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Spartner Help People to Become Professional Boxers

Spartner is providing the best boxing training to students in the gym to improve their skills and empower physical strength. Our students are getting the best result by offering the best boxing training to our students. 219 more words


Monday's Martial Madness: How to Treat Your Uke Right

TORIS OF THE WORLD!! Taking care of your uke right after hitting, twisting, slamming, punching, kicking, slapping, throwing, and otherwise giving them the slightly more evil version of chiropractic care is essential for their long-term viability. 525 more words


I finally reduced adductor muscle pain with a couple of basic stretches!

I have struggled with a painful adductor muscle for around 5 years, and it has, at times, been excruciating. Eventually, I visited the doctor, who sent me for a hip x-ray (no mention of the adductor muscle). 824 more words


Pedro del Monte

Some exchanges that I had with Pedro Velasco Arévalo during HEMAics Dolomiti (Feltre).
We fought two beautiful sparring matches which I greatly enjoyed. Check Pedro’s HEMA club here:


The Problem with Drills

In the world of RBSD and Bunkai etc, the ‘drill’ has become increasing popular. Phrases like ‘pressure testing’ have become part of the every day conversation. 443 more words

Self Defence

Busy days of early summer!

The chances of sitting down to write my blog seem to be getting pushed later and later into the week. Mostly I do them at the weekends and schedule them for the week, this weekend was just so busy I’m only sitting down to pen this article on Wednesday night! 801 more words