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Ana J. Garcia

Title: Educator (Retired)
Company:  St. Peter’s Preparatory School
Location: Plantation, FL United States
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The previous post mentioned that Spanish and English borrowed lava from Italian, which may have acquired it from Latin lābēs ‘a fall,’ given the way lava “falls” down the side of a volcano. 246 more words

Spanish Language

Cowboys Vs Indians or how to learn Spanish in 21 days

Western movies were a great success in the Spain of the 60’s, not in vain many of them were shot in Almeria and they were allowed on the screens, which was something new as… 1,230 more words

July 26, 2015 | Dream Journal

All that I can remember of this dream is that at some point in the dream that I was in a multi-story multi-purpose building on the first floor, which was probably a shopping mall, and at some point I remember being with my former male classmate DH who was possibly working as a police officer; and maybe I helped him deal with some threats in the mall, then I remember us talking, and then I left to an upper floor alone. 690 more words

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Learn Spanish at Doon University

Doon University, a state university located in the beautiful city of Dehradun is slowly expanding and striding along its road to become a center for excellence. 304 more words

Spanish Literature

Long Haul Flights - How to stay sane and entertained

I both love and loathe long haul flights. I loathe them because I just want to get to my destination. And I love them because it’s a chance to unwind, relax and prepare mentally and emotionally for my adventure ahead. 914 more words