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VIDEO: Kindergarten Teacher Keeps Children Calm During Cartel Firefight

REYNOSA, Tamaulipas — A kindergarten teacher did her best to keep her students calm as cartel gunmen and police officers engaged in a series of firefights in this border city. 304 more words

Mysterious Shark Die-Offs Occurring Near San Francisco Bay

Researchers are trying to figure out why hundreds of leopard sharks have been washing up dead the past 12 weeks on the shores of the San Francisco Bay. 178 more words

SICK! Disgusting Hack Kathy Griffin Plays Victim Attacks Trump Family After Horrible Trump Beheading Shot


Her lawyer just defended Griffin’s comments against 11 year-old Barron Trump.

Griffin intended to target Barron Trump.

Griffin lashed out at the Trump family during her rant. 16 more words