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world prematurity day 2018...

Today is World Prematurity Day…this is the 2nd year that I have been conscious of this day and the importance of having it.

Before we had our girls, I had very little awareness or understanding of  what having a premature baby looked like, the emotions, mentality, loss, guilt, worry and constant fear of what would happen next. 1,046 more words


Speak up when you don't have the courage

Hi all, hope you’re well.

I just thought I’d blog about something that has literally just happened to me.

Now I just wanna put it out there now, I bloody love the NHS and what it stands for, what they do and how much this country loves it. 470 more words


I don’t know.

Today is the day I lose all hope in the legal system. The day I have to contemplate what a waste of tortured effort I’ve put myself through for the last 15 months. 550 more words

Monday Mayhem - Fear = Quicksand, 3 steps to not staying stuck

On January 22, 2017 I wrote this essay titled Fear. A few months later it got published on Kind Over Matter, a website dedicated to being kinder to yourself and others. 345 more words

Be that person, change the world.

Today is my first day calling in sick for mental illness in 7 months.

I am so proud of myself. A while ago, I had just over a month off work due to my mental illness and that was because I was so petrified to leave the house. 1,242 more words

Mental Health


I keep trying to retire these pieces and current events keep making them relevant. How many times can hearts break?

Find your light and shine it into all the dark places, where both evil and love hide. 311 more words