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Mi propio auto

Mi propio auto, by Lisa Ray Turner and Blaine Ray

17-year-old Ben Sullivan, from San Jose, California, was determined to have his own car. He thought his parents were going to give him one for his birthday. 100 more words


¡Viva el toro!

¡Viva el toro!, by Lisa Ray Turner and Blaine Ray

Anne Silva, 17, travels to Seville, Spain, where she lives with a Sevillian family which has three children. 93 more words


¿Donde está Eduardo?

¿Donde está Eduardo?, by Lisa Ray Turner and Blaine Ray

Summer vacation is beginning for 17-year-old Carmen Rodriguez of Colorado. Carmen is looking forward to spending lot of time with her riends. 104 more words


Los Baker van a Perú

Los Baker van a Perú, by students at Pinelands Regional Junior High School and Nathaniel Kirby

Are the Baker Family’s unfortunate mishaps brought on by bad luck or by the curse of the shrunken head? 45 more words


Vida o muerte en el Cusco

Vida o muerte en el Cusco, by Lisa Ray Turner and Blaine Ray

High school senior Elena Garcia is vacationing in Cusco, Peru, with her mother.  133 more words


Los ojos de Carmen

Los ojos de Carmen, by Veronica Moscoso

Daniel is a 16 year-old American boy who wants to enter a photography contest. He travels to Ecuador, where he visits his aunt’s family and explores this diverse and intriguing country. 92 more words


Problemas en Paraíso

Problemas en Paraíso, by Carol Gaab

Victoria Andalucci and her 16-year-old son, Tyler, are enjoying a fun-filled vacation at Club Paradise in Mexico. A typical teenager, Tyler spends his days on the beach with the other teens from Club Chevere, while his mother attends a conference and explores Mexico. 48 more words