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Time to Give Myself a Motivational Kick in the Butt

I came back to Canada a few weeks ago and I’ve reverted back to my former, lazy self. I should be looking for a job now, but my body just wants to rest on the couch, watch TV and take a nap. 320 more words

Square One

It all started at square one.  It is the story of how it all started and where everything came from.

“Oh man, when you turn eighteen you are going to doubt everything about your faith.   322 more words


HIMMPD Now Available on Kindle and Paperback

Just wanted to let everyone know my book How I Met My Pet Dragon officially went on sale today in Kindle edition and paperback. It’s even free to borrow if you have Amazon Prime or Unlimited. 192 more words


Soon we'll see.

I love you
Do you love me?
Its only early days
So with time we’ll see

But I feel the spark fading
The reality is setting in… 137 more words

Give a Little Body Love

This is a shout out to everyone who may get down on themselves. We all have our quirks, whether we are shopping and the most adorable pair of pants is the wrong size or because we can’t run as far today as we did yesterday. 574 more words

Nutrition & Health

30:20:27:06:15:21 - joy *

* there are times, few, but certain moments, when one knows beyond a shadow of doubt that they have been part of something extraordinary. and in those seconds, there is the spark we call joy.