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How to Use Excel – Part II

Create Charts

First you need to enter data into a spreadsheet (or Excel) with column headers. Next, select Insert > Chart > Chart Type. If you are not confident of the type of Chart you should insert, Excel 2013 even has an option for… 383 more words


How to assign same axis values to a group of spark-lines in Excel?

Spark-line is a very handy data visualization technique! It’s great when you are space constrained to show trends among multiple data points.

Here’s an example: 141 more words

Data Analysis

Sparklines Are a Great Way to Analyze Large Volumes of Data

Sparklines are a great way to analyze large volumes of data and make sense out of it. It especially works well when you’re trying to figure out product sales performance on a weekly basis. 20 more words

Tips And Tricks

jQuery Sparklines (Inline Charts) - Small Line Charts without axes or coordinates

jQuery Sparklines (Inline Charts) – Small Line Charts without axes or coordinates

This jQuery plugin generates sparklines (small inline charts) directly in the browser using data supplied either inline in the HTML, or via javascript. 4,342 more words

Utilities & Plug-ins

Sparklines - xanadaxili diaqram və qrafiklər

Excel 2010 (və onun davamı olaraq Excel 2013) çox maraqlı bir yenilik ilə yadda qaldı: artıq tək bir xanaya diaqram və qrafik əlavə edə biləcəkdik. Aşağıda da gördüyümüz kimi, fərqli məhsullar üzrə aylıq satış məbləğləri var. 456 more words


#390 Excel's Cool Sparkline Charts

If you’ve never heard of sparklines, they are tiny charts that display right inside a single cell of your spreadsheet to visually represent your data. Sparklines are a great, easy to create way to show trends in a series of values at a glance. 76 more words