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Okay...so Richard Simmons Didn't Kill Me...YET!

My son came home from school today and stated that he was going to the gym and then going to get in a run at the park. 427 more words


Day 26

Hi. Another not-so-exciting day. Same breakfast and lunch as the past few days. Work was busy. I stayed a little late to run the end of the day reports. 113 more words


So I belong to Sparkpeople.com, it is a website I use for free to record my food and water intake as well as any exercise. 237 more words

WWI – Slow & Steady + #BalancedLife Challenge

It Friday, TG. This week dragged. We had some bad news about my dad, and I had to put real effort into not bingeing. It had been a while since I had had such strong urges. 503 more words


Day 5

I slept better last night and my back doesn’t hurt as much as it did yesterday. It’s still a bit achy, though. I had changed the stuff on my desk around at work on Tuesday and I think I twisted for something that was a bit out of reach. 562 more words

#BalancedLife Challenge Update

Quick update about the #BalancedLife Challenge. I´ll be back tomorrow with more time and the WWI. Have a great Thursday!

      Day 15 – Take a Time Out: Your challenge for today is to take a time out to actively manage stress when you feel anxiety coming on. 528 more words


My Weight Loss Journey, 120lbs Gone Forever

Hi everyone, my name is Bonnie and I have created this blog to encourage and inspire others. Here is my story of losing weight, I hope you enjoy reading it. 1,016 more words

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