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the False Associations of Cosby with Spanish fly, Drugs and Rape

Golden Girls, September 27, 1986

Dr. Bill Cosby’s accusers and their supporters have repeatedly pointed to several references he made to something called Spanish fly as evidence or proof that he committed the horrific things they accuse him of doing. 19,594 more words

Bill Cosby

The Pink Pill - Lady Libido

It think it is pretty safe to say that on average men tend to have a higher desire for physical intimacy than women. It isn’t a hard and fast rule (see what I did there?) but, stereotypes and the drug industry both imply that sex is more important to men than women, on an everyday basis. 671 more words


In December 1991 Bill Cosby Talks Spanish Fly With Larry King (VIDEO)

Well, this must be awkward for Bill Cosby… Back in December 1991 Bill Cosby was on CNN with Larry King to promote a book when he starts discussing Spanish Fly: 72 more words

Bill Cosby and the conundrum his problems pose for black men

Watching the stories about Bill Cosby’s alleged sexual exploitations unfold is disturbing on all levels. Here is a man who has presented himself as a pillar of African American sensibilities, an intelligent humane father and a voice of reason in racial politics. 1,001 more words


Forget Phylicia Rashad!

Forget these woman. At least that’s what Phylicia Rashad said in an exclusive interview with Roger Friedman. First Rashad claimed she was not interested in getting involved in a public debate but not before blasting rape allegations as an orchestrated campaign designed to attack Bill Cosby’s legacy. 825 more words

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Bill Cosby - The List Keeps Getting Longer

He was once known as America’s television Dad. A comedic figure that was considered wholesome and safe for the family. An act that didn’t threaten morals or family values. 498 more words