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Ghost Film List

List of must-see films for the Ghost section of my taxonomy of horror sub-genres. 1,482 more words


Dr Jekyll Versus the Werewolf


Dr Jekyll Versus the Werewolf
1972 / Colour / 83 m. / Spain /  1,190 more words

Film Review

REC 3: Genesis - Better Than You Think

I should be writing more Sojourners in Shadow, yet last night I watched Rec 3: Genesis, and I felt impelled to champion this film a bit. 1,101 more words


Year of Naschy

When the news broke today of the Paul Naschy Collection coming from Shout Factory, I was notified by more than a few friends on social media about it. 606 more words

Misc. Ramblings

Simon Slays... Arrow's Blockbusting 4K BD Edition of PIECES Reviewed

BD / DVD / CD Combi. Regions B/2. Arrow. 18.

Lucio Fulci always seemed a bit touchy on the question of possible influences on his films and so it proved when I interviewed him in 1994. 2,374 more words

Blu-ray / DVD Reviews

Boys & Ghouls Come Out To Play... WHO CAN KILL A CHILD? Reviewed

DVD. R1.  Dark Sky / MPI. Unrated

Who Could Kill A Child? That’s the provocative question posed in the title of Narcisco Ibanez Serrador’s fabled 1976 Euroshocker… actually, that’s just one of the many  titles which has been attached to Serrador’s picture, and probably the most appropriate given that it’s a straight translation of the original Spanish title ¿Quién Puede Matar a un Niño?… others have included Would You Kill a Child?, Death is Child’s Play, Lucifer’s Curse, The Killer’s Playground, Trapped, Island Of The Damned and that old standby, Island Of Death …a rose by any other name would smell as sweet and Serrador mounts this hybrid of Hitchcock’s The Birds (1963) and Wolf Rilla’s Village Of The Damned (1960)  in impressive style, so very impressive that it would come to exert an obvious influence over such subsequent fare as Fritz Kiersch’s Children Of The Corn (1984). 1,183 more words

Blu-ray / DVD Reviews

Upcoming collection, BEHOLD THE VOID, to be translated, published in Spain by Dilatando Mentes

I’m incredibly pleased to announce that my upcoming collection of stories, BEHOLD THE VOID, coming from JournalStone in March, 2017, has been licensed for translation into Spanish and will be released in Spain, as a deluxe limited edition, by… 255 more words