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Animated Videos for Learning Spanish

You might have seen some animated short videos popping up on SpanishTown.ca over the last couple of months.  As we learn and experiment you will likely see the quality improve.  Our first videos were low resolution due to technical issues but we are now able to create them in full 1080p.  … 189 more words

Spanish For Kids

SpanishTown.ca and Responsive Design

The blog here has been languishing for quite a while but it is not because we haven’t been busy.  In fact, we have been so busy that we had no extra time for the blog.  Over the next few posts we will be going over some of the changes and additions that we have made to… 96 more words

Spanish For Kids

Speekee- Spanish for Kids

We were given 3 free months of membership at www.Speekee.com. Speekee is a website that helps kids learn Spanish. For the most part it is completely immersive and just about everything is in Spanish. 607 more words


The Best Spanish Curriculum For Elementary Kids

Teaching Spanish to elementary school children can be a daunting task, even though some could be at their linguistic best. But this is the best time to lay a good foundation for their… 688 more words

Creating the Right Spanish Curriculum for Elementary Age Students

The Spanish language is becoming more and more prevalent in the American culture as each day passes. There are also studies that reveal that being bi-lingual increases a person’s earning potential. 503 more words

Why a Spanish Curriculum is Important in Elementary Education

The Spanish language is quickly becoming one of the most desired languages employers are looking for in a prospective bilingual candidate. Adding a Spanish language curriculum for elementary… 588 more words

Fruit, Vegetables, Meat, Meal Times and More

Meal Times in Spanish

We have just finished updating our Spanish for Kids Lesson 7! 

Designed for touch, each section provides basic vocabulary for students learning Spanish. 35 more words

Spanish For Kids