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COMO LA SOMBRA QUE SE VA, by Antonio Muñoz Molina

Ever since I read it, The Polish Rider has been the title that would spring to mind every time someone would ask me about my favourite book. 1,454 more words

Modern Literature

Martín de Riquer, ‘Cervantes and Don Quixote’

For the Spanish Language Academies’ 2004 edition of the classic Don Quixote, the scholar Martín de Riquer contributed an introductory article (pages lx-lxiii), which is perceptive.   1,312 more words


Birthday & Graduation Book Haul

Did I mention I love books? Here are some new finds. 1,948 more words


The English Rogue (1665)

Before the emergence of the novel in the 17th century, there were two popular forms of fiction; the romance, and the picaresque. Both genres originated on the continent. 960 more words

17th Century

Walking into a fiction

Have you ever had real life become fiction before? I did just today. I walked into the past, and then next even further from reality, into a story, 759 more words



The story begins in the small Spanish town of La Mancha. There, a middle-aged, otherwise rational thinking gentleman Alonso Quixano takes his passion for books—particularly chivalric romances—to a delusional, sense subverted level. 253 more words

Caron Vikre

Memories of My Melancholy Whores

I had no read any of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s works, so my choice of this 2005 novella is likely not representative of the body of his work. 110 more words

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