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Spanking Is Anachronistic

Dear Parent,

I’ve been on a bit of a rant recently about stopping the dead end, research uninformed, culturally sanctioned (behind closed doors) childrearing practice of inflicting pain to get a child to learn.   639 more words

Parenting Attachment Challenged Children

I won't smack my kids, but parenting is a personal issue | Bim Adewunmi

Bim Adewunmi: The social stigma against smacking does not seem to be stopping a determined set of parents from ‘disciplining’ this way

Source: I won’t smack my kids, but parenting is a personal issue | Bim Adewunmi

Family Matters

Not a Nice Story

Image copyright 2016, Darcy.

HA note: The following is reprinted with permission from Darcy’s blog Darcy’s Heart-Stirrings. It was originally published on February 19, 2016. 995 more words


Parents Should Spank Their Children

Spanking a child is a huge controversy. On each side of whether a parent should or should not spank their children, all parents has an opinion and point on the issue. 682 more words


A Well-Deserved Spanking

I saw this today in my Facebook feed.

Yes, some of us grew up in environments where spanking was practiced. I received a spanking or two when I was a child. 159 more words


"He Slaps A Little"

Baby E is very active. Starting to walk, crawls like crazy and will try to climb on every inanimate object and then some. He is not spoiled in my opinion but who knows I could be spoiling him. 292 more words

2 Months & Beyond