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The vocabularily delicious "advectitious"

Several times in this column I’ve talked about the vagaries of Internet searches. One close encounter occurred when I went to books.google.com, typed in advectitious… 438 more words

Spanish Language

Trump tries speaking with a Spanish accent - video

Trump tries pronouncing Puerto Rico with a Spanish accent.

What a moron. What a major moron. Donald Trump is an embarrassment to the people of the United States. 18 more words

Millions of Americans are using Duolingo to learn…English

Debates about immigration often lead to the topic of language. Donald Trump believes that only English should be spoken in the United States. In August he backed a bill that would evaluate prospective immigrants on a points system, with more points given for demonstrating English language ability. 443 more words

The feat of the Real Academia Española’s first dictionary (part 2)

The dictionary lacked a general method and workflows were divided among the authors by combinations of letters. They took for granted that every academic was equally qualified, worked at the same speed, and was following the same criteria as the rest of the team – criteria which, incidentally, were not precisely established from the start. 674 more words

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The feat of the Real Academia Española’s first dictionary (part 1)

The Diccionario de la lengua castellana (1726-1739), later known as Diccionario de autoridades, was the first modern Spanish lexicographical work. The Real Academia Española (RAE) was founded in 1713 under the royal auspices and the first generation of academics decided to record the Spanish vocabulary following the example of the language academies in Paris and Florence. 704 more words

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