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Quick, grab the blowtorch!

It’s bizarre how ingredients as humble as rice, milk and sugar can be transformed into the creamy, sugary goodness that is rice pudding. Arroz con leche requemado  317 more words


Andrajos: the "rags" of Southern Spain

Fear not, this isn’t a dish featuring torn up cloth. While “rags” may not bring up the most appetising image in your mind, the name simply refers to the rustic, cloth-like appearance of the handmade pasta central to this dish. 527 more words


Arros Negre - the black sheep of paella

The much loved paella dish is one which is widespread, popular, and almost a guaranteed find on any menu in Spain. What is less well-known is its Catalan cousin, the Arros Negre -a dish mistakenly called Paella negre due to its ominous resemblance to paella. 104 more words

Spanish Cuisine

Stewed Tongue Recipe

Today we continue with another Recipe Offal, in this case a very easy recipe to make; and that certainly is a recipe for High Authentic Cuisine. 195 more words

Spanish Cuisine


We started with the Beef Tripe Recipe, which in relation to offal recipes is that more processing time will take us.
The first observation to be made is that the… 312 more words

Spanish Cuisine


First and foremost, this recipe is for cleaning the hands; we do it under the tap and in a bowl with very cold water, ice and salt. 306 more words

Spanish Cuisine


“Offal” is the culinary term that refers to the entrails of an animal.
In Spain the use of offal in kitchen has a long tradition since ancient times and extending to many places; from Madrid with his… 294 more words

Spanish Cuisine