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Mindful Monday: Sparkpeople

Given last week’s setback, I want to focus my posts this week around what I’m doing to hit the ground running and let this change of plans become a challenge to help me prove to myself that I’m stronger than I ever imagined vs a defeat that I have no control over. 368 more words

Weight Loss

Progress & Trophies

Today I finally made it back down to the weight I first saw exactly one week ago.  Period bloat and other water retention from more-than-usual sodium intake threw me off for a few days. 654 more words


My P.O.P. Day

So I didn’t intend on being 6 Week Body Makeover on plan, but as my day of eating concluded, I realized that’s what I did yesterday.  691 more words


I Choose to Go the Distance

Sometimes we set goals enthusiastically as a result of a new day, new week, new month, new year, workshop, after a discussion with a friend, etc.   406 more words

Being hungry is the new reality...

Today is DAY 3 of the weight loss journey, and I am already depressed, lol. I have decided to use SparkPeople.com as a tool to track calories; there are many challenges of using their food listings as I have found most things I eat are not on the list and I have to juggle what is offered to try and fit my choices. 256 more words

Vacation and Motivation

So for the 84th time in the last 2 years, I feel completely disappointed in myself. This isn’t going to be a pity party, I’m not looking for sympathy. 499 more words

Healthy Eating

Fitness Friday: Sparkpeople

Last Friday I announced my #Powerof41 challenges. After hitting publish, I realized that I now have a lot of things to keep track of. Rather than give up before I even started, I created a spreadsheet with different tabs for the various projects and activities. 301 more words

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