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Double U, not W (Age 5)

The Activities

  1. Topic: Subtraction: Book: Taking Away with Tigers by T. Steffora.
  2. Topics: Geometry, Spatial Reasoning:  I went to a different part of the kitchen where the kids couldn’t see what I was doing, and using pattern blocks I made a shape.  
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Age 5

2 1/2 Using Only Fives? (Age 7)

The Activities

  1. Topic: Fractions: Book: Fraction Action by D. Adler.
  2. Topics: Arithmetic, Order of Operations: First I explained how to use parentheses in arithmetical expressions.  Then, using just the number 5, the four arithmetic operations (+, -, x, /), and parentheses, we made as many different numbers as we could (e.g., (5 + 5 + 5) / 5 = 3). 
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Ellemmennopee (Age 5)

The Activities

1. Topic: Division. Book: Divide and Ride by Murphy. This is good book about 11 friends going to an amusement park.  How many ride cars will they fill? 660 more words

Age 5

Pick a Pickle (Age 5)

The Activities

1. Topic: Odd and Even. Book: Splitting the Herd by Harris. This is an interesting book about two neighbors dividing up cows that have escaped from the fence. 399 more words

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That Moving Spirit

I had something remarkable happen. A friend asked me to help him move. I see this as a big deal. It’s not like I even own a truck. 783 more words


Hysterical Programming

The Activities

  1. Topic: Pie Graphs, Percentages: Book: The Grizzly Gazette by Murphy
  2. Topic: Programming:
    1. Trace a program:
      Box_X = 0
      Do 4 times {
      ___Print Box_X…
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Make a square with one cut

This is one of those amazing sheets which keep them going for quite a while!  I’ve tried this with a lower set Yr10, an extension class in Yr8 and even a few teachers!   68 more words