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Horror History: José Antonio Pérez Giner

José Antonio Pérez Giner
Born 1934

One person that is really needed to make movies happen is the producer. They are the ones that get the money to be able to make the money. 243 more words

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Stormy nights bring madness in Mexico ‘The Similars’ - movie review

The former champion San Francisco Giants Brian Wilson said it best, “let’s get weird”. From the moment the noir looking feature from Isaac Ezban gets started that may be the thoughts in your head. 380 more words

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Brain Drain On The Train... HORROR EXPRESS Reviewed

BD / DVD Combi. Regions A/1. Severin. Unrated.

If you’ll indulge me in a spot of nostalgia (and just try stopping me!), Eugenio Martin’s Horror Express (Pánico En El Transiberiano, 1972) was – along with the likes of Witchfinder General, Tales From The Crypt, et al – a regular fixture on the Friday late night horror slot with which Granada TV used to enliven my humdrum adolescence. 1,592 more words

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7. The Werewolf vs The Vampire Woman (1971, León Klimovsky)

Before Batman vs Superman, before Alien vs Predator, before all that garbage, Spanish horror movie legend Paul Naschy gave us the classic monster mash up of WEREWOLF against VAMPIRE WOMAN. 573 more words


24 Days 'til Halloween, 2016: MORBO (1972)

Wow…just…wow. Not all the movies I post are movies that I’ve long been familiar with and have “always” loved. Most of them are, but some of them I come across and watch for the first time while putting together my list for making this blog. 1,677 more words

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4-minute Blu-ray review: Count Dracula’s Great Love

Title: Count Dracula’s Great Love

Starring: Paul Naschy & Haydee Politoff

Directed by: Javier Aquirre

Specs: 1973 / Spain / 83 minutes / 1.85:1

Blu-ray release: … 523 more words

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