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Patti Smith's New York

One of the things that really interests me in life is U.S. regionalism. So today, reader, I’m going to talk about that.

The first part of this blog is about the New York of the late 1960s and 1970s, as viewed through the prism of Patti Smith’s memoir… 755 more words

Visual 3 - Chapter 8: Pages 263 - 268

Here are today’s bits of information from pages 263 -268, in Chapter 8: Visual Imagery and Spatial Cognition from Cognitive Psychology (2010).

  1. The research reviewed thus far proposes the idea that people can construct and transform their visual images and that the images are in many ways like pictures (Galotti, 2010).
  2. 443 more words
Learning & Cognition

Enclosure Schemas

You might recognize some of the play below if you had a chance to read the article we connected with last week explaining schemas in child development. 408 more words

Weekly News

Two-Point Perspective Exercise


This is a simple drawing used to practice two point perspective, and sighting edges with a pencil. It is interesting doing these perspective drawings in that it changes the way I see the world. 50 more words

Spatial Relationships

One Perspective Drawing


The purpose of this exercise is to become aware of the way lines move over distance, such as in a long room or hallway. I didn’t have time to add detail to this drawing, and that wasn’t really the point anyways. 131 more words






Mapping is creating graphic representations of information using spatial relationships within the graphic to represent some relationships within the data. The common and original practice of mapping is the scaled portrayal of geographical features, that is,  499 more words

Jeff Wall and His Dis/Contents

Having attended meetings with the Stedelijk staff and decision-makers, but also a lecture by the artist himself, the avalanche of perspectives towards the recently opened show… 635 more words

Jeff Wall