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Yekaterina Krysanova and Andrey Merkuriev

Yekaterina Krysanova Екатерина Крысанова as “Aegina” and Andrey Merkuriev Андрей Меркурьев as “Spartacus”, “Spartacus Спартак” choreographer by Yuri Grigorovich, Bolshoi Ballet Большой театр, Festival Life in Dance… 51 more words


I would have words...

Lately I’ve been watching the show ‘Spartacus’ on Netflix. I’m thinking about writing a fantasy book set in Bronze Age-type book series once I finish IDYLL Book 3, and a sword-and-sandals saga seemed somewhat similar to the setting of my story. 294 more words


Spartacus with Maria Vinogradova - 29.November.2016

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Images by © Владимирова Екатерина (Ekaterina Vladimirova)

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The ballet Spartacus is the pinnacle of the art of ballet! 1,490 more words

Ivan Vasiliev

Ice-T and Coco Mourn Over the Death of Their Bulldog Spartacus

 Ice-T and Coco are mourning the loss of a very special family member. The couple revealed the news Sunday evening on social media that their beloved dog Spartacus has died. 426 more words

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Ivan Vasiliev Иван Васильев

Ivan Vasiliev Иван Васильев as “Spartacus”, Spartacus Спартак” libretto by Yuri Grigorovich after the novel of the same name by Raffaello Giovagnolli, choreographer by Yuri Grigorovich, Bolshoi Ballet Большой театр 78 more words


REVIEW: Epic Flail

With little to no curation, the App Store is full of garbage. When Steam stopped controlling every single release and opened the valve, the Steam store started to look increasingly similar to the App Store with tons of worthless games. 1,254 more words


Young Turks' Suggestion for Defeating Trump's Muslim Registry

This is a very short piece – less than a minute – from The Young Turks, where they talk about a suggestion from one of their viewers for defeating Trump’s proposed Muslim registry. 102 more words