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User Testing/ Ergonomics, Photoshoot!...

Yazy is back!

dismantling my donor product, I wanted to experiment and get used to the functionality
of the product to see who it works; also to elaborate on the ergonomics and… 135 more words


Quick Sketch ideas! Waking my Brain up!...

Yazy is back!

As I’m just starting my project, I’m very excited to get started and brainstorm loads of my random ideas generating inside my crazy mind! 96 more words


Hello 2nd Year!... First New Project!

Yazy is back!

Fresh New Adventure begins! I am tasked to re – design a handheld device for Mass Manufacture, that also lines up with the requirements of a specific target market user and aligns with an existing brand. 176 more words


The Voice Behind the Mask


She speaks, but no one listens

She acts, but no one feels

She lives, because death isn’t an option

When the voices in her head repeat themselves over and over, she panics, then retreats  89 more words


Bose’s new portable home speaker sports Alexa and Google Assistant

Bose’s portable speaker offerings have tended toward the cheaper end of the spectrum — bringing colorful competition for companies like JBL. With the dryly named Portable Home Speaker, however, the company looks to split the difference between portable and premium. 19 more words



A huge problem that I see in the scripts that I cover

is that the protagonist lacks focus.

The main character is going in too many directions. 112 more words

Mostly True Memoirs

A few bad questions...

How does our public speaking affect our self-concept?

Nirmalya Saha, Psychosocial and motivational blogger. Wisdom coach.

“People sometimes touch others with their free hands at times of Handshaking.They can touch the forearm, the elbow, or the back of the other person.Such an invasion of private space means that a person lacks communication.The closer the touch to the torso, the more the person needs company.

221 more words
Motivational Brainstorming