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It's You I Like

This morning, I woke up with a song running through my head. During deconstruction, it grew to be one of my favorites. Listen to Fred Rogers as he sings it to Joan Rivers. 339 more words

Spiritual Abuse


Ms. Kelly Dawson, the damsel from down under, is joining me today with two daddies and a brand spanking new book,

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http://amzn.to/2q80x4Y… 892 more words

The Negotiation

She was happy for the interruption if it was going to be one. He let the phone ring four times-three more than was usual-before he picked it up. 1,070 more words


Our Past

If you haven’t read my story titled “Talk” then I recommend you read it before you read this. Apparently, I love the relationship Switches have with their Tops because that is who this is about too. 1,368 more words


The Bumhampton Chronicles: Chapter 7 (Part 5)

Congratulations were given. Although, there was a sense: a mere hint—my new social standing had been raised uncomfortably high. Certainly not in the position to question my good fortune, I still felt something chilly in the room. 78 more words



Victoria was currently face down over her wife’s knee getting a lesson in cursing at the staff which Sophia found absolutely abhored. Her wife had the 18 inch wooded ruler bouncing it repeatedly off her firm cheeks creating lines of fire every time it connected. 1,342 more words



I’m behind I know. I’m going to try to post 3 or 4 stories today and tomorrow to start to catch up. This story is kind of how I am feeling ATM. 1,392 more words