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Gazpacho a la Menu del Dia

It has been a while since my last recipe post—the last one was this one for a cauliflower-corn soup. Five months later I have another soup but it’s tomato-based and is actually seasonally appropriate: gazpacho. 752 more words


Bar Central La Boqueria - Barcelona, Spain

After walking around Mercat De La Boqueria, the famous market just off Las Ramblas, my Mum and I decided to get some lunch. There are lots of gorgeous smells around the market with various different restaurants. 124 more words

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Sofrito Beef, Stuffed Mofongo

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m married to a WONDERFUL man, who was born and raised in Puerto Rico. Now, being married to a Latin man has both its blessings and curses, as I’m sure some of you may know (now as an Italian female, I have quite the balance sheet myself!) One of the many blessings, is the cuisine, but let me make something perfectly clear, it doesn’t come from him! 856 more words

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Restaurante Cheriff - Barcelona, Spain

After a long 3 hour walk around the historical Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, Julia, Mike, my Mum and I decided we wanted a good Paella, so after researching the best Paella spots in Barcelona (not touristy, not a chain, not too La-Di-Da) we found a gorgeously rustic, local spot for our lunch – Restaurante Cheriff. 135 more words

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Ciudad Condal - Barcelona, Spain

Ciudad Condal is an institution in Barcelona. It has been around for years and people line up for anything up to an hour to get a table there, but it is worth the wait! 133 more words

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What Are Spanish Albondigas?

Albóndigas are Spanish or Latin American meatballs. The dish was likely brought to Spain by Arabs, as reflected by the fact that their name derives from the Arabic al-bunduq, which means hazelnut (which are similarly small, round, and brown). 141 more words

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Vinitus - Barcelona, Spain

Yes, I have written about Vinitus before! Yes, it is the same one! But it is so good, that is deserves another write up! I recently went to Barcelona with my Mum and she had never been to Barcelona before so obviously I had to take her to one of my favourite tapas restaurants there. 124 more words

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