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Parents Should Spank Their Children

Spanking a child is a huge controversy. On each side of whether a parent should or should not spank their children, all parents has an opinion and point on the issue. 682 more words


A Well-Deserved Spanking

I saw this today in my Facebook feed.

Yes, some of us grew up in environments where spanking was practiced. I received a spanking or two when I was a child. 159 more words


"He Slaps A Little"

Baby E is very active. Starting to walk, crawls like crazy and will try to climb on every inanimate object and then some. He is not spoiled in my opinion but who knows I could be spoiling him. 292 more words

2 Months & Beyond

The Story of an Ex-Good Girl: Part Eight

HA Note: The following is reprinted with permission from Exgoodgirl’s blog The Travels and Travails of an Ex-Good Girl. It was originally published on August 19, 2014 and has been slightly modified for HA. 2,309 more words


Pope: Revoke his message that beating children is legitimate

Till recently it was legitimate for a man to beat his wife in many western countries. Due to the efforts of many brave men and women, this is now punishable by law in most of these countries. 487 more words

Children´s Rights

Laying a Hand on a Kid: To Spank or Not to Spank?

05th November, 2014. 9:21am

The Editors Journal asks:

Is smacking a child acceptable?

I say, NO. It’s not acceptable, nor shall it ever. I was never spanked or smacked before and I turned out okay, I think. 302 more words

Think About It