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...a child first has to learn the foundational skills of math, like______?

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately observing students who struggle with mathematics, talking with teachers about their students who struggle, and thinking about how to help.   914 more words

A Quick Example of Body-Based Cognition: Spinning

Yesterday I was at the library for my now monthly #makingmath sessions for kids and their parents. The ages for this event seem to trend 8 and under, probably because parents with young children are often looking for something to do on Sunday afternoons. 357 more words

Moving Math

Gameschooling: Integer Operations with Dice

When I was homeschooling my daughter for first and second grade we used a LOT of cards, dice, and coins to play math. Our favorite card game was Uno. 643 more words

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Conjecture & Proof #tmwyk

I’m doing a short bit of homeschooling with my 11yo right now and we’ve been doing some counting routines with decimals. She’s been asking big “why” questions about it all, especially fourths. 225 more words

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Trick or Treat Math (Age 6)

The Activities

  1. Topic: Counting. Book: How Many Donkeys? An Arabic Counting Tale, by MacDonald. In this simple book a man can’t figure out if he has 9 or 10 donkeys because he keeps forgetting to count the donkey he is riding.
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Circle 2

Book Review: Math on the Move

One of the greatest benefits of my involvement with the online community known as #MTBoS, is the variety of perspectives that the educators, who make it what is it, bring to it.  357 more words

"Children think and learn through their bodies"

NOTE: I was thrilled to be invited by Table Talk Math to write a short piece for their weekly newsletter, and they have graciously allowed me to cross post a slightly expanded version here. 754 more words

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