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Estoy nerviosa

I was a bundle of nerves even before I left work. I wasn’t hungry enough to eat the dinner I had packed, but I gulped a yogurt and a pudding in succession to stave off hunger over the next couple of hours. 798 more words


Stripping Power from non-English Speaking Communities: A Case Against English as an Official Language

While casually browsing my twitter feed, I came across an article from WHIO (a CBS affiliate out of Ohio) stating that legislators in Washington were once again examining the prospect of making English the Official Language of these United States. 1,146 more words

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Two haves that look like have-nots

Just about everyone recognizes the first part of the English word malady. It comes from Latin male, which meant the same as its Spanish descendant… 140 more words

Spanish Language

Scope of Spanish Language in a Career

No one can disprove the fact that learning Spanish holds the great importance these days. The innumerable job opportunities and potential career growth is the main reason why people prefer to learn Spanish from best… 381 more words


To give is to receive

The previous post talked about some words derived from the Latin verb habitāre that meant ‘inhabit, dwell.’ If we go farther back, we find habitāre itself was a frequentative verb that the Romans created from the stem of… 175 more words

Spanish Language

Get to Know Mexico - WIF Fun Facts

Facts About Mexico

Mexico’s international reputation isn’t exactly the greatest. Plagued by drug violence, hampered by poverty, and constantly getting bashed by US politicians, it can seem like a scary, far-away place where bad things happen. 2,177 more words


A Spanish word is an English word is a Latin word as a verb becomes a noun

I was recently looking at the website for the Mindo Cloudforest Foundation in Ecuador and noticed these words: “Trabajamos en la conservación del hábitat….” What jumped out at me was the word… 120 more words

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