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Language by Baptism: Introduction

Looking forward to spending the next four weeks in San Miguel de Allende (SMA), immersing myself in the Spanish language and Mexican culture (and taking a grateful break from crafting sermons). 125 more words


منحة تعلم اللغة الاسبانية مجاناً Spanish language scholarship 100% free

هل كنت تحلم يوماً ما بتعلم اللغة الاسبانية والعائق المادي كان يحول بينك وبين مرادك… اي لم تمتلك النقود الكافية.

ليس بعد الان… و الحمد لله فقد وجدت ممؤسة تدعم مثل هذة الافكار التطوعية، فهم يقدمون لنا المكان المجهز بالاجهزة الحديثة بدون مقابل و كذلك أنا لا اتقاضى أي أجر نظير عملي كل ما عليك هو الذهاب الي العنوان الموجود على الصورة و أطلب تسجيل أسمك و بدون دفع جنية مصري واحد.

My Two Cents by Melissa Rosella

I often think of my hispanic children, probably too much. I love Mexicans so much: what they represent and how much they love their families. I love the food and the conversations and the language and the kindness and the humbleness and the mentality that if one is in trouble, they believe they are all  in trouble, so they collaborate and pitch in and do what is needed to help out their fellow man until he or she is safe. 2,930 more words


I drove past a lot of ranches on a recent trip that took me as far north as Wyoming. With that in mind, here’s an updated version of a post from four years ago. 422 more words

Spanish Language

Spanish Class RECAP

On June 8th, I finished my intensive Spanish class in advanced grammar!

As hard as it was, I think it was one of my favorite classes I’ve taken at JMU. 169 more words

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So two weeks ago I started my Spanish classes. I mentioned in my previous language update that I would be starting Spanish classes this summer. I guess I can’t really call them classes; it is more of me just having a personal tutor to correct my grammar and help me with proper pronunciation and annunciation. 642 more words


PT le ayuda a volver a la pista

Si se trata de una lesión, un trauma, o una condición crónica, puede recurrir a la terapia física para ayudarle a recuperarse físicamente y volver a hacer las cosas que ama. 576 more words