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61. AGS JH21C 1986

S4772 S4772 AGS JH21C No.31 Italian GP 1986 – Ivan Capelli

Automobiles Gonfaronnaises Sportives (shortform for AGS) was a French racing car manufacturer who raced in different categories for more than 30 years. 443 more words

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60. Renault RS01 1977

18S111 Renault RS01 No.15 British GP 1977 – Jean-Pierre Jabouille

There have been many debuts in Formula 1 that have been laughed about. The one of Renault with the turbo engine 1977 in Silverstone was one of it. 467 more words

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59. Manor MRT05 2016

S5013 Manor MRT05 Australian GP 2016 – Pascal Wehrlein

It was almost a miracle that Manor was ready for the start of the season 2016 in Australia. 423 more words

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58. Brabham BT11 1964

S5252 Brabham BT11 3rd GP Austrian 1964 – Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson was a British racing driver. He actually was called Robert Hugh Fearon Anderson. But everyone just called him “Bob”. 458 more words

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57. McLaren M14A 1970

S4843 McLaren M14A 2nd Spain GP 1970 – Bruce McLaren

Today a lot of fans would like to see McLaren in his original colours: the famous papaya-orange which was used at the end of the Sixties and the beginning of the Seventies. 412 more words

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56. Osella FA1 1980

S4851 Osella FA1 French GP 1980 – Eddie Cheever

Osella is one of numerous Italian manufacturer which gave its debut in Formula in the Eighties. Like many of them Osella struggled from the beginning. 359 more words

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55. Eifelland E21 1972

S3383 March 721/Eifelland E21 No.22 German GP 1972 – Rolf Stommelen

Nowadays caravan builders are no longer important in Formula One. Not even in the paddocks, which had previously been a place for campers and tents. 416 more words

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