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Celebrating Autumn From Smallest to Biggest and Spiral

This kids are 1,4, and 5 at this point last. There are leaves everywhere from the Sycamore tree. So where there is nature, there is math. 216 more words

18 Months To 3 Years Old

What Do Bird Calls and Babies Have to Do With Each Other?

By exploring with sound, babies and young toddlers practice their visual thinking skills and spatial-reasoning skills. Good visual thinking skills are essential for a child to later excel in math, science, and geography. 102 more words


Which Dice Did I Roll? (Age 7)

The Activities

  1. Topic: Numbers: Book: The Number Devil by H. Enzensberger, Chapter 2.
  2. Topics: Probability, Graphs: We revisited the activity from last week where we made two big charts, one for the sum of two six-sided dice, the other for a twelve-sided die.  
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Cinderella's Castle Vs. Elsa's (Age 7)

The Activities

  1. Topic: Graphs. Book: Graphs by Bader.A kid does his math homework at a family reunion by graphing various things. The kids all loved the surprise ending.
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Secret Numbers and Secret Shapes (Age 5)

The Activities

  1. Topic: Attributes, Estimation: Book: The Case of the Missing Zebra Stripes by Time-Life Books. This book has about 10 chapters all about different zoo-themed math activities.
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Double U, not W (Age 5)

The Activities

  1. Topic: Subtraction: Book: Taking Away with Tigers by T. Steffora.
  2. Topics: Geometry, Spatial Reasoning:  I went to a different part of the kitchen where the kids couldn’t see what I was doing, and using pattern blocks I made a shape.  
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Age 5

2 1/2 Using Only Fives? (Age 7)

The Activities

  1. Topic: Fractions: Book: Fraction Action by D. Adler.
  2. Topics: Arithmetic, Order of Operations: First I explained how to use parentheses in arithmetical expressions.  Then, using just the number 5, the four arithmetic operations (+, -, x, /), and parentheses, we made as many different numbers as we could (e.g., (5 + 5 + 5) / 5 = 3). 
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