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Dreams Of Discontent ... THE BLOOD SPATTERED BRIDE Reviewed

DVD. Region Free. Blue Underground. Unrated.

Note: The disc under review here was issued as a bonus on Blue Underground’s 2-disc set of Harry Kümel’s Daughter Of Darkness, which has subsequently been upgraded, in its entirety, to Blu-Ray. 1,028 more words

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Veronica (2017) Review

Even if you’re not into horror movies and don’t really keep an eye on what’s new and happening in the horror film world, you may well have seen something about Veronica anyway. 817 more words

Movie review: Veronica

Veronica. Went into this film after reading articles about people who couldn’t sit through the whole thing.
Too scary. Too terrifying. Based on a true story. 452 more words


Veronica (2017)

As compared to 2017, it’s been a much slower year for horror released in 2018. By this time a year ago, we already had Split, Get Out, The Blackcoat’s Daughter, and The Void. 572 more words

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Dead Ringer... THE BELL FROM HELL, Reviewed

“La Campana Del Inferno”. DVD. Pathfinder. Region 1. Unrated.

When I asked Paul Naschy about the difficulties of making genre films under the Franco dictatorship, he told me that he had encountered far more problems since the democratisation of Spain. 1,105 more words

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A look at Vincente Aranda’s hallucinatory lesbian vampire film

In the late 1960s, as the old guard died off and a new wave of filmmakers slowly, surely seeped into Hollywood – and Hollyweird – American audiences became hungrier for more daring sorts of entertainment. 855 more words

When You Get To The Door, Tell Them JESUS Sent You... Two FRANCO Monster Mash-Ups On Nucleus Blu-Ray



BD. Region B. Nucleus. 18.

Just as you were bracing yourself for their long-trailered restorations of Giulio Questi’s surrealistic giallo Death Laid An Egg (1968) and Mel Welles’ Lady Frankenstein (1971), the boffins from Nucleus outflank you with a couple of unexpected corkers from Jesus Franco. 1,489 more words

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