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Katie Cunningham receives NSF fellowship: Studying how CS students use sketching and tracing

Kate Cunningham is a first year PhD student working with me in computing education research.  She just won an NSF graduate research fellowship, and the College of Computing interviewed her. 243 more words

Build BIG

I’ve been experimenting with scaling up geometric polygons and polyhedra. Today I got to try it out with actual kids. My library programs tend to trend on the younger side, but we still had a blast. 321 more words

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Scaling up Sierpinski Tetrahedrons

I’m thinking about summer programming. There’s also been a bunch of conversation on the Math on the Move book group page on Facebook about scaling up a math activity so that the whole body can be part of the experience. 263 more words

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Spatial Reasoning

Some of the tests that students can take in their quest to qualify for gifted services require spatial reasoning.  I am frequently astounded by the performance of some students on these tests as they whip through the pages at lightning speed, ending up with nearly perfect scores.   264 more words


...a child first has to learn the foundational skills of math, like______?

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately observing students who struggle with mathematics, talking with teachers about their students who struggle, and thinking about how to help.   914 more words

A Quick Example of Body-Based Cognition: Spinning

Yesterday I was at the library for my now monthly #makingmath sessions for kids and their parents. The ages for this event seem to trend 8 and under, probably because parents with young children are often looking for something to do on Sunday afternoons. 357 more words

Moving Math

Gameschooling: Integer Operations with Dice

When I was homeschooling my daughter for first and second grade we used a LOT of cards, dice, and coins to play math. Our favorite card game was Uno. 643 more words

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