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Involved evolution

inflated diatribe of

incessant tunnel vision

enticing indecision

edible cataclysms

enchant the martyrs

with your cynicism

I may be a sinner

but I walk straight… 55 more words


Spark basics

Spark Overview

Apache Spark is a fast and general-purpose cluster computing system. It provides high-level APIs in Java, Scala, Python and R, and an optimized engine that supports general execution graphs. 163 more words


Death ~ Are you Afraid ?

Waiting at the door they announced, it time for a journey where no-one else surround.

The voice was beautiful that’s what i know, the moments of my life passing by as if i was watching a movie in a theatre all alone. 396 more words


Apache Spark – Spark入门介绍


  • 1. Objective
  • 2. 什么是 Apache Spark?
  • 3. History Of Apache Spark
  • 4. Why Spark?
  • 5. Apache Spark Components
    • 5.1. Spark Core
    • 5.2. Spark SQL…
  • 158 more words

Spark in Me

For all my dreams,
I’ll work for everything I desire.
There is a spark within me,
I’ll turn it into fire.

Storms will ambush,
Darkness will scare, 99 more words


Get preferred locations for RDD's partitions

When DAGScheduler submits a Stage for execution, it fetches the preferred locations (TaskLocations) to run tasks on partitions for a RDD from BlockManagerMaster which in turn reach out to  the driver’s RPC endpoint for the infos.  448 more words


The Chosen One

Why is it so hard ? Why don’t we know our purpose ? Why don’t we have a guide ? Why do we Suffer ? Why do we Lose ? 779 more words