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Do Something Cool With Your Summer! try these easy home made drinks!

Be sure not to fizzle when the summer starts to sizzle. Summer is a hot hot affair , Most of us dont like summer , but you can always make it fun with these fun colorful chilled and refreshing drinks! 335 more words

AQUA Carpatica product review

Experts recommend eight glasses a day as a minimum, the human body made up of around 55% of the stuff, and around 71% of the earth is covered with it – yes you guessed it, I’m talking water. 478 more words

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Is Sparkling Water Bad For My Teeth?

Acidity and tooth enamel don’t exactly go hand-in-hand…

Carbonated beverages have higher acid levels, but what does this mean for your teeth?

Read the full article to find out if your favorite carbonated beverages are putting your teeth at risk:  16 more words


Watered Down

Dear people of the millennial clan,

Is La Croix going to water down the term used to describe every other brand of sparkling water, just like how Coca-Cola has replaced the words soda and pop, not to mention any competing brand names like Pepsi and RC?  73 more words


Beyond Pasta: Let's Drink to San Pellegrino

The sparkling mineral water encased in the iconic, transparent green glass bottle with an elongated neck sits on the tables of trendy restaurants and the shelves of upscale supermarkets.  270 more words

Fully programmable WL-500 model

Welcome to unlimited premium sparkling water! The WL-500 Countertop delivers exceptional sparkling pure water and all your chilled and hot water needs too.

This fully programmable model features advanced Thermistor controls for more precise temperature control, ultraviolet light sanitization and large capacity CO2. 14 more words

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