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Travel to Argentina: Slang Phrases #languagelunes

Travelers: Learn Spanish Language with #LanguageLunes 

Travelers, don’t be surprised if your Spanish only gets you so far in Argentina! Of course you can communicate with the locals, but they might say some phrases that will make you scratch your head! 276 more words


Punning around

Yesterday shoreacres brought to my attention an article which included the contention that “There’s not even a word for pun in Spanish….” That’s a punny contention to make because Spanish has several words that convey that notion of ‘a pun, a play on words.’ One is… 166 more words

Spanish Language


Back in March I read this blog post which had this brilliant idea of doing a musical ‘March Madness’. Well… I was way to busy and there was too much testing going on! 233 more words

Speaking Spanish

I was spending time with a campus friend who was originally from Alaska and we were near her place of work. We were standing near these shelves with telephone cords on them and a customer interrupted our conversation. 67 more words

Speak like an Argentine #LanguageLunes

Today is #LANGUAGELUNES which means it’s time to learn some SPANISH! Today’s theme is about people and how to describe them.


¿Qué es la artritis?

La artritis se refiere a dolor en las articulaciones o enfermedad de las articulaciones y puede afectar a personas de todas las razas, géneros, y edades. 685 more words


Learning Two First Languages

Agua.  That’s our first Spanish word!  Out of probably 30 English ones.  Whoops.

We really want Keira to be bilingual, but it turns out that we aren’t doing so well at following through with our desire.   379 more words

Spanish Language