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Why Costa Rica?

More and more people are looking for a change in their pace of life. If you are one of them and you are looking for an internship in the dive world then keep on reading. 631 more words


What happens at Anticura... gets edited and then posted on my blog ;)

My first workaway experience was, in a word, fantastic. I mean cleaning toilets is always a little gross, but the friends I made and the stuff I got to do far outweighed overflowing trashcans and dirty dishes. 1,135 more words

Flying South for the Winter -- to South America, that is.

For the past three years, Two Who Trek (TWT) have visited countries in Europe and Asia.  We are now back in South America and enjoying our first visit to Cartagena and Colombia!  189 more words


Spanish 12: Por and Para


Use: Expressing cause, purpose, direction, means, opinion…

General rule:

They are invariable and are followed by a noun, a pronoun or a verb in the infinitive. 144 more words

A Time to Wait, Prepare, and Make Pinatas

When I was a kid, the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas stretched, becoming vast and magical and seemingly endless. Each day my brother or I opened a paper window on the Advent calendar to reveal a tiny square of the hidden picture. 605 more words

Eva Langston

My favorite day ...every year.

For those who know me, you may see this title and say…Oh that’s May 24th! … Back story, many many moons ago sitting in 10th grade study hall, I decided that May 24th would be my favorite day. 199 more words


Brain Break: Energize to Refocus

This September I learned about Brain Breaks as the KWLA conference, and it has improved the quality of my classes significantly. A Brain Break is essentially a short activity away from class content that gets students up and moving in order to maintain a high level of engagement once the break is over. 144 more words