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Ti Amo

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Photography And Art

Our “Mother Tongue”: Keeping it Fresh in a Foreign Land

By Helen Eby

Estemed friends,

It seems to make much time that I don’t write to you.—Ramón, in “Ramón Writes,” an Argentine column published by the Buenos Aires Herald every two weeks, as a humorous take on Argentine Spanglish. 976 more words


La mujer en la esquina

Si contraes la enfermedad de ansiedad / fobia social, no te encontrarás capaz de seguir el ejemplo de los que son dicharacheros. Por más que intentes involucrarte en las conversaciones de los fantoches, con su ropa estridente y cegador, indicativa de su personalidad, te quedarás un alma en pena, que no suelta prenda. 128 more words

Dante (Devil May Cry) senryu: Spanish Edition

This is my original post rewritten in Spanish.

Juguetón y arrogante,

Dante tiene el placer de cazar

Los demonios de la oscuridad


Part 46

Jorge and Santy (Santiago), as they told me later, took a minute to look back and forth, deliberating without words, until they shrugged, Jorge straightened his cap and told me to keep up. 437 more words


What is 'Spanish'?

Spanish is a language that spoken by over 407 million people across the globe. Spanish can be defined as several things; Spanish consists of the Native Speakers of Spanish, Spain’s role in the United Nations, Spanish being an official language, and Spanish having an RAE (Real Academia Española).This language is considered an official language in 19 countries and one U.S. 101 more words


Early accounts of a Mayan city

The first official exploration of Palenque (a Maya site in the region of Chiapas, southern Mexico) took place in 1784. The site’s discovery in 1730 by Antonio Solís, who came across it quite by chance, was followed up by his nephew Ramón Ordoñez de Aguiar, who reported the discovery 40 years later. 626 more words