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Fined 601 euros for speaking in Catalan to Spanish police at Barcelona El Prat airport

Article published at Vilaweb English, 23rd March 2017

He has been fined for an offence of disobedience to authority

Xavier Casanovas, a teacher at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, has been fined 601 euros for speaking in Catalan with the Spanish police at passport control at Barcelona’s El Prat airport. 434 more words


Unit 9 Dialogue and thoughts


A: Pasa adelante. Estas en tu casa

B: Gracias. Estas Cosinando?

A: Si! Sopa con pollo y legumbres. Ha arreglado el quarto tuyo?

B: No, he arreglado el apartamento mio. 59 more words

Thoughts And Life

Week 1 in Quito, Ecuador

*Disclaimer: This post has been documented in real time. How I felt in those moments on those specific days. These incidents occurred 2 months previously. My feelings and opinions may have changed and previous issues may have been resolved.
1,448 more words


Two unrelated English words have ended up as lore. The more common one, which means ‘a traditional body of knowledge,’ appears in the second line of Poe’s famous poem “The Raven”: 181 more words

Spanish Language


Papa Grande, padre de mi familia

el comienso de todo lo que soy y todo lo que sere

a veces

pienso de ti

en las noches aqui atrapada in gringolandia… 234 more words


Rhode Island, U.S. Wedding after 3 months in Madrid

Nov. 5, 2016, NY- New York doesn’t feel like the same home anymore.  I have changed. Long Island, New York isn’t enough anymore to keep me stimulated.   1,286 more words



The title of today’s post isn’t the English lid that means ‘cover’ but the Spanish lid that means ‘contention, controversy, argument, disputation.’ Probably no English relative will come to mind until you learn that the Spanish noun evolved from the Latin stem… 143 more words

Spanish Language