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The Bumhampton Chronicles: Chapter 2 (Part 20)

All coherent poise fled on downy wings as his hard finger pads grabbed my quim. Palm and thumb rubbed: I fell into the abyss of sin once more. 88 more words


I apologize in advance for any Dom guys I may have offended...{Yeah, right, huh!}

Here we go again…Or shouldn’t that be ‘Here I go again’…

In response to my ‘being more open’ trying to be honest, trying to be meee! 1,837 more words

Subbie Thoughts,

Nightcap IV

(Continued from Nightcap Part III)

Best waited in his room, reclining on the bed. Two fresh drinks sweated on the nightstand. He had enjoyed the music of the tandem caroling and yipping easily distinguishing his wife’s deep throaty moans from Bethany’s avian trilling. 783 more words


...little baby's ideal world...

…Shauna shivered all over at the mere thought of it… reminding when her parents had invited her to that fateful coffee table… when they expressed their profound discontentment about her alarmingly bad results at college… they told her that they no longer would be willing to pay the rent of her appartment… and that Shauna would have to move back in with her parents… they’d take good care of her her daddy had said with a mischievous grin… 1,090 more words

Anal Training

Three and Twenty

We, like may DD couples, have a maintenance day. For us, it is the 23rd of each month. That is the date of our Anniversary, so on the 23rd of each month, we remember our vows to each other with Maintenance. 267 more words

Thrust (dispatches from the ether #1)

Sweetest Kill – Broken Social Scene

Here’s one scenario:

There’s this idea of dominance through withholding…teasing out the thing that you want, making you work a little to get at it, making you unsure if you will get it, or when you will get it, or if you will get it the way that you want it…building your anticipation. 1,251 more words


Random Saturday edition

First off I see more followers which is always appreciated coupled with  more ‘likes’ which strangely enough was something at a non cg/l, non spanking site people were talking about, things such as if you have ‘like’ as a option, would people just do a supermarket dash down the likes and not make any comments on the post itself? 209 more words