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What Role Does Location Play in Teacher Collective Bargaining?

Teacher collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) cover a wide array of school district rules and regulations that govern everything from hiring and compensation, to the policies that determine teacher transfers, evaluation, and termination.

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PHOTOGRAPHERS CHOOSE LENSES BASED ON LOTS OF CRITERIA, depending on what kind of “reality” they seek to visualize. In recent years, there has been a solid return to so-called “normal” or prime lenses, glass with focal lengths of 35-85mm which produce a perspective most like human vision, fairly free of the spatial distortion seen in ulta-wide lenses. 494 more words


Patti Smith's New York

One of the things that really interests me in life is U.S. regionalism. So today, reader, I’m going to talk about that.

The first part of this blog is about the New York of the late 1960s and 1970s, as viewed through the prism of Patti Smith’s memoir… 755 more words

Visual 3 - Chapter 8: Pages 263 - 268

Here are today’s bits of information from pages 263 -268, in Chapter 8: Visual Imagery and Spatial Cognition from Cognitive Psychology (2010).

  1. The research reviewed thus far proposes the idea that people can construct and transform their visual images and that the images are in many ways like pictures (Galotti, 2010).
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