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Lunch varies according to the weather and my cravings. When I started out, I was on a Middle Eastern kick so I was eating a lot of grain salads. 614 more words

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Spanish Omelette: the recipe you need!

Are you fed up of trying that microwavable potato omelette with no flavour from the supermarket? Would you like to have the REAL Spanish Omelette Recipe? 680 more words

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Spanish Tortilla 

This is one of my favourite meals to make. It is quick and easy and can be served hot or cold. I like mine served with a mixed salad and baked beans! 228 more words


The Spanish Omelette with a Bong tinge...

For the Egg-etarians! Something from my kitchen to yours!

Your remedy to quick and small hunger Spanish Omelette with a Bong tinge!

For Mums whose kid cannot make anymore cranks on not having Vegetables!

627 more words
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Spanish Omelette

We decided to have a spanish afternoon and I was dying to try something different in my new Crisper Plate. Absolutely loved this recipe, healthy, tasty and only 12 minutes in my new crisper plate. 117 more words


When dad says he wants 'nothing' for Fathers day...

When it comes to Fathers’ day dads can be well… awkward by asking for ‘nothing’. My friends’ agree that their dads do this too.  You want to give them something but the question is what? 554 more words

How to Make a Healthy Spanish Omelette

How do you are making a Spanish omelet?


•        Peel potatoes.

•        Cut potatoes and onion into small cubes.

•        Add salt (to taste) to potatoes and fry them till they are lightly crunchy. 95 more words