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Sparkling very much

So it seems that Old English had about twenty different verbs for the act of sparkling/glittering:

ablican, ascimian, bliccettan, blyscan, brodian, brogdettan, glitenian, (ge)lixan, ræscan, ræscettan, scimian, scinefrian, spircan, tytan, scimian, blican, glisnian, spearcian, twinclian… 28 more words


Friday Find

Not really my taste …but bling done minimally and tastefully I think

Please share the link to your blog here!

There are quite a few of you bloggers I truly look up to. Being here only a couple of weeks I already have found so much help with my blogging and touching base on my health issues, so many kind words, lovely compliments on my artwork, beautiful poets as well as some outstanding writers and some of the coolest photos I’ve ever seen! 133 more words


Chrome Nails

I am obsessing over my nails!

All I keep thinking about my nails “dope ass nails!” I have no idea why, but that’s all I keep thinking about. 88 more words


Liddle QTee Vintage Christmas tree!

I love this backing! green quilted suede! Perfect frame perfect piece check out my shop if you are interested in any of my artwork. Or please feel free to contact me. :)



Who doesn't love a little sparkle ;)

This has to be my favorite DIY project I have done so far! I’ve been wanting to do this project for quite some time and finally got the items to do it! 278 more words

Fire and Ice

The Wedding Reception Hey Wedding Dolls

Deciding whether or not to choose a theme is a big decision.  While some people may find it tacky, others may find it of great benefit to have a guideline. 64 more words