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I recently encountered the noun coquina on an English-language blog. Pursuing the word, I found a Wikipedia article defining coquina as “a sedimentary rock that is composed either wholly or almost entirely of the transported, abraded, and mechanically-sorted fragments of the shells of molluscs, trilobites, brachiopods, or other invertebrates.” That geological sense came about as an extended use of Spanish… 160 more words

Spanish Language

3 Bellezas (3 Beauties) (movie review)

Venezuelan movie. Perla is a former pageant “miss” who is living through her daughters Carolina and Estefania. She pushes them to compete against each other, with Carolina as her favorite. 370 more words

4 Things I Wasn't Expecting About Spanish Culture

There may well be people better qualified than me to write about this topic, but since getting engaged to my Spanish novio this summer, I’ve found myself absorbed into the heart of a large extended Spanish family. 1,000 more words


Ayuda en una crisis: Los primeros auxilios psicológicos

El 10 de octubre fue el Día Mundial de la Salud Mental, un día que la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) de las Naciones Unidas ha destinado a reconocer problemas de salud mental en todo el mundo y esfuerzos para apoyar personas con estos problemas. 418 more words


I recently came across the past participle of a Spanish verb I didn’t recognize, agrietar. When I looked it up in the DRAE I found it defined as ‘Abrir grietas o hendiduras,’ which is a semi-circular definition, with the noun… 204 more words

Spanish Language

Toddler Storytime Theme: Animals


  • Animal Boogie by Debbie Harter
  • Old Mikamba Had a Farm by Rachel Isadora
  • Señor Pancho Had a Rancho by René Colato Laínez

Fingerplays, Flannelboards, Rhymes & Songs: 260 more words