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The power of 4

Red Guy – “Oh Shit!”

After our too long absence Quim has talked about his enjoyment of the Master Chiefs fourth outing so what I have to say is hardly going to be surprising but since we love Halo so much I thought I’d mutter on about it for a bit. 697 more words

Tech And Gaming Procrastination

Spartan Ops Trailer - Full Analysis

Wow. If that doesn’t get your blood pumping for Spartan Ops, and Halo 4 in general, you are probably dead. I love Commander Palmer already just from the line, “If those freaks want to meet God, it’s our duty to help them along!”. 351 more words

Halo 4

Halo 4 Footage Leaked

OK this can only be described as quiet possibly the strangest game footage leak in history. A video uploaded to YouTube earlier today shows what looks very much like Halo 4 multi-player gameplay, it is of course being played via a VHS cassette (remember those?) on a standard def TV sitting on, wait for it, a hay bale…in a barn. 285 more words


Halo 4 Allows Users to Utilize the “Spartan IV”

343 Industries is changing the multiplayer a bit by allowing users to play multiplayer mode with a “new breed” of Spartans called the Spartan IV. If you ask me, it’s a little random and the Spartan IV’s don’t look… 86 more words

Halo 4

Remember The Date

November 6th.
The official date when millions of gamers will squeal with unprecedented happiness. Below is some classified intel on the multiplayer that comes from some-gaming-site-that-I-cannot-access-anymore-and-does-not-belong-to-me-to-prevent-any-kind-of-plaigerism (Halo Waypoint) that we will have to become proficient in for the next generation. 979 more words


A Picture Worth A Thousand Gamerscore

Waiting for the debut of Halo 4 can be unnerving for some (Okay, perhaps all of us.) and the amount of info we have been granted to see makes it even worse. 279 more words