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Wednesday = Accountability

So today I’m taking a huge leap… I’m confessing my weight to the world.  I’m going to state the digit out there for all the world to know (gulp!) and try (BIG try) to lose weight and share what works and what doesn’t with all of you. 476 more words

Weight Loss

That which lies ahead

Does not inspire poems. What lies ahead is the business of living. How to curl my daughter’s uncurlable hair for her dance recital. How to remember to make and freeze whole-grain pancakes so we stop having mornings where she looks at me as if I deny her the bounty of life by running out of minutes to make them, by offering her eggs or yogurt or fruit. 633 more words

The 30-Day Small Change Challenge: Day 2 & 3

Day 2: The Power of 10

Do at least 10 minutes of fitness daily. This challenge is an easy one for me as I live a very pedestrian lifestyle. 307 more words

Cause & Effect Revelations...Day #1 Tell Just One Person

So it has been forever since I’ve had the time, the energy, and most importantly, the motivation to really focus on a ton of things concerning my health, weight loss, or basically anything about me. 629 more words

Healthy Eating

Day 1 but its really day 2

So its officially Day 2 because i feel i have to acknowledge that day 1 was spent just getting prepared. Well, i have been preparing for months, maybe even years but that may be pushing the self acknowledgement too much. 508 more words

My moment of Zen..

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April 11, 2016

So, I have been working hard at achieving my healthy lifestyle changes. Its been up and down but going well for the most part. 437 more words