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Ivan Repila: The boy who stole Attila's horse

The Boy Who Stole Attila’s Horse by Ivan Repila revolves around two brothers, simply named Big and Small, who have been trapped in a well. As the story progresses – each chapter bears a prime number as its title, corresponding to the number of days that the boys have been in the well – the situation becomes dire for the pair. 385 more words

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Tolstoy, Mario Vargas Llosa, My Grandmother And Me (On War & Peace)

In my experience, no one likes Tolstoy. Not ordinary people, at any rate. Some people like Dostoyevsky, and the rest daren’t confess to never having read… 145 more words


Death in the Andes

As soon as the old woman entered the miserable hut, Lituma knew what she was going to say. And sure enough, she says it, although Lituma can’t understand a word because she’s speaking in… 99 more words


Books That Transport You

Following links from one blog to another, as you sometimes do, I came across a book list that immediately took my fancy: The Books That Transport You… 57 more words


Sketches of Spain (Federico García Lorca)

Let me just say straightaway what this book is not: it’s not a travel book. Not that it won’t inspire you to visit places:

Federico García Lorca was a poet (and a playwright) and this is a book of poetry, written in prose. 148 more words


Nada- Carmen LaForet

“Who can understand the thousand threads that join people’s souls and the significance of their words? Not the girl I was then.”- Carmen LaForet, Nada…

412 more words
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Never Any End to Paris by Enrique Vilas-Matas

So there I am, in the Norwich branch of Waterstones, experiencing that feeling that I am fairly sure most book readers feel at one time or another: “Christ, isn’t it amazing that there are so many books to read? 874 more words