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DAS, DCAP, SNN and SPCA once again on the front lines in battle against pet overpopulation

The infamous BCG Report said in order to make Dallas a more humane community, someone would need to provide 46,000 low-cost spay/neuter surgeries for southern Dallas each year for the next three years. 516 more words


23. Sir Oliver's influencial powers

Several years ago we wanted some pets and started of with 3 abandoned cats. Then 1 died after the vet dewormed her. The male and the female cat that were left grew up healthy. 712 more words

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Getting fixed fucks you up.

Over a week ago, my cat went under the knife. One hefty cheque and traumatizing experience later, she returned, stoned out of her skull like: 413 more words

National Feral Cat Day and Why We Need More "Crazy Cat People"

October 16, 2016 (Sunday) is National Feral Cat Day. This is the 16th year in a row that Alley Cat Allies has designated October 16 as National Feral Cat Day.  569 more words


Oversexed Idiot

Well, the rough shod love affair between Rollo and I continues to develop despite the bumps we’ve had. I’ve been forewarned by someone with decades of rescue experience that dogs of all breeds begin to show true colors, whatever those may be, after being in a home for about thirty days. 414 more words


No one likes thinking about their dogs having surgery. Fortunately, when your dog gets home from being spayed or neutered, the recovery time is usually quick! 708 more words