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港燦留俄 - 夜蒲聖彼得堡 (2)

THE HAT BAR - 爵士樂手聚腳點

每次識新朋友嗰陣,都會循例問下人哋平時夜晚得閒會去邊玩。 幾乎每個人都會推薦我去呢間The Hat Bar。 點解咁值得去? 因為每晚都有Live Jazz Music聽囉😌。

爵士樂可能對平民百姓嚟講易入口啲,至少都聽過下Louis Armstrong或者Billie Holiday啲歌掛。The Hat Bar個老闆,好明顯係個爵士樂愛好者。為咗公諸同好,佢好歡迎爵士樂手嚟Jam下歌,重點係平日夜晚聽眾免費入場。周末去雖然要俾少少入場費,比錢換token入場,拎住個token又可以換返杯Free drink比你,Fair enough。

間Bar唔大,周末去真係好迫,搵個位企下都難。我個人比較鍾意平日去,有位坐,舒服啲。間Bar嘅裝修加入咗好多美國舊式酒吧嘅元素,內牆牆身用咗鴨屎綠色,Corner位有真皮梳化,精緻嘅吧檯凳,仲有牆身嘅壁燈發出柔和嘅光線,全部都好配合到爵士樂個feel。Weekend就算再迫,人多搞到又焗又熱,live music一嚟嘅時候所有人都一樣享受(除咗我)。

The Hat Bar 會不定期搞下啲新節目,係呀不定期呀,因為爵士樂最鍾意玩即興㗎啦,睇下你好唔好彩遇到啱你口味嘅爵士樂手啦。 11 more words

A Rumor in St. Petersburg

As this is my last night in Saint Petersburg I would like to share with you all some final thoughts, experiences and facts Alex and I have picked up during our trip. 1,586 more words


Social Event of the Month: SPB's Light Up Brookings

Congratulations to SPB for getting students pumped up for the debate and election with their event Light Up Brookings!

SPB is an executive entity of Student Union that is charged with planning and executing large-scale campus events. 67 more words

Monthly Awards

Kids are Kids, No Matter Where they are From

The rest of camp was wonderful. One night the children had a cooking extravaganza where they made Israeli classics like falafel, baba ganoush, israeli couscous, dolma and many other goodies. 266 more words


The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

In case anyone needed a reminder, it is the definition of a Virginia winter and cold in Saint Petersburg right now. For the past 4 days it has been snowing every day. 630 more words


I Could've Danced All Night

Everyone meet Gregori! He is 88 years young and looking for a sprightly woman to add to his collection to of lovers and 2 former wives. 485 more words