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Write About Us.

Too long has it been since I’ve sat myself down and just started writing for the heck of it. After going through a rough couple of years during high school I stopped writing all together and never picked it back up. 676 more words


The Legendary 24 Day Challenge Bundle!

Obviously we know that the 24 Day Challenge is the hot spot for AdvoCare. It’s the product that mostly everybody starts with. The main issue with this right off the bat is the price. 661 more words


The Column Class

Since Spark 1.3, Catalyst Expression is hidden from final user. A new class Column is created as a user interface. Internally, it is a wrapper around Expression. 542 more words


Introduction to Spark Streaming

Apache Spark is an open-source cluster computing framework. In contrast to Hadoop’s two-stage disk-based MapReduce paradigm, Spark’s in-memory primitives provide performance up to 100 times faster for certain applications. 58 more words

Business Intelligence

Day 25, final results!

Hello lady!

Yeah, I got that from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. I’m not original enough to come up with my own things.

SO! Day 25 was on March 25th. 132 more words


helpful hint

Today’s healthy & inspirational spark:



divinity? expression.
without any thought of ‘self’
or ‘other’; that place within where the spark is real
fan it to a flame, a fire


Thinking Out Loud