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Does A Spanish Child with Down Syndrome Develop Language Slower Than a Spanish Child with Typical Development?

A research team wanted to compare the vocabulary composition of early-aged Spanish-speaking children with down syndrome in children with typical development. 96 more words

Spring 2018

Name poetry

Paulina, the name that Americans pronounce incorrectly.

It does not roll of their tongue naturally,

It does not flow smoothly like cake batter unto the baking pan. 258 more words


Gender in Spanish

The Spanish language has gender number.

Gender: words can be feminine or masculine.

The articles used to determine gender are: EL (masculine) and LA (feminine). 202 more words


Día Internacional del Libro: Geoportal de publicaciones por país

Con motivo del Día Internacional del Libro, este 23 de abril, hemos querido hacer un geoportal con gvSIG Online que aporte algo de información visual del mundo editorial… 342 more words

GvSIG Desktop


I like coffee.

I mean I like, love coffee.

I began down the dirt coffee path in 2014 when I worked for an All-Girls Christian Summer Camp in the middle of the state. 614 more words

Chorizo hash

I came up with this when I was living in London a few years ago. Mother Hubbard’s cupboards were practically overflowing in comparison to my measly weekend-before-payday possessions: the end of a chorizo ring (left over from some unimaginative pasta creation); an egg; half a red onion (also left over from the midweek pasta); and a baking potato. 264 more words


Saludos en español

Hello dear Spanish students,

Welcome to our first Spanish post.

To start with lesson number one we invitate you to follow our Instagram page and Facebook: 100 more words