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A Facebook Friend is Giving Away Kittens...Yet Again

And I am FUMING!

As I have four backyard cats who probably had homes at one point and are now “feral”…

I see pets on death row everyday on my Facebook news feed … 758 more words

Caturday Thoughts - Mission Accomplished

What a busy week. We worked every afternoo and Saturday and Sunday to finish moving everything out of the store. I had planned to post Caturday Thoughts later that day but not as late as I did. 537 more words


How to be a Cat Caregiver

Yes, cat caregiver is a real term. I recently ran across this term while researching some cat rescue related content and realized that I am a cat caregiver and, even better, a cat caregiver with a free-roaming cat colony. 1,055 more words

My Thoughts

Facts About Kitten Season

This was posted by Andie Allen on behalf of No Kill Coalition at the Pet Info Alley © Facebook group: 


Whiskers, Tails & Ferals Spay & Neuter Cat Clinic

This was posted by Tiffany Mestas at the Solano and Napa County Animal Rescue Facebook group: The next Whiskers, Tails and Ferals spay and neuter cat clinic is now open for registration. 189 more words


Growl, Bark, Bite (Speak)

“There’s too many wolves in the forest!” The article screams for a cull in bold typeface.

Gods forbid a forest act like a forest. Save us from a world where nature is more than a hobby. 235 more words


World Spay Day

Let’s talk about sex.  We all know how appealing sex is, but we also know that it’s a primal drive imprinted in our very DNA.  The same goes for dogs and cats.  1,229 more words