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Python Versus R in Apache Spark

The June update to Apache Spark brought support for R, a significant enhancement that opens the big data platform to a large audience of new potential users. 102 more words

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Ember and the Future of Making Things

Ember, the Autodesk 3D Printer, made its debut earlier this year. Autodesk’s goal behind Ember and its open platform, Spark, is to help fuel the manufacturing industrial revolution. 90 more words


Few minutes guide to Understand the Significance of Apache Spark

So what is Spark?

Spark is another execution framework. Like MapReduce, it works with the filesystem to distribute your data across the cluster, and process that data in parallel. 1,886 more words

Big Data

Apache Spark vs. MapReduce – Whiteboard Walkthrough by Anoop Dawar

How the Spark is different from MapReduce

f you look back, you will see that MapReduce has been the mainstay on Hadoop for batch jobs for a long, long time. 1,046 more words

Big Data

More than counting words: mrjob for processing log files using AWS EMR and hadoop

When looking at online docs and examples for map reduce programs, authors frequently turn to the map-reduce equivalent of “Hello, World!”: a word-count example. I found it hard to interpolate from counting words to a log-processing problem. 732 more words



A strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversation, doesn’t always need togetherness, as long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends will never part… 162 more words

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