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León – Spanish Gastronomic Capital 2018

The city of León has just been named as Spanish Gastronomic Capital 2018, with Cuenca in second place. We will have to wait for the programme of events, but things will kick off on January 1st and there will be all sorts of activities throughout the year to showcase the many gourmet specialities and wines not just of the city but also the province of León and indeed the Castilla-León region. 349 more words

Spanish Food And Wine

Beginnings: the bus to Burgos and other false starts

It was the dilemma every parent of a young child comes to face, sooner or later: whether or not to drug the little blighter into a stupor, just to get some peace and quiet for a while. 2,048 more words

Léon at last

This is a bit backside forward, as we say round these parts. It’s the story of our most recent trip, but it’s planned as an epilogue to a book about Spain that I might get around to writing some time relatively soon. 2,591 more words

Asisa Madrid Fusión 2017

The Madrid Fusión gastronomic conference runs from Monday, January 23, until Wednesday. This is the 15th year it has taken place in the Spanish capital, growing steadily with each edition. 396 more words

Spanish Food And Wine

Valladolid Pinchos & Tapas Festival

Back in November, I had an intense couple of days in Valladolid, which every year becomes the gastronomic capital of Spain for a week when it hosts not only the… 390 more words

Spanish Food And Wine