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A foxy plant

The German noun Fuchs** means the same as its native English cognate fox. Just as Fox serves as a family name in English, Fuchs… 119 more words

Spanish Language

I Have Such A Craving For....¿The Pope?

This soliloquy COULD happen in real life:

I am pms-ing so bad and I wish I had some pope chips right now. Some good old P.E.I…

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If a picture paints a thousand words…

Are you fluent in Emoji, the world’s fastest growing digital language?

Another week, another tube strike which was thankfully called off. From #firstworldproblems to #solvemyproblemsin4words, we can already predict today’s trending topics on Twitter. 766 more words

Donald Trump kicks Univision anchor out of press conference

Donald Trump kicked Jorge Ramos, Univision’s anchor, out of a press conference Tuesday after Ramos tried to ask a question.

“Excuse me, sit down. You weren’t called,” Trump said. 153 more words



Oruga, the Spanish word for ‘caterpillar,’ developed from the synonymous Latin noun ūrūca. That Latin noun had another form, ērūca, and another meaning as the name for a certain plant in the cabbage (crucifer) family. 157 more words

Spanish Language

Does your website speak Spanish?

Why create a Spanish version of your website?

The demand for Spanish online health information is increasing. Hispanic usage of health care websites is growing twice as fast as the general market. 480 more words

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