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Slow. Painful. Frustrating. Agonizing. Aching. Excruciating.

These words describe the last couple of weeks of my life. I had surgery two weeks ago. It went very well. 192 more words


Love While You Can

The most unfortunate thing about my mode of thinking is that every once in a while I have to turn and face what society forces me to accept as reality. 541 more words

Perspective Park

Let's talk punishment

Originally posted on my Subspeak blog.

We all mess up.. It is a basic fact of life as none of are perfect no matter how much we try to be. 703 more words


Fifty Shades. 1946 style.

Today, we go all Dodgy Sydney on you.

Why are we abandoning the safe shores of the West? you ask.

Simple. This letter sent by a WWII RAAF officer to his wife back in Sydney is just too good not to… 293 more words


Let's Talk About...

Sex, baby.

Okay, not in that way. I mean spanking and sex. And depression and sex. And medication and sex.

As I’ve written previously, my personal experience with spanking began at a very young age when I was simply intrigued by the word. 1,346 more words

Domestic Discipline

Sundays are not for Productivity (but for Procrastination)

I had big plans today.

I was going to write a ~5000 word paper…or at least get it started.

Instead of doing that, which was on the top of my priority list, I cleaned my entire house. 781 more words


No Spanks

Ever since the day that I was “Late to Rise” and got a spanking from DH, he has not spanked me again. I’ve told him how much I loved the “discipline” spanking he gave me, I’ve told him how much it turns me on when he spanks me, and I’ve even asked for spankings–both “good girl” spanks and discipline spanks. 169 more words