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A night of renovations

Earlier I got super tired and my brain was like “GO TO SLEEP”, however I’m really stubborn and was like ‘NO I NEED TO GO GET WORK DONE”, so I ended up driving myself to Lowe’s to pick up paint and headed over to the studio. 569 more words

F is for French Bread Pizza

Come on, A to Z challengers, you know you all thought it! No? Huh. It is one of the first things I thought of when looking at a blank screen and the letter F. 726 more words



LOL, RIGHT?! This is considered a “crowds dynamic test” – wtf kind of scenario is that?

Look at them after they’ve fallen! 28 more words


Assateague, Being a Spaz & Stargazing

I was on vacation last week and visited Assateague Island on Friday. It was perfect weather-slightly overcast, no wind and in the low forties. I spent half an hour in the visitors center. 622 more words

Weekly Nonsense- Thai Curry, Moving, and Further Reinforcement that I am a Spaz

I realize that this one is not a weekly post, but once the New Year came around I somehow became very busy for a while. So Happy belated New Year to any readers. 832 more words

Weekly Nonsense

Retarded progress

Shit hit the fan for Coca-Cola in September 2013 when a woman in Alberta, Canada, opened a bottle of VitaminWater to see “YOU RETARD” printed on the cap. 1,310 more words


Weekly Nonsense- A SPAZ IN THE KITCHEN

For all accounts and purposes I should be terrified of entering a kitchen…But I love cooking.

Flavourful homemade food can sometimes be the highlight of the day in my none too exciting life, and I really enjoy trying new recipes and flavours. 260 more words

Weekly Nonsense