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Knowing When a Woman Consents to Sexual Intercourse

Hollywood film mogul, Harvey Weinstein, found himself into a pickle in 2017. Over 20 women accused the American film producer of rape, sexual harassment and other inappropriate sexual contact he allegedly committed over the last 25 years. 634 more words

Reprieve from Insect Withdrawal

For many years, fall has been my favorite season. Not only does it bring the ephemeral reds, oranges, and yellows of tree leaves, but there’s something about the particular shade of blue in the sky on a crisp October day that makes me slow down and breathe more deeply. 515 more words


Mosquitos Suck

The deadliest creature alive probably munched on you this summer. This dastardly winged creature is responsible for the death of over a million people this year. 648 more words

wishes club on hwy 290

Yea there is such of a club, gofer thinks Benard Wish owns it.  some one from gpf  security may be said some thing about it.  that guy used to be on KSEV.  58 more words

Zombie Security Guards