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Why is spaying/neutering important?

A caring cat owner from Kawangware, Nairobi asked for our assistance on 22nd March, 2018. Her cat Amani had just given birth to 3 kittens and, due to harsh economic times, she could not afford to feed all 4 of them. 174 more words


Healthy Puppy Checklist

It’s important to do all you can to ensure a healthy puppy.  Read through the following list to make sure you cover all your bases when starting off with a new puppy. 330 more words

The Great Spay/Neuter Debate

Sioux is going to be spayed this Friday. She is about 7 months old, has not had a heat cycle, and has finished all her shots. 511 more words


"Spay/neuter" goes beyond Bob Barker

Remember when Bob Barker closed out every episode of THE PRICE IS RIGHT by exhorting his viewers to spay and neuter their pets?

So my readers may have noticed I’ve taken on a new cause– helping shelter kitties. 133 more words

Lyndi Alexander

Please Don't Call Me "Hun"

No, really, I’m asking nicely, because if I say what I really would like to say my head would explode in the process. If you are a confidant, if you are someone who loves me, if you are my grandfather (which would make you at least 105), then okay, call me hun. 117 more words


Pets can’t Add, but they can Multiply! Bubbles and Bailey won't be

Bubbles and Bailey came to us when they were tiny, only about 7 weeks old. A good Samaritan saved them after he found them under a car at a busy car park in Nairobi… 339 more words


Why you should spay/neuter your cat

You might be wondering if you really need to spay or neuter your cats.

The answer is yes, it will help keep your cats healthy and helps eliminate certain diseases. 615 more words