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Public Service Announcement

Anyone who knows me or who’s been reading here for a while knows how I feel about spaying and neutering. Just do it!

We’ve all heard the excuses; it’s emasculating, females should have at least one litter of kittens, it makes them fat and lazy, on and on, all now proven untrue. 142 more words

Vaccinations accomplished!

Sofie and Thunderbolt visited the Kern County Animal Services Vaccination Clinic this evening.  The received Rabies and DHPP shots.  They were also microchipped and obtained their vouchers for Spay/Neuter – which will get scheduled soon. 64 more words


N is for Neuter and Spay

If you wonder why pet rescue supporters are so adamant that pet owners should spay or neuter their pets, just look at your local shelter’s list of adoptable animals. 280 more words



Too much going on.  Spent the entire day out waiting on Abby to get spayed.  All of my dogs are unable to reproduce now.  I will never be a Grandma. 409 more words

The Story so Far (April 14-16)

The past two days have been spent taking care of my cat, who got spayed on Tuesday. I know it’s a totally routine surgery but I was so worried about my little furball! 417 more words

Prince George's County Offering 'Spay-A-Day' Program

LARGO, Md. (WNEW) — 365 pet owners in Prince George’s County can take their dogs and cats to be spayed or neutered for free as part of a program offering help to financially-strapped animal lovers. 101 more words


It’s Kitten and Puppy Season!

If you own critters, PLEASE, be a responsible human and get them fixed.  I worked in animal rescue for 10 years and it never ceases to appal me when people let their animal have a litter of puppies or kittens and then expect the offspring to become the problem of a rescue group or shelter. 183 more words