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7-Day Work Out Plan

7-Day Bootcamp Workout Plan

Looking for a structured work out  plan to switch up your routine?   Beginners and seasoned pros alike will benefit from this 7-day boot camp.  22 more words


Optimism comes from the Latin word optimus, meaning “best,” which describes how an optimistic person is always looking for the best in any situation and expecting good things to happen. 141 more words

Pastors Corner

With Apologies to Nike...


We started the process in January of 2013, and quickly learned one thing…this was not going to be an easy, quick process.  Everyone is looking for the quick fix.   643 more words

Weight Loss

Lemon Chicken

One neat source for new recipes is SparkPeople. It has a place for everyone to upload their favorite recipes, as well as a collection of existing recipes, with more chef-added recipes added regularly.  75 more words


How to Be Healthy (And never get off track again!)

Okay, so I haven’t posted for 3 months (yikes!) so I am going to start with a little update. Last time I posted, I was starting a no-sugar no-dairy challenge. 529 more words


To Count Or Not To Count

Talk to people around you about weight loss and dieting, and you will hear many different theories.  Some believe counting carbs is the way to go.   522 more words

Challenge 2 from Sparkpeople

Preparing to succeed at weight loss:

7 Things to Do Before You Lose Weight

Read, and discuss your experience with

  1. Create your personal wellness vision…
  2. 38 more words