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Spanish Class: May 28, 2018 - June 22, 2018

We offer Spanish Class to those who wants to work as Bilingual. It’s a 4-week class (Monday to Friday, 4 hours a day).

Modules and Hand outs are already free. 35 more words

Spanish Class

Hola Amigos Spanish Language Tutorial Center

Hola Amigos Spanish Language Tutorial Center offers a 1 month intensive Spanish Class to those who want to work as Bilingual. Whether you’re a beginner or not, our experts can help you from zero to confident speaker. 26 more words

Spanish Class

Preterite Tense

  1. Completed actions in the past.
  2. If a definite time is given when an action is completed, like “ayer” (yesterday) or “ésta mañana” (this morning).

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Spanish Class

Imperfect Tense

  1. Actions that continue in the past.
  2. Things you “used to” do.
  3. These actions don’t have a definite end.

AR Endings

Yo   –ába

Tu    –ábas

El/Ella/Usted    –ába…

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Not Just a Job but a Passion


In her classroom we speak two languages and we tell many stories. The class begins with the daily “toque de campana,” or bell ringer. 866 more words

Teacher Features

Spanish 1

I am officially finished with Spanish 1. The final exam was today and I think I did OK, but I never feel confident after a test. 108 more words


Ummm...Are you talking to me?

Dealing with disrespect is something teachers have to do on a daily basis. It may not be the entire class but that one problem child can really make you think twice about your career choice. 315 more words