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Getting your cat or kitten spayed/neutered

Before Pearl goes into heat and annoy us with dreadful cries, we decided to get her spayed. I wasn’t too familiar with this process since Sky was already neutered when we adopted him. 715 more words


Judgmental? You bet!

So, about the “rescuer” of Leah and Claire …

TCR got a call from a woman who had “found” a mom cat and four week-old kittens. 421 more words

Our Poor Babies

We took our cats to the vet this morning to be spayed.

Poor Kitten and Amarillo. Well, all the animals suffered through last night since we had to pick up the food and water. 298 more words


December Operation Fix-It Schedule Now Open

The Operation Fix-It schedule for December 2015 is now open and ready to book! We have openings for cats and dogs available with no breed or size restrictions (must be at least 2 lbs/8 weeks old). 282 more words


猫咪记事本: 小母猫绝育情况

♥沫沫蛋~是我 20/06/2015 号领养的, 本来是计划11月带她去绝育的哪里知道她14/09/2015就发育了 o(^▽^)o   。这间 vet clinic在我家后面而已所以去之前询问仔细才做预约的.  这篇贴文有details的讲解到猫咪的发情状况和寻找Vet 的过程:   猫咪记事本: 母猫发情与绝育+心得

24 Sept ♦ Day 1  

momotan 绝育的前一天饮食照常兽医说绝育当天才禁食+水.  我当天早上10am 就送她去clinic 医生说11pm 就会开始进行手术然后4pm 就可以接她回家了.  兽医在momotan的腰扯面开了 1-2cm 因为伤口比较快痊愈如果开在肚子的话很容易细菌感染而且可能活动的时候太激烈会爆线.   29 more words

To spay or not to spay, that is the question

Spoiler alert: I got my dog spayed last week.

Ever since I decided that I wanted a female dog (for the entirely irrational reason that I would be able to understand her better as a fellow female), I ummed and erred about whether to spay her.   545 more words


Laparoscopic Keyhole Spays

Parkside Veterinary Practice is committed to working at the forefront of veterinary medicine, for the benefit of our patients. As such we are pleased to be the first practice in the region to be able to offer laparoscopic spaying, in addition to current services, to our clients and referring practices.Minimally Invasive Surgery using rigid endoscopic equipment allows for better visualisation of the surgical area, as well as less internal tissue trauma for the patient. 108 more words