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ML Linear Regression - Primer

Linear regression is one of the most basic tools used for predictive analysis. In this post we will look at some of the key concepts behind linear regression and look at performing linear regression to perform predictive analysis using Apache Spark Machine Learning library. 1,149 more words

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Learning Spark: Apply Aggregate functions on Dataframe

In Spark, groupBy() transformation is there to apply aggregate functions over dataframe. Unlike other transformations , groupBy() transformation doesn’t return data frame, instead it returns a GroupedData object which contains various aggregate functions. 72 more words


SAP Acquires Altiscale!

In recent news, SAP on 27th September confirmed the full acquisition of Altiscale, which provides a high-performance, scalable Big Data-as-a-Service (BDaaS) solution that uniquely includes full operational services. 396 more words


Gen 3 Chap 17 - This One's For The Dogs

Le Author’s Note:¬†Another chapter? So soon? Yeah, this one’s mostly filler but I couldn’t resist doing another puppy POV. Considering I didn’t do one for Phoenix… he’ll get over it. 1,644 more words



Say what!? Yeah that’s right, it’s a casting call but not for the humans of the legacy (not yet at least). This is for the dogs! 367 more words

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Need Energy? Spark it Up!

Several years ago I became an independent distributor for Advocare. Not to make money, although, that is a benefit if you put the effort into it. 154 more words