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Perhaps a hidden threeness

I had occasion the other day to look up the origin of English tress and found that there are various theories. What’s known is that English took the word from Old French… 258 more words

Spanish Language

The Subjunctive is Only Subjective When You Don't Know That It's Real

After a 24-year hiatus I returned to school in the 80’s, this time to finally earn a degree. A crippling back injury had just ended 20 years of construction, and thus my general contractor’s license, my plumber/gasfitter’s license, my residential electrical certifications; all that was gone thanks to a cast-iron bathtub. 2,188 more words

A drop in the gutta

In a blog post in March, in connection with two photographs of fungi, nature photographer Steve Gingold introduced the biological term guttation, which he explained as ‘sweat-like moisture.’ Based on the context and the root of that fancy word, Spanish speakers may well make the connection to… 190 more words

Spanish Language

Louis CK - Hecho en México: a - z challenge

Meaning “Made in Mexico”, this symbol was created by the Mexican government to distinguish foreign-made goods and those produced at home. “The objective is to strengthen the domestic market, enhance the competitiveness of national products and boost the product consumption.” 436 more words

A To Z Challenge

Learning Target Language #1 in Native language vs. Learning Target Language #1 in (Target Language #1 or # 2)

I understand the title is a bit long and confusing, but I’ll explain what I mean by this.

I’m learning four languages mainly and I’ll rank them in order from what I study the most to least: Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish. 249 more words


Taking refuge in etymology

The last post dealt with a few descendants of the Latin verb fugere ‘to flee’ and the noun fuga ‘the act of fleeing,’ so let’s continue. 219 more words

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