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Cuerpo de Mujer (Body of a Woman)

It’s been a while since I bothered to write poetry at all, and I have found myself recently lacking in inspiration. So I’ve decided to go back to what inspired me in the first place. 468 more words


Types Of Spanish Accents - Joanna Rants

The other day I was on YouTube when I saw a video in the related videos section or whatever it is called now that was by the YouTube channel… 57 more words


Kwasie always stood out, not just because he was only one of three males in our Spanish program at the then Mico Teachers’ College, but because of the absolute passion with which he approached both learning and teaching the Spanish language.

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The Hour Is Getting Late

Playing for Change just posted their version of Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower.  It’s a spine-tingling rendition of a song with some timely lyrics: 41 more words



Spanish and English share the adjective nival, which they naturally pronounce differently. The word means ‘having to do with snow’; it has also taken on a biological sense: ‘growing in or under, or living on snow cover.’ Spanish speakers have the advantage over English speakers because… 75 more words

Spanish Language

“In Paris, strolling arm in arm with a casual sweetheart through a late autumn, it seemed impossible to imagine a purer happiness than those golden afternoons, with the woody odor of chestnuts on the braziers, the languid accordions, the insatiable lovers kissing on the open terraces, and still he had told himself with his hand on his heart that he was not prepared to exchange all that for a single instant of his Caribbean in April.

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Funny English South of the Border

Dateline: A random street in Tehuacán, Puebla

Who needs comedy writers? Life often provides plenty of comedy on its own, especially when foreign languages come into the mix. 313 more words