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Sherry Cobbler

Item: Sherry Cobbler
Date: October 15, 2017
Location: Glasgow, Scotland

(Photo taken by friend) A good hearty Chinese soup always warms the soul, especially when the corn is sweet and the meat on the spare ribs is tender as can be :P


I love you... I am listening

Since my last post nothing really surprising happened to my life specially in my personal life. Life is going with the flow and my student life continues to go along with it. 397 more words

Life In Budapest

12 : Easy Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs

I think we’ve seen too many tv commercials that this specific fast food chain and their sweet and sour pork dish has taken a hold of us. 243 more words


Bean Ragout With Spicy Sausage

I have a deep fondness for ragout and hearty stews in general but because it can be so rich I only make it on occasion, like say, when I’m hosting a big dinner party or when nature dumps 16 inches … 7 more words


Spare ribs

Item: Spare ribs
Date: August 7, 2017
Location: Fin de Siècle, Brussels, Belgium

Dining at Fin de Siècle is always an interesting experience. This time I got my favourite spare ribs and they did not disappoint!


Rugspek, Kyljysselkä and Other Choice Pork Cuts

I’ve had the itch to cook ribs the last few days, which is frustratingly at odds with this week’s meal plans. So to scratch that itch, I’ve been doing some research into ribs to fill the void. 260 more words

Journal Entry

Food nostalgia at Classic Savory, SM East Ortigas

Pinoys have an interesting relationship with food, particularly the tastes they have grown up with. A lot of the appeal of classic Pinoy fare has to do with the memories associated with the flavors you encountered during family gatherings and celebrations: the… 146 more words

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