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Day 10, Acostumbrarme

Buenas, amigos.  I’ve now been in Medellín for a solid ten days.  It’s safe to say I know the city fairly well.

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BICS is okay, but CALP? Forget it.

Wait, what?  I uttered this in our office the other day and everyone laughed.

To help you understand why this could remotely be funny while not putting you to sleep instantly, here’s a quick, so-don’t-stop-reading, crash course on learning a language. 635 more words

Hello, I'm Alix.

Well, hello there. I’m the writer behind this page and you can call me Alix Boeyn. Long story short for this pseudonym: I love royalty and I’m a huge fan of Queen Alexandra of Denmark (you know, wife of a british king, sister of a russian empress, a greek king, a danish king and a –claimant– queen of Hannover) and her nickname was Alix so… why not? 287 more words


Federico García Lorca: "The Poet Begs His Lover to Write Him"

The Poet Begs His Lover to Write Him

Love of my entrails, sickness in health,
I have waited so long to receive your letter! 113 more words
Paul Weinfield

Spanish Hash

A great twist on patatas bravas, this tasty recipe combines basic ingredients with mediterranean spices to make great authentic comfort food.

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes… 208 more words