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Muscle twitching everywhere

Over the past two weeks I have developed random muscle/nerve twitching in mostly my face, knees and ankles. But today is the first day where there has been consistent twitching in some part of my body every 5 minutes. 90 more words

How bad a teacher?

I’ll tell you how bad.  Bad.  As in stinky.  As in poor at my craft. As in confusing, unfocused, and cotton-headed.  It’s true that I was sick yesterday and not completely well when I went in, that all contributed.   269 more words


Why I'm a Skitzo

Recently, somebody said that I was a Skitzo. Now, I know that I might act a little crazy and be a bit of a spaz but a Skitzo? 78 more words

Summer before Spring

So if you read my About Me section you know I am not fond of bugs, AT ALL. I was not mentally prepared for bugs but summer came so fast this year…so now I am rushed into this. 47 more words

A night of renovations

Earlier I got super tired and my brain was like “GO TO SLEEP”, however I’m really stubborn and was like ‘NO I NEED TO GO GET WORK DONE”, so I ended up driving myself to Lowe’s to pick up paint and headed over to the studio. 569 more words

F is for French Bread Pizza

Come on, A to Z challengers, you know you all thought it! No? Huh. It is one of the first things I thought of when looking at a blank screen and the letter F. 726 more words

A To Z Challenge



LOL, RIGHT?! This is considered a “crowds dynamic test” – wtf kind of scenario is that?

Look at them after they’ve fallen! 28 more words