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Handling Categorical Feature Variables in Machine Learning using Spark

Categorical features variables i.e. features variables with fixed set of unique values  appear in the training data set for many real world problems. However, categorical variables pose a serious problem for many Machine Learning algorithms. 1,215 more words

Big Data

Our mojo

We all have that spirit, that something in us, impossible to describe, something magical, our own spark.

Mojo is a great word for it.

At times in life it’s on a high and our mojo is on fire and other times we lose it, our mojo is gone. 117 more words


In the eyes..

… You see the universe hiding beside, The key to the soul where your gaze meet her magnificent eyes…


Coding is fun: here's how to ignite the developer spark in children

(Source: thenextweb.com)

Basic coding fundamentals are no longer optional for high school graduates who want to excel in the modern workforce. Every child won’t grow up to be a developer, but the ability to understand how computers and AI work is important in almost every industry – and becoming more so every year. 551 more words


Story -- (Spark) The Origin of the Wilds

The world wasn’t always like this. This… green. At least, evidence points towards the contrary. The Wilds—the giant forests that cover the planet—are new. Older than any of us, of course, but new in the grand scheme of things. 483 more words

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Iskra is a Slavic female name meaning “spark”.

Origin: Slavic