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Colin Jost Comedy Show Review

In the echoed opening of Graham Chapel, around 400 people sat in pews Thursday night listening to early 2000s jams as we waited for the fall comedy show to begin. 1,133 more words


women.poets.ne | at the well

women at the well
regroup in recognition
their eyes beholding

found.haiku © spb


99 years ago in Saint Petersburg

Today evening this place was calm – dark yellow, full of smell of fallen leaves and nostalgy. Maybe that’s why I thought about 1917 revolution – because of this contrast. 37 more words


Nobel -- noble?

Dear Mr. Dylan,

Believe me when I say I am happy for you as a Nobel Laureate… Still, I’m wondering if you could lend your talents to writing a song about the fact that only 5.9 % of Nobel prizes from 1901 to 2016 have been awarded to women — that’s a mere 49 female laureates out of 830 male laureates over 115 years. 842 more words


Saint Petersburg Outfit #3

Do you know, which fashion lesson you have to learn, so to say, by heart, if you live somewhere in the midland of Russia, for example? 43 more words


Saint Petersburg, Russia. Part 2

So, as promised, this week our journey to St. Petersburg continues. You’re really lucky, if you have a week or at least few days to visit all of those sights that we’ve talked about in the last… 1,213 more words


SPB [Part 2]: Moving Class 1 "Ekonomi Kerakyatan"

Mocas atau Moving Class merupakan agenda rutin siswa SPB, di mana akan ada pembicara keren yang akan membagikan ilmu bermanfaat bagi siswa SPB. Nah, kali ini Mocas 1 bertemakan ‘Ekonomi Kerakyatan’ yang akan dibawakan oleh 2 pembicara. 553 more words