare at the turn of the 20th century, and the new levels of brutality that ensued, left artists wondering how to respond to the subject which had since the genesis of the “story-telling” … 2,497 more words


Alongside the Darro, Granada

The last of  my latest series of watercolours of Granada in Summer. This narrow, cobbled street runs from the Plaza Nueva alongside the river Darro beneath the old Moorish quarter, the Albaicin. 102 more words

Women and the Avant-garde: Maruja Mallo's "Verbenas" (Carnivals)

Lately I’ve been returning to the art and literature of the Spanish Avant-garde – the time period that sparked my interest in studying Spanish literary, art, and cultural history more in depth (roughly 1917-1930s). 2,133 more words


El Siglo de Oro (Berlin)

El Siglo de Oro. The Age of Velázquez

Gemäldegalerie, Berlin

01 July 2016 to 30 October 2016

This summer in Berlin, a major exhibition showcasing 17th century Spanish painting and sculpture in all its fascinating variety goes on show outside of Spain for the first time. 128 more words