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Classical mistakes

Hi everybody!

I already mentioned that I pay attention to what people say when they speak or write a non-native language, right? So here is an article where I decided to list some of the classical mistakes people make while speaking or writing a foreign language, always among the ones I know! 875 more words


Of Bad Days and Unexpected Culture Shocks

“Positivity all the time is kind of unrealistic,” said my friend while we were chatting about my experiences here in Mexico. I wholeheartedly agree. We are constantly told to maintain a positive attitude and be optimistic and that we will have a blast on study abroad. 544 more words

Aztecs Abroad

What Does Holy Ground Feel Like?

The question struck me as I sojourned through Exodus at a Come Before Winter Renewal last month. Moses went barefoot at the burning bush.

What does holy ground feel like?   544 more words

Kris' Heart

Bilingual Poem: stars

The stars are still there,
even during the day,
you cannot see them.

Las estrellas están todavía ahí,
aun durante la jornada,
ustedes no pueden ver las.




You are conmigo.

You will always be conmigo.

how i am beyond thankful for Your precious presence.

conmigo You will always be.


when i stand in the fire You are conmigo. 166 more words


Soy el producto de nuestras escuelas

A la Sra. Walker y la Sra. Martínez-Chávez: ¡disculpas de antemano por mi español!

Yo soy el producto de las escuelas de la ciudad de Petaluma. 896 more words