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Day 26

Hi. Another not-so-exciting day. Same breakfast and lunch as the past few days. Work was busy. I stayed a little late to run the end of the day reports. 113 more words


So I belong to Sparkpeople.com, it is a website I use for free to record my food and water intake as well as any exercise. 237 more words

WWI – Slow & Steady + #BalancedLife Challenge

It Friday, TG. This week dragged. We had some bad news about my dad, and I had to put real effort into not bingeing. It had been a while since I had had such strong urges. 503 more words


Day 5

I slept better last night and my back doesn’t hurt as much as it did yesterday. It’s still a bit achy, though. I had changed the stuff on my desk around at work on Tuesday and I think I twisted for something that was a bit out of reach. 562 more words

#BalancedLife Challenge Update

Quick update about the #BalancedLife Challenge. I´ll be back tomorrow with more time and the WWI. Have a great Thursday!

      Day 15 – Take a Time Out: Your challenge for today is to take a time out to actively manage stress when you feel anxiety coming on. 528 more words


Sharing Sunday- My Weight Loss Journey, 110lbs Gone Forever

Hi everyone, my name is Bonnie and I have created this blog to encourage and inspire others. Here is my story of losing weight, I hope you enjoy reading it. 1,019 more words

Weight Loss

New KHS SparkPeople Team!

We’ve had great weather the last few days and while I was taking a run in the morning, enjoying my time unplugged and out of the office (actually, I was trying to figure out how long it would take someone to find me laying on the side of the road and get me hooked up to an oxygen machine.. 195 more words