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Glitter, It's origins and attraction

We all love shiny, sparkly things. They’re eye catching and tend to be noticed a lot. Some research shows that one reason why humans get entranced by the shine of glitter is because it looks like shimmering water and this relates to a very basic instinct in us to always seek out water. 109 more words



via Daily Prompt: Glitter

When I read that the daily prompt was ‘glitter’, I immediately knew that I would have to write about the sparkle and shimmer of life.   409 more words

Daily Prompt

Message From Sparkle

“Love big. Play hard & eat dessert. Savor the simple things and don’t worry about the rest. Choose today to be amazing”!

Somehow Sparkle and Bounty paper towels always has the most wonderful printed messages. 28 more words


sunday craft

My husband and I have this thing for champagne.  Before we had the jobs we have now we created this thing we like to call Champagne. 160 more words

Cute Dress = Cocktail Night

Hi everyone! I went shopping and I had to show you all what I got. This dress is just my style…flowy, silky, and with just a hint of sparkle! 101 more words

Must Haves of Friday!

  • Sephora Pro Highlighter 

  • Sephora lipgloss-Bubble Gum

  • Pandora charm bracelet 

  • Silver ring found at Dutch Mill Farm


Due Diligence

Got a little patch of Heaven under my feet.
Stars sparkle in my eyes ‘cause of you.
We must take diligent care to achieve.
Don’t make me published posthumously.