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Corners of a Cube

All corners were sliced off a cube whose volume was cubic centimeters. Triangular faces are located where the cube’s vertices were. Each triangle is equilateral with -centimeter sides. 50 more words

Problem Solving

Taking a Finger Walk (Age 6)

The Activities

  1. Topic: Puzzles: Book: Taro Gomi’s Playful Puzzles for Little Hands.  We’re most of the way through now, probably one circle left of puzzles.
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Reasoning about Rotations

I got some Sqairs to try out. Four of them. My kid wanted to play, and I wanted to figure out how these things work. 289 more words

Math Ed

TEDx Talk: Jump into math!

My upcoming book reminds us that the body is best positioned as a thinking tool, that math is about more than memorization, and that amazing things can happen when the body and math come together in both dance and non-dance settings. 101 more words

Math Ed

Unifix Estimating (Age 6)

The Activities

  1. Topic: Estimating. Book: Betcha! by Murphy. Two friends walk around town estimating the number of people, cars, and jelly beans they see.
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US Flags

I’ve been on my travels recently in the United States. I was staying with some friends in Arizona and they had this flag on the wall.   303 more words


#BlueTapeLounge at #TMC16

Perhaps my very favorite moment at Twitter Math Camp was setting up the Blue Tape Lounge for some informal after hours Math in Your Feet… 249 more words

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