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I Was Surprised...

I was surprised when….

…when I felt myself getting closer and closer to orgasm and somehow didn’t make noise (much?) while we were in the car and Volare was on speaker phone.   309 more words


Into the Woods pt 1

Adam ambled along the wooded path enjoying the summer sun and revelling in the peace and quiet. He relished this Sunday morning escape from the hustle and bustle of life at home. 1,622 more words


Doll and relationships

I read a book when I was with friends recently that really moved me unexpectedly, so much so I bought myself a copy of it which I feel righting about here as bits of it as will become apparent are very much connected with what this blog is about. 474 more words


A Different Level of Naked

Picks up after “Liz Needs a Soak-And More”…

She sat on the bed in only her blouse and panties. She was moving slowly; as if any sudden movements would provoke him. 841 more words

#6 WC: Clit spanking

Click on picture to Enlarge.  (Mature Content)

Well I undressed in the last one…and now I’m learning how to spank a part of me I didn’t even know you could spank.   42 more words


Our Foundation

I’m a relative novice when it comes to domestic discipline. However, after many years exploring in the D/s lifestyle, I’ve found a “home and comfort zone.” There has been clarity, as though the many pieces of the puzzle suddenly fell into place. 548 more words

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Fiction Friday Week 8

Good Friday, folks!

It’s Fiction Friday time again.  

This week I am pulling out of HW2 again because, sadly, I’m still editing it.  I’m almost done; I have 50 pages left.   1,720 more words